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The DEATH and REBIRTH of "Marketing Secrets"

The DEATH and REBIRTH of "Marketing Secrets"

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It's time to start a new chapter. We are killing the old version of this podcast, and re-launching a new, upgraded season...

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I want to share these ideas with you, share the stuff I'm learning because I'm learning so many good things. There's a magic in being in the business and getting your hands dirty. Again, that makes, for me, makes me a better coach, makes me a better trainer, makes me a better teacher, makes us so we can build better software, because I'm playing the game. I'm not just someone who, I mean, so many of the marketing gurus did a thing once and then they spent the last decade or two decades talking about it. I love this game, probably more so than anyone I've ever met. I want to be in the game again.


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Russell Brunson: What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. I am actually podcasting today from the brand-new Napoleon Hill Room, which I'll talk about here in a minute, to announce the death and the rebirth of the Marketing Secrets Podcast.

All right. That may have sounded dramatic, and it is, but actually in a really, really good and exciting way. Some of you guys know, when I first started this podcast, man, I don't even know how long ago it's been. It was pre-ClickFunnels, so it would have been almost a decade ago, which is crazy. And what's even crazier is probably seven or eight years before that, I remember podcasting became the cool thing. I was sitting at Armand Morin's big seminar in Atlanta, and they had some speakers come up and talk about this weird new thing called podcasting.

And everyone in the audience was so excited, and I was like, "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I will never podcast. I'm never going to say the word podcast, it's embarrassing." And then my buddy, I remember, Josh Anderson, was my friend who was there at the time with me and he was like, "No, this is the future." And I was like, "Well if I'm ever going to do a podcast, I'm going to call it Marketing in Your Car."

So I remember I bought, and then the guy who was speaking about podcasting, I remember hiring him to do a jingle for me. And so, I created this jingle and it was the Marketing in Your Car jingle. In fact, we should in post-production play that, so whoever's editing this, play that jingle, so you hear it. This is the very first jingle for my podcast, so here we go.

Audio: You're listening to Marketing in Your Car with Russell Brunson, the best podcast to help you easily launch and grow your own online business. So grab a wheel, get in gear, and market in your car.

Russell Brunson: Okay, so that was the first jingle. It's pretty bad, but I had that jingle for six years before I ever actually did a podcast episode. At the time, man, my business was on top of the world, we had like 60 employees, we had sales teams and marketing. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world and then everything crashed and collapsed. And I remember we moved from a 20,000 square foot building to a 2,000 square foot building, went from 60 employees down to like six. And it was one of those times where it was emotional and painful and just... It was tough. And I remember the new office we got was about a five or six-minute drive from my house. One of the first two times I was driving there, I had this impression that, like, "Hey, you should start your podcast now. You have Marketing in Your Car, you have the jingle, you should do this podcast."

And I remember I was like, "This is the worst possible time that I could do a podcast. I just lost my entire company, I'm in debt, everything's horrible." But for some reason, I felt this pull, like, "You should start doing this podcast." And so we figured it out. We set it up and we launched the very first episode of the Marketing in Your Car podcast, and it was literally me driving from my house to the office, and sometimes I would drive back. And I was doing it three or four or five times a week just kind of... It's funny, Gary V talked about documenting your journey, but that's literally what I was doing, was documenting the journey of us rebuilding ClickFunnels. We didn't... Or not rebuilding ClickFunnels, rebuilding our company.

And it's funny because, if you go back and listen to those old episodes... And I recommend go binge listening. In fact, if you go to and go to the content hub, there's a section that says Marketing in Your Car, you click on that. You can actually go subscribe to the old feed that has all the old Marketing in Your Car episodes. But they were great. And it was me, so much in the creation zone in me, learning marketing again. Right. And I was learning how to do things. And I remember there's an episode where I was like, "You got to be a moron to want to make more than $10 million a year in a business. I've never tried to do that again." It's funny, things I was sworn to back then that now are funny.

There were things I was discovering. We were discovering different ways to write hooks. We were discovering different marketing funnels and campaigns. And, man, it was the most amazing, for me, the most amazing time of discovery of my life. And we did I think four or 500 episodes of the Marketing in Your Car podcast. And then about that time is when I think DotComSecrets book had come out, ClickFunnels had come out, maybe even Expert Secrets. And about that time, John Reese, who I bought pretty much everything that he's owned in the past, but I remember he messaged me and said he wanted to sell Traffic Secrets, which I was like, "Oh, my gosh. I have DotComSecrets book, Expert Secrets book. Traffic Secrets book would be the third book in the trilogy. I'm so excited." And then he was like, "You can buy all my domains if you want."

So I bought Traffic Secrets and also bought Marketing Secrets. And I remember I was, Marketing Secrets is, for me, is this umbrella brand of all of the content stuff we're doing. And so we bought and I was like, "It makes logical sense to rebrand the podcast and the Marketing in Your Car podcast and the Marketing Secrets podcast." And so we did that and changed the intro, became way cooler as you know. And then I've done, I don't even know if we even know, like 3, 4, 500 episodes of the Marketing Secrets podcast. And it's been fun and it's been fulfilling. It was really probably the next season of my life, where it was like, hey, we have this ClickFunnels company, I don't know, two or $3 million a year and I podcasted the journey up to a hundred, $150 million a year beyond, and it's been fun.

But if I'm completely honest, over the last little bit, it's become more of a chore. And I think the reason why I was like, I don't know what to share on these podcasts. When I was discovering new things, that was what was exciting. But then we get more to the optimization of businesses and ideas and building teams and stuff like that. It wasn't ever, it was harder for me to find the thing I was excited about and I wanted to share, I wanted to give you guys. And in fact, I remember in Fiji... I wonder if we the clip of this, it'd be cool if we did have it. But I was... And if we do, insert this clip here, team. It was when I was doing my intervention with Tony Robbins, I remember JLD raised his hand and he was like, "I listen to every one of your podcast episodes, but," he was like, "I feel a lot of times they're rushed. I wish you would slow down and just share more because I love them, but I always feel you're just hurrying to get them out."

John Lee Dumas (JLD): As a consumer of your content, I listen to every podcast that you release and I can hear you just trying your best to squeeze in that time on your drives to work or wherever it can be. And it's always gold. And I always do leave those episodes thinking, what if Russell just had more time to create, to write, to do what, frankly, you do best? And so I think that chairman is a really interesting role for somebody like you.

Russell Brunson: If I'm honest, that's what it's been. It's been my brother messaging, "Hey, we have podcast episodes. I need two this week." And like, "Oh, what am I going to talk about?" And I always try to bring really good stuff, but it hadn't been as thought through and planned out as possible. And I just didn't know what to go with it. And so we kept doing them, kept doing them, and hopefully, you've gotten value from them. But about a week ago, I was just like, "What's the future of this? Should we keep doing it? Should we not keep doing it? If we do keep doing it, what would get me really pumped and really excited." And that's what brings us to where we are today. In fact, recently, as you probably heard me talk about, I've been acquiring old rare books from all of my favorite genres, like a whole bunch of old Mormon books, and personal development and business, and all those things.

And I've probably conservatively, in the last year, we could count the books in here, probably four or 5,000 books I've bought. So, yeah, I have a little bit of addiction called bibliomania. It's a thing. But from that we're building this big library, but we needed a place in the interim, so we rented this office to store all the books. And one of the rooms we called the Napoleon Hill room had all the Napoleon Hill books and it was here, but it just didn't look that good. But I filmed a couple podcasts from here and it's like, "Man, we should make this room look really cool." And so we painted it, we got some curtains, we got a bookshelf, and then we put just the best books in here from Napoleon Hill, but also some of my other favorite authors and mentors. And this room became, I don't know, it became special. Like you come in here and the energy's just different. I don't know. There's something really cool about it.

And so for me, I started coming in here. I started writing in here. I started spending more time and just a lot more of my creative energy was happening in here. And it's just, it was really special. And then we thought like, "Man, we should do something." And we kept trying to figure out how do we build YouTube videos and pod, all these different things. And anyway, over the last week or so I had an idea of like, I know what would get me excited about doing the podcast again. Number one, it'd be fun to do it in here, in this room where it's just like you have, there's something special, something magic in here. Being in this room with some of the greatest minds of all time, obviously, they've passed on, but their work is here and their legacy. A lot of these things are first editions, signed by the authors, which is just such a cool, I don't know, something cool about it.

And that's something like, what would get me really, what would I be excited to share? And as I started thinking, there's a lot of things. I did a podcast episode a little while ago talking about how we're buying different businesses, which has been, it's fun. And you guys all geeked out, like, "Oh..." I got a lot of feedback from that episode, but I didn't tell you what businesses I bought or why I bought them, what the plan is, what's the strategy. What's working, what's not working. The ups and the downs. All the journey of those, which is so exciting. Right. I was thinking about, and I have a list here of just some of the ideas of things I wanted to do. So there's all those businesses... I'll just name off a couple that are interesting.

So one of the first big business I bought, not big, one of the first businesses I bought was, it's called Zuma Juice. It's a green drink company. And I did it because, I thought that was bored, but I wanted a challenge. I wanted something fun. I wanted to be creative again. I wanted to be in the business, right? The first decade of my life, I was in the business. I was launching tons of companies and stuff. And then when we launched ClickFunnels, I wrote the books, kind of retired from that, and I coached other people's businesses, but I wasn't in it anymore. I wasn't doing it. And I missed it. So I bought Zuma Juice as a project to get my hands dirty. I want to build a business and just make sure that I'm sharp, that I know what's happening. So we bought that.

I bought a bone broth company called Au Bon Bone Broth. I partnered with a friend on a supplement line called BLACKOUT and Phoenix, which is energy thing that puts you to sleep. One of my original co-founders at ClickFunnels, Dylan Jones, created a new software company called OnePager, and we partnered on that. We just recently bought John Reese's company I also, I don't know if it publicly announced this yet, but here maybe is the public announcement, I just bought LadyBoss from Brandon and Kaelin Poulin. I bought Magnetic Marketing from Dan Kennedy. I bought, like we're buying these companies. We acquired Doodly, Voomly, Toonly from Brad Callen. I bought Startup Drugz, was a t-shirt company. I'm launching a company called I'm launching a new brand called Secrets to Success. I'm writing a book called Secrets to Success. I'm republishing a bunch of these books that are in the public domain.

There's all these things that I'm so excited to share and to talk about, but I've never had a place to talk about it. Like I always share a principle I've learned along the way, but how many is like an episode where I just go for 30 or 40 minutes telling you guys why I bought Au Bon and why I bought Voomly, and the strategy and the things, what's working, what's not working, what we're testing. Like, "Oh crap, this didn't actually work." It's almost going back to the original Marketing Secrets today, but instead of just sharing you the journey of this one rebuild in business, which eventually became ClickFunnels, I'm sharing all these other ones. That sounded like so much fun. And so that's part of the new updates is going to be, you'll notice when the new episodes come out, it'll be Zuma Juice, part one, part five, part 12.

And over time you'll a chance to keep updating these things. And Au Bon Bone Broth and Startup Drugz and different things, you can hear the journey behind these companies. I think it'll be fun and fascinating and a lot of fun for me. It'll be things like I think I can go more long form, instead of submitting eight to 10 minutes on a podcast, I'll spend 30 minutes going through, and maybe an hour. I don't know, who knows how long these things will go. We'll find out today. I'm going to record a couple today. But that got me really excited.

Internally in this company, we call these virtual real estate. These are little real estate properties that we're creating. We're building a team, we're putting it out there, and hopefully, they'll make money for us. And some are, some aren't. And I want to share these ideas with you, share the stuff I'm learning because I'm learning so many good things. There's a magic in being in the business and getting your hands dirty. Again, that makes, for me, makes me a better coach, makes me a better trainer, makes me a better teacher, makes us so we can build better software, because I'm playing the game. I'm not just someone who, I mean, so many of the marketing gurus did a thing once and then they spent the last decade or two decades talking about it. I love this game, probably more so than anyone I've ever met. I want to be in the game again. So there's that.

Also, I used to do DECADE in A DAY calls with my inner circle members, where I would do consulting calls and it was just for them to hear. And for a long time, it was one on one, and then I started opening up where I let other inner circle members in to listen in on it. And I was like, "Man, what if I started doing these consulting calls, but let you guys listen to whether they become podcast episodes. So I want to launch a sub-channel on the podcast, not a sub-channel, but just a sub-show on the podcast called DECADE in A DAY where I'm sharing these consults. Funnel Hacking Live, we had so many amazing presentations. I want to bring some those back for you guys. I've never really done an interview show. There's people I want to interview. We just signed a deal with Daymond John, we're doing a really cool project with him. I want to do an interview with him where you just... We're doing a project with Nicole Arbour. I would love to do an interview with her. Just other cool people that we're working with. I've never had a spot to do interviews to get the marketing secrets in their brains.

All these cool books that I'm reading and republishing. I'm doing this cool stuff, I want to bring these to you guys. There's a lot of stuff I'm doing in the biohacking world, a lot stuff I'm doing with personal development. There's just more stuff that I want to talk about. And so the thought was, "Well, do I cancel the show? Do I do a new show? Do we do something different?" And I think I still want to keep it under the umbrella of Marketing Secrets because that's the lens I want to share these ideas with you. I don't want to share just like, here's a personal development thing I learned. I want to do it through the lens of, how can you use this in your business, either for yourself to become a better entrepreneur or how to use it as a tool to help the people that you're serving as well.

And so that's the game plan for the future of this podcast. It's going to be fun, I think. We probably won't launch two or three episodes a week like we've done in the past. It might be one longer form episode every week, and then maybe some of the short forms. I still want do some of these, the similar Marketing in Your Car, Marketing Secrets style, where I get an idea and I'm in my car and I have an idea I want to share with you, but I want to do it when I'm actually inspired to share the idea, not just like, "Hey, we need three episodes this week, Russell, what do you got?" Want to do more Q and A calls. I think our team's going to reach out to a lot of you guys for answering questions. In fact, we're setting up a thing on If you go to, you'll be able to scroll there and you can leave a question. And we'll pull those questions in and we can do Q and A shows where we'll have a chance to answer your specific question.

So there's a lot of fun ideas and things. But as we started talking about this, I got re-inspired of like what this show could become and how I could serve and how I could really lean into you guys and give you guys what you want, as well as helping me stay sharp and helping me to analyze what we're doing at a different level. Right? A lot of times these things are happening in my head, but when I can talk them out loud, it helps me think through it a lot of times as well. And hopefully, my team will listen to these more. So the team working on Zuma Juice, they should be listening to Zuma Juice episodes to know where my mind's at so they can run with it as well. A lot of times I have a vision, I'm not always the best at articulating it to my team, so hopefully, it's become a good tool for them as well.

So anyway, that's kind of the vision, the plan of the future of the Marketing Secrets show. I hope you guys are on board, I hope you get excited. If you do, please let me know. Hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, wherever you're listening to these things. You can do it on your phone. You can take a screenshot of the actual... If you're listening on your phone, take a screenshot of this and go to Facebook or Instagram, whatever, and tag me in it. I see those all the time. And just let me know, like, "Yes, Russell, this is a good idea." Or, hopefully, by the time this episode goes live, you'll be able to go to and leave a question. If not, it'll be there in a week or two. But let me know your thoughts and your ideas, and what you think about it.

On top of that, if you enjoy this show, again, please go to iTunes or Spotify, wherever you're at, and rate and review and leave the feedback. That way I can see those things as well and it'll be fun. I guess you could say that my podcast is growing up, but I don't want to lose any of the energy, the excitement from it, but I do want to have the ability where I can spend more time and really think through things and give you guys stuff that's going to be super beneficial. I want to take this podcast from good to great. I've been talking to some of my friends, talking to my wife about this a lot recently, just the concept that good is the enemy of great, right? Why do people not have great businesses? Because they have good businesses. Why do people not have great marriages? Because they have good marriages. Why do people not have great podcasts? They have a good podcast. And I want to turn this podcast from good to great. I want to make everything in my life that I'm touching and I want to transition from good to great because, as long as we're here, might as well do the greatest we can. Right?

I had a conversation at the Unlock the Secrets kid event with all the kids and I talked about attitude and I was like, "Look, you have to go through this experience anyway. Right? You have to go through school, you have to go through work, you have to go through these things. And you can... You have to go through the experience. The only thing you can really affect is your attitude." Right? And so it's the same, I'm in a podcast, I might as well make it great. I'm doing it anyway, might as well step back and make it great. So that's the goal. I'm going to try to make this great. The only thing I ask is, if I do make this great for you and you enjoy it, first off, please listen. Number two, please share it. When you hear an episode that speaks to you, send it to your friends, your business partners, your staff, your employees, whoever. Share these things with other people, it'll get me more motivated. Obviously, download count, it's something that motivates me, right? I'm a competitor. I want to win. And if I come back and less of you are listening than before, maybe we'll shift it. But if more of you guys are listening, more of you guys are sharing, and if I see more people talking about these episodes, they get me more pumped and more excited. So that's the game plan.

On top of that, we're also using this as a platform where the podcast is going to be the top level of all of my content strategies. For you guys to understand this, like, I talk about this in the Traffic Secrets book about the chapter, Our Conversation Domination, where it's, instead of doing what a lot of people do, where they say, "Make a video and repurpose it on 50 different platforms," it's not that way. It's creating a show that then you can pull pieces out for different platforms. Right? And so that's kind of the game plan here as well, is this Marketing Secrets Show podcast, whatever you're going to call it, I'll be recording it for the podcast and that's going to be the top. You guys in the podcast, my number one goal is to serve you guys.

And then from that, we're going to take things and we'll pull pieces out to use for YouTube and use for Instagram and use for TikTok and things that. When an episode's done, my team's sitting here in the room with me and they're going to be listening to, like, "Oh, this is something that you could... You said something really cool there. We can turn that into a 30 second reel and we can make it a reel that'll be on Instagram or Facebook or things that. But the top level content is going to be here, serving you guys here on the podcast. And then from there, we will pull things out for the other platforms and things that. But that's the game plan, you guys, and I'm excited for it. I hope you're excited. I hope you'll learn a lot along the journey. Yeah. So that's the game plan.

So this is the death of the old Marketing Secrets podcast and the rebirth of something amazing. Internally, I've been calling it season two, which is kind of funny because season one had, whatever, 300, 500 episodes, whatever it was. Season two we're starting over, and this season may be the only second season if we enjoy it, but this is the game plan for the process moving forward. So keep me the loop. Let me know if you enjoy the episodes, which ones you like, which ones you don't like, and it's going to be fun. So I'm pumped to have you guys here.

Thank you for listening. Thanks for being a faithful subscriber. If you're listening to this right now, means you've been with me for the long term. You were here probably for the entire Marketing in Your Car episodes. And if not, go back and binge listen those, they're fascinating. People send me clips all the time, like, "Do you remember you said this?" "I know. That's so cool though." A lot of these principles that we share in the different books, they were first strategized on these podcasts. Like, I share an idea and I get feedback and I'd talk to my team about it. And then I do a YouTube video and I talk about an event four or five times, and then eventually it became something tangible. We turned it into a framework. It became a book. It became a process, became a system.

But most of these ideas were initially created with you while I was driving on my way to work, talking on my phone. Which, by the way, I don't know if you guys knew this or not, it's actually illegal to do that. I got a ticket the other day because I was talking on my phone. Maybe that's the reason why we did the new rebrand. Yeah. Apparently, a cop told me you're not allowed to have a phone in your hand while you're driving, which I never knew. That's like, I could have almost a thousand, between the two shows, that's a thousand tickets I could have gotten. So I am repenting of my apparent sins I didn't know about, as well, and we're doing this this way. So anyway, thank you guys so much for listening, for being a part of the show. Excited for the future. Excited to share some really cool things with you guys. I hope that it serves you, hope it changes your business, and hopefully, it changes your life. Thanks again for listening and we'll see you guys on season number two.


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