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The Funnel Stories You Won’t Believe…

The Funnel Stories You Won’t Believe…

-From inside the batcave with Julie

The Voxer message went something like this,

“I have a great idea. It’s going to be so super cool. Are you in?”

I should have known better than to agree to one of Russell’s great ideas before actually hearing what it is, but I said yes.

Insert Russell’s evil laugh.

His next Vox…

“Okay, but remember, you already agreed to this….”

What happened after that is a bit of a blur.

Let me back up a minute.

Russell has had a super funnel idea for the Clickfunnels homepage for the last year.

Seeing that it’s an enormous undertaking and there are always 8 million things happening at once at Clickfunnels HQ, it kept getting pushed to the back burner.

Until a few weeks ago.

Now that there is a fully functioning internal funnelbuilding agency at Clickfunnels, dedicated to taking the wildest ideas Russell can come up with and bringing them to life, this big super funnel idea was now back on the table.

We had a batcave meeting about it and after Russell drew out his plan, someone responded with,

“That’s like the MOTHER of all funnels!”

Thus, project Mother Funnel was born.

And what a mother it is.

Every time I turn around, there’s a new Trello card with something cool we’re adding to it.

It’s like the mother funnel is having baby after baby after baby…

The Voxer message I received from Russell was a ‘baby’.

What I had unknowingly agreed to was to comb through HUNDREDS of funnel stories to produce 30 quick 2-3 minute videos, featuring funnel stories- three for each of the 10 main industries- to show every new Clickfunnels customer all the cool ways everyday people are using the software.

If you didn’t see his Facebook Live last week, you can watch it below…

So yes, I’m the one digging through the HUNDREDS of “Feature My Funnel” stories that Russell spoke about last week for our new Mother Funnel.

I am BLOWN away.

So many people here are doing INCREDIBLE things with Clickfunnels….and no, it’s not all the “$6,000,000 in five minutes”….

It’s stuff like…

  • ​Family owned quilting businesses that are scaling so fast they have to hire family members
  • Big Foot excursion funnels (TRUE STORY)!
  • B2b sales funnels that use summits to acquire massive amounts of leads
  • Non-profit funnels taking the “silent auction” idea online through virtual events
  • Pillowcase funnels
  • Fishing trip funnels

Every time I find a cool one, I sent a Voxer message to Russell…

“Did you know there is a couple in Alaska who left their jobs to build their quilting business, which is now doing $40,000 a month?”

“Did you know there is a guy who’s making nearly $20,000 a year selling Big Foot hunting expeditions?!”

I keep trying to top myself with better and more crazy stories, so if you haven’t submitted yours yet, you should!

You don’t have to be making millions, or even hundreds of thousands.

Just tell your story about how you’re using Clickfunnels to build your tribe, spread your message, and change the world (or even just a super small part of it).

It doesn’t matter where you live, what you sell, or what industry you’re in.

The funnelhackers in this community are evidence of just how possible it is to use funnels to grow and scale even the most NICHE of products and companies.

Consider this a quick swift kick in the rear if you’re stalling because you don’t fit the traditional “Digital Marketing” model or think it’s only for one type of business.

Next time you hit a wall or an obstacle, tell yourself that if Big Foot can be monetized….you have ZERO excuses.

If you need me, I’ll be buried in funnel stories for at least the next few weeks. We’ll be showcasing them in the new Mother funnel, as well as around the web, so be sure you’re subscribed to all our channels and blogs.



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