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104 - The End Of The Information Age... The Next Phase Is ____

The End Of The Information Age... The Next Phase Is ____

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Episode Recap:

I heard something really cool today while listening to Frank Kern’s podcast and I thought I’d share it with you. In this episode Russell talks about listening to Frank Kern’s new podcast and why he says that the information age is over. Here are some of the other things you will hear in this episode.

-- Why Frank considers the information age to be over and why Russell thinks that is so profound.

-- Now that the information age is over, find out what the next phase is.

-- And see why the specialized insights you have are going to so important.

So listen here to find out why Russell agrees with Frank Kern when he says that the information age is dead.

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Best Quote:

The Future is not information, like, ‘here’s a 20 module course, I’m going to teach you everything about blah’. The future is insights. Like what are your insights? Like ‘Hey, this is the tweak I found, the insight that you missed. We’re shifting from information age to insight age. The people that are getting paid the most money are not necessarily the ones who give information, because information is free, it’s the ones that have the insights.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a late night Marketing Secrets podcast. What’s up everyone, I am heading home from the office, it is 12:35 at night. This is like our second or third late night in a row. But I want to say something. If you’ve been listening, I think we’re on like episode 462 or 463 of this podcast.

You probably remember many, many all nighters where we were at the office until 4 or 5 in the morning, 5 or 6 days in a row trying to launch Clickfunnels and build the empire and grow everything. We don’t do that very often anymore. But Todd and Ryan are in town, it’s the last night. Well, we pulled all nighters but they haven’t been real all nighters. We’ve been, last night, well last night we were there til 2, tonight was 12:30 so it’s pretty good. But I think in our old age, we’re getting older and we’re like, “You know what? We should go to bed.

So we’re not as hard core as we used to be, which is good. So for those of you guys who are hustling entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of your journey, feel free to keep doing it because I did it for a long time. But I think maybe I’m maturing. I don’t know. I told my kids that I will never mature, and that I’m not like the other boring adults. So I don’t want to completely mature, but it is kind of nice to go to bed by 1. Anyway, take that for what it’s worth, I have no idea.

I want to share something cool with you guys today, that I learned from Mr. Frank Kern. Frank is still one of my favorite people to study from, and he’s got a new podcast that came out called, Your Next Million Dollars, so if you are looking for a new cool podcast, Frank is the man. And in the last one I was listening to, it was really cool. Someone was interviewing him, I can’t remember who exactly. I don’t know if I caught who was interviewing him, but in the interview he asked something about information.

He said, “Is information dead? Is it still the information age? Are people still buying information products?” things like that. And Frank as he usually does, said something brilliant and I was like, dang. It was awesome. He said, he feels like information is dead. There’s so much information out there. It was the information age for the last however many years. He said, the problem is not people can’t find information. Instead information is everywhere. There’s so much information.

The Future is not information, like, ‘here’s a 20 module course, I’m going to teach you everything about blah’. The future is insights. Like what are your insights? Like ‘Hey, this is the tweak I found, the insight that you missed. We’re shifting from information age to insight age. The people that are getting paid the most money are not necessarily the ones who give information, because information is free, it’s the ones that have the insights. The ones who are able to come in and be like, ‘Here’s the thing you need to shift.

Here’s the tweak.’ Which is why coaching consulting does well. It’s why I think a lot of times the stuff that we’re doing, Clickfunnels, we were talking about this the other day. If you look at the marketplace, pre-clickfunnel, before everything, there were a lot of people all out there, and there’s still people selling…..I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say….There used to be a lot of people that, I don’t know, people used to do product launches every week, these huge ones selling $2000 courses over and over again. It’s been interesting watching as that’s kind of faded.

It’s still happening, but it’s not to the scale it was before and I think it’s because, especially our company. We are able to give away such amazing information for free because we make our money in the tools. The software is where we make our money. And then our inner circle is about insights, not about all this stuff to learn. It’s all about insights, here’s the tweaks for you.

It’s the accountability, these other pieces. Two Comma Club X coaching is about accountability and about the systems and things like that. So when we were pitching at the Funnel Hacking Live event, we launched the new Two Comma Club X coaching program, and while we gave people information, tons of information, it’s part of it, that wasn’t the pitch. Because, you know, they have information, there’s all the information I’ve been publishing for the last 4 or 5 years, it’s everywhere.

460 something episodes of the podcast, a million YouTube, the content is there, but it’s the systems and the insights. Those are the things becoming more and more valuable. So start thinking about that for you guys, as you’re publishing. How can you make to where you can give away your information because the other piece of it becomes more valuable? For me it’s the software, but maybe it’s the systems, maybe it’s the specific insights that you have. Anyway, I thought it was really cool when Frank said that. I was like, that’s really cool.

The information age is ending and it’s the age of insights, and that’s really where the value is at. Anyway, I thought that was really, really cool and thought I would share with you guys. Hey everyone, real quick, I just got done recording this podcast, and I was heading in the house and went back to find Franks podcast and listened to it again because I just wanted to make sure I had kind of said it correctly, and as he does sometimes, he said it way better than me.

So I want to kind of restate one piece so I don’t miss it, because I think it’s the key to the insight you guys need. So what Frank said is that the information age is ending. There’s all this information and most of us are overwhelmed with information, and what he said was the insights are big because what people want, they don’t want more information, they want the one or two things they need to act upon to get the result they need.

So that’s the insight. So it’s shifting from, “Here’s my 80 hour course.” To boom, “Do this and this and you’ll get that result.” It’s the insight. So anyway, I just wanted to kind of reemphasize that here in this podcast to make sure you guys didn’t miss out on that message, because that was the key. And like I said, the way he said it was so cool, I just had to come back and restate it. So thank you Frank, you’re amazing, and I will jump you guys back into the rest of the podcast.

I am home now, I’m in the garage, I’m going to go to bed. I appreciate you guys, have an amazing day. Go build something awesome. We’re working on some fun things and it’s just, it’s exciting. I’m excited to show you guys over the next 12 months, between now and next year’s Funnel Hacking Live, all the cool stuff coming out. We’re working on the bigger roll out of Actionetics MD, which is so cool. We have all new onboarding dashboards and UI that’s going live in the app over the next few months, you will see, and then some really cool feature stuff coming out.

Our new CRM that I was showing off today on Instagram, if you’re following my Instagram you saw that. It’s really, really cool. Our new memberships sites….some really cool things. I hope you guys are okay with us over delivering. We’re going to keep making the software better and better and better for you guys. But just today, and having Todd and Ryan here, if you guys know Todd and Ryan, Todd is my co-founder, Ryan is one of our partners, they’re the smart dudes.

Them, and their teams who build this amazing software, it’s just fun seeing all the cool stuff they’re doing. We’ve basically, since last December, we’ve more than doubled the size of our development team, which is cool. It means we’re moving faster on things, we’re getting more stability.

They were able tonight to double the size of our databases, which means we could double as many members as we have and won’t have any kind of load issues, which is awesome. They’re doing one more thing probably in the next week or two that will double it again. So we’re going to 4x our capacity, which is amazing for all of our Clickfunnels members.

Things are going to move faster and, anyway, so many cool things. I cannot wait. So make sure you are listening in and make sure you’re subscribing and connecting to all the cool stuff we’re doing, because we are literally giving you guys all the info for free for the most part. My free plus shipping books are free, there’s, the information is there and now we got the tools and insights on the backsides to help you guys and get you to where you need to be. So with that said, I’m going to bed. I will see you guys later. Have a great night and we’ll talk soon.


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