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161 - The Night Before Went Live...

The Night Before Went Live...

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Episode Recap:

A few of my final thoughts at 2:36 in the morning, before we launch the 10X Secrets funnel. On this episode Russell talks about his backstory and how he learned how to persuade people to buy, and how you can learn to do it too because the 10x Secrets product was about to launch. Here are some of the super awesome things in today’s episode:

-- Who Russell learned the art of closing from and how you can have access to the exact same course.

-- What kinds of things are included in the new 10x Secrets course.

-- And how if you pay attention to the buying process of the 10x Secrets course, you can learn how it was done.

So listen here to find out why the 10x Secrets product is special, and why Russell is so excited about it.

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Best Quote:

It was a $2000 course, I did the math, “2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, oh my gosh that guy made $68,000 in an hour and a half.” The next guy got up and spoke and he sold, he sold a $5000 package and I did the math and by the time he was done he did like $120,000 in sales. And I saw the next speaker and the next and the next. And after three days of watching this, I was like I have to learn this skill. I have to become a master of this.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to a freezing cold, late night Marketing Secrets podcast.

Alright everyone, it is officially 2:36 am in the morning. By the time you’re listening to this, this will have already happened, but tomorrow is the 10x Secrets product launch. And I am so excited. I don’t even know how to explain my excitement level.

I feel like there’s been a lot of cool things that I’ve tried to bring into this world. I know we all have these legacy projects we have. So I think Clickfunnels is by far my biggest legacy project. This thing we brought into the world to help empower entrepreneurs to sell more products and change the world, which has been good. But I think the thing that, I think the books that I’ve written have helped simplify the process for people. But I think the thing that’s the most beneficial is like, having a funnel is really good, understanding how to do it, how to create products is really good. But how to sell is the most important thing.

There are so many entrepreneurs who could change so many people’s lives, but they do not have the ability to persuade somebody into giving them money so that you can go and transform and change their lives. And I think for me that was the key. I spent 15 years of my life, for those who don’t know the backstory, trying to understand this skill.

I went to my very first marketing event probably 13 years ago I think, 12-13 years ago, as an awkward, shy internet nerd who had no friends, outside of my beautiful wife and some wrestling buddies. And I was trying to figure out how to make money online. And I went to this event and I was expecting to learn SEO and PPC and all these things, and instead I saw a speaker get up, talk about internet marketing and at the end he sold his package, and I watched in amazement as people ran to the back of the room.

It was a $2000 course, I did the math, “2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, oh my gosh that guy made $68,000 in an hour and a half.” The next guy got up and spoke and he sold,  he sold a $5000 package and I did the math and by the time he was done he did like $120,000 in sales. And I saw the next speaker and the next and the next. And after three days of watching this, I was like I have to learn this skill. I have to become a master of this.

So I started the journey and it was not an easy road for me. There were ups and downs and bumps and bruises and all sorts of nightmares in between. Lonely nights, long trips on the road. Some trips where I financed, you know, I pay to fly out and go to hotels and everything, and I’d go and I’d speak and sell and I wouldn’t actually sell anything and I’d fly home. And man, I’d lost $6000 trying to go sell on this thing. $6000 we didn’t have, expecting to go out and kill something and bring it home, and coming home empty handed, not once but multiple times.

But I kept doing it and kept doing it and kept doing it until I started learning how you persuade, how you teach, how you make an offer, how to control a room, how you get people to do what you need them to do so you can actually change their life.

And that was a 12-13-14 year journey for me and I really feel like tomorrow, actually today a couple hours from now, I think it’s nine hours from now the launch. Nine hours and 21 minutes is the launch. But I feel like this is the culmination of all that. Where I’m taking everything and putting it into a super product. It literally is, it was after the Grant Cardone event where I did 3.2 million dollars in 90 minutes and then 30 days later I got onstage at my own event and did 13 million dollars in 90 minutes. I made more in 30 days than I had made prior, usually in multiple years.

And after the 10x event I promised everyone I’d do a training, showing them how I did it. And I did a 6 hour training and that is the foundation of this product, that 6 hour training. And then as we started creating this as an, in fact, if you guys listen to the podcast, if you remember after the Grant Cardone event I said, some of you guys are going to be blown away I made 3.2 million dollars, but this is just the beginning. I’m going to make way more telling the story about how I made 3.2 million dollars. So this is the beginning of that.

So as we started putting the offer together it kept getting better and better and kept plugging in more things. We spent this whole day working on my webinar slides and making template versions of them that people can take and literally have my slides and my power points, my keynotes so you can go tweak them and edit them for yourself. I did a whole training for like 40 minutes on how to edit the power points and all the psychology behind them.

I did, I found a 2 ½ hour training I did with my inner circle that showed the choreographing of the 10x event and also the Funnel Hacking Live event. Like how did we do 13 million dollars in sales at our own event? We choreographed every minute of the entire event and I walk through the choreographing of that. I put that in the course, I put interviews from all the legends that I learned closing from. I can’t even tell you how much we put into this thing, but it’s insane and I’m proud of it.

I hope that all of you guys get it, not just because I wanted to make money, I do, I’m not going to lie. But that’s not the purpose. I want you to get it because of how much money it’s going to make you. It’s going to give you the ability to actually persuade your audience to give you money. And when they give you money you will have the ability to help them and serve them and change their lives.

People who don’t pay, don’t pay attention. And if you can’t get someone to pay, you’re not going to have the ability to get them to pay enough attention to your message to be able to change their life. And this skill set that I want to teach you guys, it will change everything.

I could show you guys tons of people that have gone through pieces of this training. Brandon and Kaelin went through this training, boom Lady Boss was born. Dan Henry went through this training, you’ve see how he’s blown up. I could show you hundreds of people who have learned this stage presenting webinar style that I do and have built multiple million dollar a year businesses. And this is the first time I’ve put everything together in one spot.

So if I was you, a couple things. Number one go to right now and buy slowly. The funnel, I’m very proud of this funnel. There’s so much in it and if you put your student glasses on when you buy, you’ll notice what is he doing? Why is he doing it? Where’s the layout? Why is the button here? Why does the order form look like this?

All those things are strategically thought out and tested. They’re not something we just make up, so buy slowly, it’ll be worth the price of admission alone, just to study the funnel. Number two buy the upsells because they are insane. I wish I could tell you everything. The order form bump is my power point slide deck and the training goes with it. It is insane. If you don’t buy that, you must hate money.

The first upsell, I literally got John Childers, the dude who trained almost all public speakers for 20 years, the people who, he’s like the founder of this industry. He licensed his course to us, and his course, it’s called Childers Chunks. It’s not just like, here’s a course on how to speak from stage. It literally is all the stories he uses to break false beliefs, and you listen to the course and he gives you the chunks. You learn them, you memorize them, you plug them into your presentation and now you can use them. We licensed that entire thing from him, so you get that as part of the upsell, which that alone, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to that course and how many times I memorized his stories to be able to tell them in my presentations.

The fact that he allowed us to license that is insane. It’s insanely good. The second upsell is my FHAT event. We used to charge $15,000 for it, and now you can literally do the FHAT event virtually from your home at a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost. If I was you I would invest in everything. I wish I could just force you to buy it all, because it’s worth it all. And we give everything at these hugely discounted prices because I want everyone having this.

Like I said, as soon as you learn how to persuade, everything will change for you. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant and talk about it because I’m so excited. If you haven’t checked it out, go to, pay attention, watch the process, watch the videos, watch the copy, read the copy, look at the links, look at the structure, look at the order forms, look at the upsells, look at the copy at the bumps, this is a marketing education that I hope you guys are paying attention to.

Alright, with that said, I’m going to bed. I have to be here in like 3 ½ hours to work out with my guy. So it’s going to be a short night, early morning, but then the launch is tomorrow and that’s the best part. So thanks everyone, have a great night and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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