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50% of people will buy emotionally, on average. So we lead with emotion. Then from there, people that are emotionally touched but they're logically trying to convince themselves, that's the next 30% you got to convince are through logic. Okay. And then there's 20% people who won't buy no matter what, unless you're going to take it away from them.


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Hey everybody, what's going on? This is Russell. Welcome back to our time. We get to hang out every single day and talk about traffic and funnels and all the good things. Grateful to be here with you all today. While people are getting on, just want to check-in and see how everyone's doing during this time of quarantine. Are you sharpening your saw? Are you perfecting your business, yourself, your skillset? Or you've been Netflixing and binging? Or are you doing both? We got Netflix and binge, or funnel flicks and builds, you can do either one of the two. Now it's been fun. We've been doing a lot of publishing, a lot of writing, a lot of working, getting stuff done, prepared, driving a lot of traffic. It's been a fun two weeks while we're sitting here in our houses, and hopefully you guys are all taking advantage of it.

But at the same time, I'm not going to lie, my wife and my kids and I have been doing some Netflix and chill as well. We've been watching The Avengers or the Marvel entire series from the very beginning in chronological order. So we started with Captain America, which took place in the '40s, then Captain Marvel, which was the '90s. And then from there, it was Iron Man and then the Incredible Hulk, which by the way was the worst of all superhero movies ever. So we had to watch it, because it's in order. Then we watched Iron Man part two last night and then today we're going to go and watch the first Thor, so that's what we've been doing. But it's all preparing for something very important, which is Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, where those of you who might be superhero nerds, this is where Thanos comes with the glove and he snaps his fingers and half the world disappears, which has to do a lot with this book right here that we've been reading, Traffic Secrets.

So that's why I'm sure you guys have as well. The good news though, is that just like the way that in Endgame, they beat Thanos, Iron Man gets his own glove and that's how he ends up winning. So, this glove right here is the equivalent of the Traffic Secrets book, this is Zuckerberg and the coronavirus. So anyway, I kind of geeked out and embarrassed myself in front of everybody. You guys are here, you guys ready to have some fun? All right. All right. Well, I'm excited. So, we've been talking about Traffic Secrets book. If you don't have your copy yet, what are you waiting for? Do you hate money? Do you hate traffic? Do you hate changing the lives of your future dream customers? If so, then don't get the book. But if you like money and you want to grow your company and you want to change lives of your dream customers, you should go to And there's the page back here, where you can go and you can get a copy of the book.

So the headline says, the new free books shows 20 plus virtually unknown secrets to get tons of traffic to any website or funnel. And for those of you guys who are like “I don't have a website or funnel, but I'm a YouTuber”, it'll help you grow your YouTube channel. If you're like, I don't have a website or funnel but I want to be an Instagram influencer, it'll help you grow Instagram following, your Facebook following, your TikTok. It can build your following. Any reason why you need traffic, that's what this book is for. If you want to, again, grow your following, get more fans, more subscribers, more customers, more buyers, build an email, all those things, this book, it does that. That's what it teaches. That's what it shows you.

So anyway, I hope you guys love it. So someone said their OCD... All right. Someone said OCD is killing them because my cupboards open. All right, there you go. Now you can pay attention without stressing out because my cupboards open. It's amazing. All right. Okay. So we're going to drop into the book game today. Hopefully you guys have had a chance to be reading it or listening along. Obviously we're in pre-launch right now, so the book doesn't ship until May 5th. We're about a month away from the book shipping. But for those of you guys who are my super nerds, you could actually listen to this right now. The audio book is in the funnel. So you get the book for free, plus shipping. There's an order form bump, where you can upsell and get the audio book.

And I spent three days in a studio for you guys reading this book. I actually spent seven days, because I spent three days reading this, two days, two days. Yeah, seven days. Seven days in the studio, reading all the audio books, which they're all available inside the funnel. You can get them. You can start listening to this stuff right away while you're waiting for these to be shipped out to you, if you don't have them yet. And I told you guys yesterday, I said, if you buy this book right now, go download the audio and go listen to it, you could get the entire thing read before we show up today. So now we're here today, how many guys did that? How many guys listened to the entire seven hour book, and got all this information out, inside of your brain? Okay.

Some of you guys have already done that. So if you have, congratulations, you took advantage. If not, that's what today is for. Today is to go get your copy of the book at Sorry, my gloves are making noise over there. And then you can start listening to audio books, one of the order form bumps. There's also a bunch of crazy bonuses and stuff. Alas, I'm coming back to today. We want to start reading. Someone said they need it in French. We are going to get these all in a whole bunch of languages very, very soon. So it's happening, do not worry. Okay. So Traffic Secrets is book three in the trilogy. I wanted it to be like Harry Potter, so we got a trilogy, made a box set. It's really exciting.

For those who've been wondering, how do you get a box set? It may or may not also be one of the upsells inside the funnel. So regardless, you should go hang out in the funnel and check it out. Also, we launched this funnel on day one of a nationwide quarantine, which in theory, is the worst possible time to launch a funnel or a book. But a couple things. Number one, this book is very, very timely. In fact, it's crazy. If you look at the introduction, the introduction says that... Introduction, there's a storm coming. I literally wrote that 18 months ago, not in knowing that when this book came out, we'd be in the middle of this storm. So it's kind of cool. I lost my train of thought. I was going to give you two things. I can't remember what the second thing was.

That's number one. Number two. Yeah, I can't remember. So there you go. Oh yeah. We launched in the middle of the thing. So number one is, it's very timely. It's like the book that all of us needed now, right? Traffic, customers, this is the life preserver for all of our companies. So now is the time to be sharpening skills. You can have a life preserver. And then number two, it's the highest converting funnel I've ever done. And I've been doing this game for a long time. And so if you want to see a really good funnel, you should go through and buy slowly and watch the process. So, all right. That's it, you guys. Are you ready for this? So yesterday we talked about this third type of traffic. Okay. Who here's been paying attention over the last couple days?

I said there's three types of traffic. First type of traffic, is traffic that you... Okay, fill in the blank. Who's paying attention? This is all in secret number... When you get your book, secret number four, we talked about two types of traffic. Number one is traffic that you... Who's paying attention? Write in the comments down below. It's traffic that you earn, right? So, whether you earn the traffic. Traffic number two is traffic that you control, so you're buying traffic. And the third type of traffic was traffic that you own. That’s what we talked about yesterday, your own email list. How do you build your list and how important and vitally... Why that's such a big part of it. So today, we're going to be moving into secret number, drum roll please, secret number five. Oh, I just skipped past it. Secret number five, which is follow-up funnels.

Follow-up funnels are fun because... There it is, secret five, follow-up funnels. So follow-up funnel is interesting because most people see my funnels online, right? You see the stuff that's out there and you're like, "Oh, that's how Russell's making his money. I figured it out." But what you typically see is just the tip of the iceberg. You see the front end funnels. But the follow-up funnels is where the money's actually made, which is kind of interesting. So if you look at this on page 89 inside the book, I break down 1, 2, 3, 4, different... Four different frontend funnels that we have. You guys have probably seen, and you've seen them out there. And I took a 30 day window just to show you. I wanted to show people, in 30 days, this is how much each of these different funnels make, right?

So the first one is the dot com secret spree book funnel, when I took the snapshots in the 30 day window. That funnel generated 5,410 leads. We sold 2,395 books. The average cart value is $30 and 81 cents. So our gross sales, we made $73,000, 789... $73,789 and 95 cents. Our ad spend, we spent $69,026 and 31 cents. So our profit from that one funnel, was $4,763 and 64 cents, okay? So I kind of walk through that one. I show that funnel, I show funnel two was 108 split test book. Number three was the perfect webinar, free play shipping funnel. And number four was the old mark in your car, MP3 player. So I broke down those four funnels, show the stats numbers. And when you add them all up, those four funnels made, in that 30 day, they made $142,000. But our ad cost was 128,000, so when you take it all away, our total profit was $14,417 and 69 cents.

So if you look at that, those are the funnels people see outside. You'd be like, "Russell, how in the world do you have 400 employees?" And you only made 14 grand. You're in big trouble, right? You're going to lose your entire company. But the problem is, that's the funnel lots of people see, but then there's the second funnel. It's an invisible funnel that no one really talks about and no one sees it. It's not visible. It's like the rest of the iceberg, right? All the stuff that's below the surface that people don't see, is the follow-up funnel. And so I took that same... The customers that came in during that 30 day window from these four funnels, I then extended that over... Or I wanted to see it over the next 30 days, how much money came from those customers inside of the follow-up funnels.

So the follow-up funnels are, how do I follow-up? What are the emails I send? The text messages, the Facebook messengers, all the things that are happening off the funnel, right? The follow-up funnels. And what's crazy is, is we did that. And for every $1 we made inside of the actual front end funnel, we made $16 and 49 cents in the follow-up funnels over the next 30 days. Are you guys getting that? That's the secret. That's the big thing. That's why yesterday, I talked about why it's so important and why's so vital to have your own list, because that's where the money's made. I don't make money in my... My book funnel here, I don't make very much money. My goal is to make this funnel breakeven.

Someone comes through, they buy the book, they go through the upsells, the down sells, all sorts of stuff like that. And so they go through that and after they have it, again, my goal is to breakeven and then get you as a customer and then I start serving you. Okay? And if I serve you well, then maybe you buy another book. You'll buy an upsell, you'll buy click funnels, you'll buy coaching, you'll go to an event. All the other things happen, if I serve you well in the front end. Okay. And if you've gone through the dotcom seekers book, you know my strategy on value ladders and things like that. These things all tie into it. But I want you to understand, that for every dollar we made on a front end funnel, we made $16 and 49 cents in the follow-up funnel over the next 30 days. That doesn't count the next 60 days, 90 days, lifetime. But that's where the money's actually made.

In fact, if you look at... I don't know if you can see this image here. If you're listening to the podcast version, you won't be able to. But on page 91 in the book, you've got this image here where it shows... Here's traffic I earn and traffic that I control, right? I'm driving all of it into front end funnels. The goal of the front end funnels then, is to get people to join a list. Now they're on my list, now I send them emails to ascend them up my value ladder. Okay. And that's where the majority of the profit and the money comes from. So, all right. So follow-up funnels. Now there's so many things, so many cool things in this chapter. I could spend two or three hours just going through this. I'm trying to think of the best thing to share with you guys, that'll get you the most excited to go buy the book.

Okay. I'll share one kind of concept. So if you're buying your way in, right? And let's say you're paying for ads, you got to pay... You're paying ads and you're paying for every lead, right? And that's sometimes just scary. And so a good lead cost, honestly is three bucks per lead. That's a good thing. So if it's higher, if it's less, but three bucks is a good cost for a lead off Facebook ads or something, right? So let's say I go and I spend three bucks. I get someone to opt into my list, I pay $3, I got a lead. Now that may freak some of you guys out. Well, so if I want 100 people on my list, it's going to cost me 300 bucks. I want 1000, it's 3000. I want 10,000, that's 30,000 bucks. And you freak out. And the answer is yes, that can be kind of scary.

But a couple things. Number one, if you listened to yesterday's, I talked about the value of a list. I said on average, you should make, on the low end, $1 per month per name on your email list. Okay, so that's on the low end. So that means if you spend $3 to get a name on your email list, within three months you'll breakeven, right? So I think about that with real estate. People I see all the time, who will go and they'll buy a house and they'll spend a quarter of million dollars to buy a house, put a renter in, and then hopefully it'll cash flow, 500 or 1000 bucks a month. And that's the business model, right?

Here, I can go spend... I can spend, let's say... I don't know. Let's say 3000. $3,000 on a list, that gets me 1000 people to join my list. Now I average $1000 per month on that list, means in three months, I breakeven. After that, it's all pure profit, right? So, that's the thing to start understanding in the math of this whole game. The other thing is, you spend $3 for lead, but if you put them through a funnel, like a book funnel or a breakeven funnel, you can breakeven. So you spend $3, you make $3, you get a lead. And now that person's going to average you $1 per month on your list, as long as they stay with you. And that's really the big secret, okay? And so, anyway. So for example, what might happen... Again, this is if you are looking at the book on page 96. If you're listening to audio, just have to trust me.

But you spend, let's say $3 in ads. I drive them to a landing page, they opt in and I get an email. I get a human, right? A customer. Now this person, I lost three bucks. I haven't made any money yet, right? Then on the thank you page, I send them a couple emails to build value and build a relationship. I'm still negative $3, right? So the first three emails in the follow-up funnel, for example, maybe I don't make any money. So I'm still negative $3 in the hole. I'm like, "Ah, $3 in the hole." But I'm building a relationship with this person. They get to know me, we become friends, they trust me, they keep opening my emails. Then from there, the next thing, I shift over and I start putting them into my first funnel, right? Which let's say, in this example, the dude will have a book funnel.

So I send out some emails, I say, "Hey, you should buy my book." And then email two, "Buy my book, buy my book." And they go through this book funnel and I make some money from them, right? And say on average, I make a dollar 50 for every single person in my email list that goes through here. They drop out. So I spent three or dollars on a lead initially, I've made back a dollar 50. Now we're halfway there, right? Then after this funnel's done, then the next funnel, my follow-up funnel, I push here. I start promoting my webinar funnel. I send email one, two, and three. And boom, after the webinar funnel, then they breakeven and we start making money. Okay. And so somewhere in this line is your breakeven point, somewhere in the follow-up funnel.

And so what's nice about this is, you can say, I'm going to spend $3 now and I'm going to have 10 email to go out. And I know that on average, by email number three, I breakeven, right? I spend $3 and then every email, I make a little bit more, a little bit more. And by email three or email six, whatever it is, that's my breakeven point. And then everything after that is pure profit. Okay. I don't have to go pay Facebook or Google again to get that traffic. It's there. I'm getting paid for that forever. And that's the big thing to understand. That's the big secret, okay? That's how follow-up funnels work. And I talk about multi-dimensional follow-up funnels, how to weave in other things like retargeting and messengers and text message and a whole bunch of other cool things. All right. I got one more thing I want to share as it relates to follow-up funnel, because I think this is kind of cool.

So in every type of selling, there's always three closes. Who here knows what three closes are? By the way. I'm curious. There's three closes. Okay. And there's one that's good. There's one that's also good. There's the best one, the next best one, the next best one. Okay, so if you go to page... When you're there, you got page 98. These are the three closes. So the first one is the emotional close. Second one is the logical, and the third is fear. Okay. So we got emotion, logic, fear. And so you'll see this everywhere. Again, an example here. This is a landing page, and the landing page... The top third of my landing page is typically an emotional argument. The video is emotionally speaking to him. As you scroll down, there's the logical arguments. And the bottom are the urgency and scarcity.

So I go emotion, logic, fear. In fact, if you go to and you click here, watch the video, it's a very emotional video. You scroll down. In the middle of the page you'll see all the logic. And the bottom, you've got the fear, urgency, scarcity. So emotion, logic, fear. That's all happening on the pages as you go here and you scroll down. Okay. And so, that's the process. If you look at how I do my webinars, I lead with emotion, then I follow up with logic and end with fear. My follow-up funnels, it's always emotion, logic, fear as well. And so when I'm building in my follow-up funnels, there's a sequence I take someone through. They come and they join my lists, right? And then whatever product or service I'm selling, I start with my emotional emails. Trying to sell them emotionally. That's me telling stories. All the stuff you learn on Expert Secrets, right? Telling them stories, things like that. From there, we transition to the logical, because again... I think I have the numbers here. It's 50% of your people will buy emotionally, right?

Yeah. 50% of people will buy emotionally, on average. So we lead with emotion. Then from there, people that are emotionally touched but they're logically trying to convince themselves, that's the next 30% you got to convince are through logic. Okay. And then there's 20% people who won't buy no matter what, unless you're going to take it away from them. And so then urgency and scarcity, you need to pull it away from them. That's when the last 20% buy. So if you just do emotion, you just do logic, just do fear, you miss the whole... You miss huge segments of the market. But if you go from emotion, to logic, to fear, then you're hitting all the different pieces. Okay?

So in my follow-up funnels, that's what I'm doing. My first set of emails are all emotionally speaking. Then move to logical arguments, and then we end with fear, which is urgency and scarcity. So emotion, logic, and fear. And when you start understanding this process of emotion, logic, fear, you start seeing this pattern everywhere. Again, you'll see it on landing page layouts. You see it in sales video. You see it in webinars. You see it in follow-up sequences, follow-up funnels. You can see it in launch sequences. The entire launch sequence is going to be emotion, logic, fear, right? If you watch this... This launch so far, right? I led with the emotion of, the big buzz and the excitement and the video and everyone got crazy. And all the emotional buyers bought, day one, right? Day one, we sold 50%. 50% of our books so far, got sold on day number one, right?

And then all the people are like, "Oh, well I don't know if this book's really for me. I don't know if..." Whatever. And all now the logical buyers are coming in. "Well, I'm not sure. I'm not sure." So now I'm doing what? Every single day, I'm going live. I'm logically speaking. I'm reading parts of the book. I'm logically explaining why this would actually work for you and for your business. And every single day, another percentage of you guys are like, "Oh, I get it now. Okay. Russell's logically convinced me, now I'm going to go to and buy." Right?

And then eventually, we're getting towards the end of this promotion and I'm having some fear. We're going to pull this away. This offer will disappear. And you're like, "I didn't get the book." And you'll freak out. "Russell, why did you?" And I'm like, "Dude, I told you. I went live every single day for three or four weeks. I did everything. I sent out a million emails. My affiliate sent out emails. We've buying ads. I spent millions of bucks trying to get you to buy this book, and now I'm pulling it away." And for 20% of you guys, that's when you all buy, is when I pull it away. For some reason, you're sitting here listening to me, you're waiting. Some day I'll get the book, but not today, until I decide to pull it away. And when this book funnel's about to disappear and your option to get the book's gone, that's when the final whatever percent will finally go and do it.

So you have to understand, it's going emotion, logic and fear. And so that's the sequence of every single follow-up funnel. But that pattern, you're going to see over and over and over and over again in all marketing, in all sales. And so it's important to understand it, because when you understand it, then you can use it in everything that you're doing. There's so many cool things in here. Wish I could show you everything. I'd have to geek out for two hours to get this. But page 102, for those of you guys who are like, "How do follow-up funnels work with daily Seinfeld emails versus soap opera sequences and things like that?" And the value ladders. Here, I sketched out for the more advanced readers. This is the value ladder, how it works, where you weave in your soap opera sequences, where the daily Seinfeld emails fit and how you move able from emotion, logic, fear, in each step of the value ladder.

So this is for the more advanced users, when you get to the book and you read page 102. The light bulb will go off and you'll finally be like, "Oh, that's how it works for people like me." So anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying this. It's been fun going live every day with you guys. Yeah. If you guys like this, I'll keep doing it for a while. But what I would do if I was you guys right out, is I would go and get your copy of Traffic Secrets, okay? All my emotional buyers already bought it, so thank you very much. The logical ones now are stewing on it. You're like, ah, is it really... And this is my answer for you. It's 10 bucks. Literally took away all the fear for you. You just cover the shipping handling. I pay for the book. These things are huge. It's like 350 pages, so if we do the math, you're paying $10 shipping handling. You're paying, is it three pennies, three cents per page? Three cents per page.

You know how much effort... It took two days to write every single page of this thing. So you're getting my time at three cents, half a penny an hour. No, it's like a 10th of a penny an hour, where you're paying me to give you all this stuff that I killed myself on. I literally bled out of my finger. I didn't literally bleed out of my fingers, but it felt like it because I was typing so much and editing so much, and early nights and late mornings. No, late nights and early mornings writing this thing for you guys and it's here. And so anyway, I'm teasing you. But you should just go get a copy of it. It's in pre-order right now, so the books don't ship for another month or so, but you can go get the book.

The audio book is available as an upsell, so you can get the audio book so you can start listening today. I spent seven days actually in a studio, but three days just reading Traffic Secrets book. You can start listening to this. It's seven hours of audio. You can download... You can go buy it, download the audio book right now, listen to it. So by this time tomorrow, the entire book could already be in your brain. There's also a PDF that comes with the book, that has all the images and the doodles. You can go and geek out and be like, "Oh cool. I can see what Russell's talking about here." And so the doodles are in there as well.

And then for those of you guys who are looking for this entire box, "I want the entire trilogy." Because you heard that I rewrote dot com secrets, rewrote Expert Secrets and the new Traffic Secrets. Plus this magic unlocked secrets book. This box set, you can actually get as one of the upsells. So if you buy the book... Not if. When you buy the book, the episode will be like, "Hey, do you want the entire box set?" So you can get that as well. This also ships in about a month from now, but it's worth it. This thing is so fun. Anyway, I'm excited for guys to get this. You're going to love it. Anyway, there you go.

All you got to do is go to Thanks you guys. I appreciate hanging out. It's been so fun. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, let me know in the comments down below, and we'll try to answer them every single day as I'm going through this. Yeah. Anyway, you guys. Be safe. I know it's crazy times. I know there's a lot of fear. There's a lot of scary stuff happening. Uncertainty. The biggest thing you can do in times of uncertainty like this, is to sharpen your saw. You look at the biggest companies right now in the world, all were built during the depression. All the biggest Inc 500 companies, during the last recession, 2008 is when all of the companies that you know of now, started. And so if you're in this fear emotion, it's okay. It's okay to be scared.

Understand that. In fact, I'm doing a Facebook live on Saturday to kind of address some of the stuff with the entire ClickFunnels community. But it's okay to be scared. We're all nervous. My wife's nervous, my kids are nervous, I'm nervous. It's okay, but it's not okay to be so nervous that you just paralyze. Be nervous, but then keep moving forward. Because now is the time to create and to serve and to make stuff that's amazing. When you do that, it can literally change lives of people you've been called to serve. And when you do that, the weirdest thing is, it changes your life as well. So get into an active service. Go live, you guys. Your people need you. They need to hear you publishing. When you get the Traffic Secrets book, I'm going to talk about how... One of the challenges in here is, you got to start publishing every day for a year.

You should start that now. I've been publishing every day for, I don't know, eight years now and I'm going to even double down right now. I'm going live every single day with you guys, okay? Trying to give you guys some faith and some hope of the future. Because if we all are just in fear and stuck, it's not going to be good. So now is the time, you guys. When we get done with this, open up your Instagram, open your Facebook, go live to your people. And maybe you only got two people following you, that's okay. They may need to hear your voice right now. This is your chance to start finding your voice and start becoming a leader and a servant. And so step up and be willing to do that. So there's my challenge to you guys. We'll get deeper into that as well, because that's part of the challenge, you guys, is time for you all to step up and start sharing and speaking and give people hope in a better world, because this world's amazing.

And it's amazing, this blessing to be able to stay home right now with our families. And if we get sick, that'll suck. But you know what? I have a strong belief that we will... That none of us on this planet will stay on the earth one second longer, or one second shorter than the Lord wants us to. So we shouldn't fear too much, because it's all part of the plan. All right. Appreciate you guys. Thanks so much for everything. Get the book, And I will see you guys all mañana Bye, everybody.


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