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The EASIEST Way To 2X Your Funnel Revenue đź’¸


I want to share something with you today — something REALLY SIMPLE — that has made me a lot of money in my sales funnels.

It’s so simple and effective you can add it to ANY funnel and instantly double or sometimes triple your sales funnel revenue.

What am I talking about?

Order form bumps!

If you're not familiar with an order form bump, it's a small box typically located near the checkout button on the order form where the customer can add another product to their order with just one click. It's quick, easy, and doesn't disrupt the flow of the customer's buying process.

But why are order form bumps so effective?

It's all about the psychology of impulse buying. When a customer is already in the process of purchasing, they're in a 'buying mood'. An attractive, low-cost offer can easily entice them to increase the value of their purchase.

Not sure what “bump offer” to add to your sales funnel? Here are some things to think about!

Make it relevant — The product you offer as an order form bump should be complementary to the original product being purchased. For instance, if you're selling a cooking course, the bump could be a set of exclusive cooking recipes or access to a private Q&A group.

Highlight the benefits — Clearly convey the value of the bump product in the description. Stress on the benefits the customer will receive, rather than the features of the product. You only have one paragraph to sell it!

Create scarcity — Use time-bound or quantity-bound offers to create a sense of urgency for the customer. Phrases like "limited time offer,” "only X left," or “one-time offer” can work wonders.

Make it simple — The option to add the bump to the order should be easy to understand and use. A simple checkbox with something like a blinking arrow (to draw attention) will do the trick.

By incorporating an order form bump, not only can you significantly increase your average order value, but also enhance customer satisfaction by offering them more value.

It's a win-win situation!

So give it a try!

And if you want to learn more, get my book, DotCom Secrets (for free!), where I talk about this in lots more detail. 🙂

- Russell Brunson


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