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The Four Foundational Supplements I Take Everyday for Optimum Health and Energy

The Four Foundational Supplements I Take Everyday for Optimum Health and Energy

I’ve been addicted to supplements for a long time.

Back in the day, I bought a ton without knowing much about them. Bad idea.

I was taking 20-40 a day, and wasn’t sure what I was eating.

When Anthony DiClementi came out for the biohacking Funnelhacker TV episode, I threw everything away and started over. I determined to NOT take any supplement I didn’t fully vet and research.

Because here’s something to know about supplements…

The bad companies do some crazy things. Plants that are poorly run and maintained will shop vac up powder that falls on the floor to reuse in capsules. Or they create vitamins that can’t even be absorbed by the body before they are peed out.

Now I know the companies I buy from, what I’m taking, and I know exactly how it makes me feel.

When I showed people on Instagram the supplement bottle I purchased, everyone immediately started asking me,

“What are you taking?!”

So here’s the lineup.

All the ones I’m focusing on right now in this post are what I call my foundation. These are the core supplements I take each day to maintain optimum health, and then I’ll take additional ones if I need something specific for a season.

The supplements I’m going to list below will give you all the nutrients you need to survive and thrive. It covers the core stuff your body needs to run, and gives you the vitamins and minerals at insanely high doses.



This stuff tastes like Tang and contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to run efficiently and effectively. It dissolves easily in water and you simply take one in the morning and one at night. Even if you eat healthy foods, there are so many foods that just aren’t as nutrient dense as they once were, so Nutrience solves that problem.

They are the daily vitamin…redesigned.

Youngevity’s Beyond Tangy Tangerine

This supplement provides the body with the essential trace minerals we need. We know a lot about vitamins and the big minerals, but there are these trace ones that most of us don’t have.

Now, here’s your marketing lesson for the day…

Dr. Wallach is the dude who used to do Dead Doctors Don’t Lie. He was always teaching the importance of trace minerals. I remember he did this presentation once…

Tangy Tangerine

He talked about all these famous doctors and scientists who died at 40 by things like heart disease, copper deficiencies, etc.

His whole point was that many of the foods on the market now, even ones doctors recommend, are depleted of minerals because they are grown in the same fields year after year. The soil is being re-used and the trace minerals aren’t being put back into the ground.

His presentation and sales pitch was incredible. So good I will take this stuff until the day I die because I came away from it thinking,

“Holy cow! I don’t want to die!”

There’s the lesson. Make sure your marketing is so good people feel like your product will help them live forever.

Marketing aside, this supplement gives you 60 trace minerals and a bunch of amino acids as well, isn’t hard to take everyday, and I take this plus Nutrience with no adverse effects.



We helped this company with their marketing campaign and so I learned a ton about the product while working with them. This is where I get ALL my fruits and vegetables, without the excess sugars and carbs that come with eating the actual food.

Organify started with a green drink for the veggies, which is awesome. But I kept saying they needed a red drink, and eventually – they listened.

So there is a green and red drink – one for veggies, one for fruit.

They also have a gold drink as well. Organify Gold. It is designed to reduce inflammation and give you more energy. It’s the equivalent of taking 4-8 Ibuprofen a day without the negative side effects. It also has mushrooms, which are some of the most nutrient dense organisms in the world. I recommend taking this at night since one of the key ingredients, Reishi, is said to help facilitate calmness and sleep.

Speaking of mushrooms…

David Wolfe’s Mushroom Blend Powder


If you only have time to take one mushroom blend, I would do this one.

It’s one of the reasons I love David’s Mushroom Blend Powder. It has 24 mushrooms in one blend and it helps the immune system and gives you tremendous amounts of energy.

Since I love supplements, I have a few other mushroom recommendations.



Cordyceps is a mushroom elixir mix that is all about energy. So many people ask about how I get so much done in a day, and that’s because I find the exact ingredients I need to maintain maximum energy throughout the day….this particular mushroom is awesome for this. Take Cordyceps in the morning.



Chaga is another mushroom elixir that is all about wellbeing. It sounds so fluffy, but when you think about it, your sense of wellbeing affects your thinking process, your creativity, everything.

A depressed brain makes the body tired and zaps you of any creative energy you might have. So Chaga is definitely on my list of daily mushrooms to take in the morning.

Lions Mane

Lions Mane

Lion’s Mane is one of the few nootropic mushrooms. I am very careful with nootropics because even though these cognitive enhancers make you feel good, I’ve heard some horror stories that excessive use over a long period of time will fry your brain.

So I’m really picky about the ones I take, and this one passes the test. This mushroom elixir is designed to help with clarity and focus so it’s best in the morning.



Reishi is the mushroom elixir mix that I take at night. I take it with Organify Gold and it helps with calmness and relaxation before bed. After running 100 miles per hour all day, it’s not easy to turn all that off and get good sleep.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is another nootropic blend from Onnit. I’m not a big fan of the pills but the powder is awesome! It’s peach flavored, and since I drink a ton of water everyday, I’m always looking for ways to flavor it up.

I consider this a daytime supplement because it helps carry the mental focus and clarity from the mushrooms all the way through til the end of the day. It also doesn’t have as much sodium as some of the other powders, which I love.

Bone Broth

Bone Broth

Lastly, bone broth is a superfood with so many health benefits, it’d be too much to outline here. This is what I drink after workouts and in place of a traditional protein shake (which I’m not a big fan of).

I do my best to take care of my physical body so my mind and my energy levels can work at insanely productive levels.

I also practice intermittent fasting, so I take my first round of supplements in the morning on an empty stomach. This way, my digestion isn’t interfering with any of the absorption of the supplements.

Supplement Organizer

As for how I keep it all organized? I showed the supplement container I used and my Instagram blew up with people asking where I got it — so here it is. Buy it on Amazon here.

Fair warning…once you start taking supplements, it’s really hard to stop!

Russell Brunson


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