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47 - The Big Secret, Making AND Keeping Commitments

47 - The Big Secret, Making AND Keeping Commitments

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Episode Recap:

One of the traits of all the truly successful people in the world. On this episode Russell talks about why he has a new coach and how he let himself and that coach down last week by not keeping a commitment. Here are some awesome things to listen for on this episode:

-- Why Russell is so coachable, and how that usually leads to success.

-- Why all people who make and keep commitments are successful.

-- And why Russell failed on one commitment last week and is going to try even harder this week to keep all of his commitments and be successful.

So listen here if you want to know how to be coachable and be able to succeed.

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Best Quote:

You’re either buying the excuse or they’re buying the product. And it’s the same thing for us. I just look at that thread of 170+ people, they each have their excuse of why they hadn’t done it yet.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope you guys are ready for some fun.

Alright everyone, I just dropped something off at my kids school because yes, once again, they forgot something. They sound kind of like their dad.

Anyway, I just want to jump on today because I, if you’ve been listening you know that I recently hired another coach in my life. I try to have at least one, if not multiple coaches at any given time to coach me through different stuff. Because I’ve found that, in fact I was telling my kids this last night. I said, if you want to be successful at whatever it is, pick the thing you want to be successful at first, it could be school, basketball, trombone, whatever it is and then number two is find a coach to actually coach you through it.

So that is what I told them last night when I put them to bed. And I told them I practice what I preach. I figure out stuff that I want to be better at in my life and then I go find a coach to coach me through the whole process and hold me accountable. A little while ago I was listening to a podcast from Ryan Moran and Jeff Woods talking about the one thing and loved it. So I called Jeff and hired him and he’s my coach through things. So I had my second coaching call today and I wanted to post this, make this video to walk you guys how to be coachable.

Because it’s shocking to me how uncoachable most people are. In fact, I did a Periscope about this 2 years ago or something like that. It’s funny because I remember when I was wrestling I started doing Freestyle and Greco and that kind of happens during the off season. I had this coach named Greg Williams, who is now the coach at UVU, he would go and teach me stuff and I remember between matches he’d pull me aside, he’s like, “Hey, you need to level change better, you gotta lower your whatever….” And just walk me through what I needed to do and then I’d walk back out and I’d just do the thing he told me.

And I remember because he told me afterwards, after I’d been in the program for a year or so, he said, “You’re one of the most coachable athletes that I’ve ever had. You’re not the most talented, but one of the most coachable.” I was like, “I don’t even…what does that mean, coachable?” he’s like, “Most people I tell them what to do and they listen, nod their head and then they don’t do it. With you, I tell you what to do and with the next match you go and do that thing. That’s not normal. Most people don’t do that. You’re really, really coachable.” I was like, “Huh, I assumed everyone just did that. If they have a coach that they believe in why wouldn’t they just listen to what they say and then do it.”

In fact, I had a podcast a couple of weeks ago talking about pick a mentor, listen and then do. Same thing. I look at, It was funny, Dan Henry, if you know Dan, he’s one of our inner circle members who bought the Dotcom Secrets book, read the chapter on Perfect Webinar, did a Perfect Webinar and within 5 months made a million bucks. So he went into the Clickfunnels group this weekend, he’s like, “Hey guys, Russell taught the Perfect Webinar, I did it and made a million bucks. Why aren’t you guys all just doing that?” He was very confused. Dan’s very coachable.

Then there’s like, as of this morning, 170 comments from people and it was basically 170 excuses of why people hadn’t done it yet. “Well I’m still working on my slides. Well, I’m not really a pitch person. Well, I can’t figure out my offer.” Just thing after thing. And he’s like, “Dude, just freaking do it. You’ve got the best coach in the world telling you….” And it was funny, because even one guy who was a coach was like, “Well I’ve coached my people and it doesn’t work for everyone.” Dan’s comment was like, “Well you must not be a very good coach then.” Which was awesome.

But again, the point of this is being coachable is just doing what the coach says. It’s been fun because I’ve had one coach for the last year that I’m working with on one aspect of my life and she’s been awesome. I’m not perfect at doing what she says, but I think I’m pretty good at doing that. And I assumed that I was with most people, but Jeff’s been coaching me and it’s funny because this was our second coaching call this morning and one of the things he wanted me to do, I didn’t have time to do it. And instead of letting me off the hook, “Oh, it’s okay. You can do it next week.” He was like, I wish you could hear it, it was in the first 30 seconds of the thing. He was like, something like, “What happened?” and I was like, “Oh, I’m actually doing it this week because Todd’s flying in today from Atlanta. Todd’s my partner in Clickfunnels and we’re doing a lot of planning and stuff like that.” And he’s like, “How do you think your planning would have been better if you would have actually finished this?” And I was like, “Oh crap. Probably better.”

Anyway, so it helped put my feet to the fire and then at the end of the call he was basically like, “Okay, next week these are the things you have to have done by…when are you going to have these done?” I was like, “Friday.” He’s like, “That’s not specific enough for me.” “Friday at 4:30 my time.” He’s like, “Cool, if you don’t get them done what happens?” I was like, “You’re going to punish me maybe?”he was like, “If you don’t have it done by Friday at 4:30 we’re cancelling the call for next Monday.” I was like, “Oh crap.” He’s holding my feet to the fire. So many things I could walk you through from a coaching standpoint what I’m enjoying about being coached by him.<

But it was just making me make sure I do it. And I think one of the problems a lot of us have is we let ourselves off the hook. In fact, I did it and again, I’m a very, very coachable person. Even with that, this week I let myself off the hook. I don’t need to finish part of it because of this, yet I had committed to getting that part done. It’s just interesting. It’s funny because throughout the week I was proud. We kind of picked out the one thing I was going to focus on for the week. And from that, I had found the roll I was looking for, I found the person doing the interview process, going through the whole thing, and I was impressed by how fast I was moving, yet I hadn’t followed through on all my commitments. I had done most of them but not all of them. And it was just like crap, I gotta remember that. I gotta make and keep commitments.

People that succeed in life, there’s one really strange commonality between all of them, they’re good at not just making commitments, everyone can make commitments, “I’m going to do this. I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to make money. I’m going to blah, blah, blah.” Everyone’s good at making commitments, but people who are successful are good at making and keeping commitments. I failed at one of my commitments for this week and it sucks. It’s frustrated me because I know better than that, I’m someone who makes and keeps commitments and I didn’t on one thing. I did on most of them, but I didn’t keep this one.

So for those of you guys who want to be coachable and want to have success, understand that the big commonality is that successful people are making and keeping commitments. So again, find a coach or whatever it is and then make a commitment and keep that commitment and just do it. And don’t give it all excuses.

Alex Hermosi at the last inner circle meeting said that every sales call you’re on someone’s getting sold. Either you’re selling them on the product or service that they need, or they’re selling you on an excuse of why of they can’t get it. And it’s just like, dang, it’s so interesting. You’re either buying the excuse or they’re buying the product. And it’s the same thing for us. I just look at that thread of 170+ people, they each have their excuse of why they hadn’t done it yet. And Dan was like, “Dude, I did it and within 5 months was a millionaire. Why don’t you guys just do it.” And they’re selling themselves on excuses as opposed to just making a commitment and then keeping a commitment.

So that is my message for today. Make and keep commitments. All successful people do, they’re good at making them and good at keeping them. I failed this week. I made a bunch of commitments and I kept almost all of them but I did not keep all of them. So this week, I’m going to be better. I’m going to make and keep commitments to myself, to my coaches, and to the people that I love and care about, and that I work with and work for and that I serve, and all that kind of stuff.

So that’s my goal and game plan, make and keep commitments this week.  I’m going to be very specific, going to write down all the commitments I make, I’m going to make sure that I keep each and every one of them and that is the path of success.

So there you go guys. I hope that helps. Make and keep commitments, write them down and make sure you do them and don’t let yourself off the hook, otherwise you’ll just keep making excuses and again, if you’re buying that success then you didn’t buy the thing you actually gotta do. So that’s all I got you guys. I’m heading in for the day. It’s going to be a fun week, I get to work all week. Todd’s in town, we’re going to plan, we’re going to plot, we’re going to scheme, we’re going to make Clickfunnels even better if that’s possible for all of you guys and try to figure out how to serve you guys better at a higher level. So I appreciate you all, thanks for listening and we’ll see you guys on the next episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast.


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