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The Power Behind Virtual Curated Events


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For those who’ve done events before in the past, you know how sad it is to see so many powerful moments left in the past after each event is done and gone. But what if there was a way to revive that content and use it to continually sell your high-ticket backend products? You get to be the DJ and remix the messaging to meet each customer where they’re at today! Hear the full story behind how we’ve used curated events with plus a few new ideas of what we may do next with future curated events.

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So for any of you guys who have a lot of content in the past, you're like, "Man, I did all these things. What do I do with it now?" Make a curated event. It's powerful. And then I'm going to test something. We haven't done this yet, but when the curated event's done, I want to use Challenge Fuel. It's Anthony Morrison's software. It's really cool. But I think I could take this entire three-day event when it's done, put it into Challenge Fuel and run it as an evergreen three-day event. That way this curated event I created once, people could watch it in a hundred years now when I'm dead. You know what I mean? How cool would that be?


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What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I have an idea for you guys today, something that this will be my second time doing it and it's really interesting and cool. By the time you guys are listening to this, I'll actually be in the middle of it. So we are launching the Two Comma Club LIVE Linchpin Edition. It's a live virtual event that's starting, I think it starts for me tomorrow. I think you guys will be getting this the day it’s live. So if you want to go see it, just go to is the event. It's a three-day virtual event, but it's what I'm calling a curated event. So let me explain what that means. This isn't going to be applicable for everyone yet, but for some of you guys, this will be really, really applicable. How many of you guys have done a lot of events or trainings or teachings or things like that, or you run your own events?

I think about us, we've done nine Funnel Hacking Lives. I've done a million Inner Circle events. There's so many things, so much content, so many things that we've done, training on over and over and over and over again, all over the place. And there's just so much cool stuff has come from it. But a lot of times the event gets done and you never see it again. It gets put into a member's area, you sell the replays, people watch it for the next week or two and then it's done. And it's like, I don't know about you, but when I put this much effort into something, I'm like, "I want it to live forever." Especially the presentations I did that I nailed it and I was super proud of, like, "I want everybody on the planet to see this because I think it's going to help change their lives."

So that's what I keep thinking about, is just that concept. And so a couple of years ago, right before Covid, so we did Funnel Hacking Live right before Covid and well, I'll tell you the full story. This is probably TMI, but here's Russell being vulnerable and honest. So if you go back to 2018 I think is when we launched Two Comma Club X and we sold it at Funnel Hacking Live, and we did over eight figures in sales, which was the very first time we're like, "Oh, that's amazing." Then we did it next year and, boom, did eight figures in sales next year, and we did it again. It kept happening. And then I had this brilliant idea, "Hey, we have this thing that's working really good, I should change the name of the whole thing and the process." And so I changed it from Two Comma Club X to the Funnel Hacker Collective because I thought that would be really cool. One of my designers designed a T-shirt and called it that and I was like, "Ooh, The Collective." And I thought it was so cool.

So at this FHL, like two weeks before Covid hit, I changed the name of it and I launched this collective. I was so excited about the messaging and the branding and the T-shirts and logos, and we launched it and it was the first time in three or four years that the coaching offer did not go well. And I could tell because normally after people sign for coaching, they get pictures on stage with us, and usually the line wraps around the entire ballroom of the event and we're up there for two hours. And this time I looked at it was a fourth of the ballroom, and we had done pictures in, I don't know, 20 minutes. And I was like, "Oh, dear me." Funnel Hacking Live costs us, all the ticket sales doesn't even cover the cost of running the event. We will sell 5,000 tickets at a thousand bucks a pop. Plus we have people who pre-bought during the event earlier and all that stuff.

So when all's said and done, 100% of the ticket money goes to run the event. The events cost us 4 or 5 million to run and produce and all that kind of stuff. So we only make money if Russell sells on stage. If Russell does not sell on stage, nobody makes any money. So I get up there and I do this whole thing and I'm like, "Holy cow, we spent nine months of our life preparing for this event and we did not make enough money." I could have done a webinar and made more money than this. And it's like, "Oh." And then Covid hit right afterwards. It was chaos and everyone was trying to figure out what to do and people were doing live events. So we decided to do a live event. And I'm like, "Well, how am I going to do a live event? I don't want to teach for three days. We just did Funnel Hacking Live. What do we do? And plus I need to make some money because the last thing I did didn't really work."

So in the middle of Covid or the very beginning of Covid, we launched the very first ever Two Comma Club LIVE event and we ended up selling, it's crazy, we sold 5,000 tickets, which at the time I was like, "Oh, 5,000 tickets," which is crazy. This version we're closer to 1500 tickets or something. So now I'm looking back like, "Dang, it was way easier sell tickets at the very beginning of Covid." And so my thought was like, "Am I just going to teach for three days?" I'm like, "People don't want to fly out. Everyone's scared of touching and masks and all that stuff right now. I don't know what to do." And so what we decide to do is what is now, I think I invented it, I don't even know, but it's a curated event.

So what happens, I became the emcee and I would teach some sessions live because I wanted to teach some things new that I'd never taught before. But then the majority of it was not me teaching it live. The majority of it was me curating a really cool experience. So I'm like, "Okay, here's this speaker I'm going to bring in. There's a speaker over here I'm going to bring in, and this person." And so I'm kind of weaving together the tapestry of this beautiful event to make it happen. And so that was what was cool was basically we did that Two Comma Club LIVE virtual event. And here's the three or four sessions I wanted to teach that were new, that were really important to me. But then I was like, "Man, three years ago at FHL, someone taught this one way better than me. And then five years ago I taught this principle that was really good, and then a year and a half ago, someone did this."

It's like I went through and I story boarded out what would be the perfect experience for somebody to go through to really have them master and understand the concepts I wanted to teach. And so that was the very first one. And we ran that event three or four times and it was awesome. I changed the offer back to Two Comma Club X, and luckily it saved the company. We sold a bunch of people the new coaching program and it was great. And so anyway, we ran that until last year, I think the last time we ran it. And then that was kind of it. And then over the last 18 months or so, I've been so excited about this linchpin concept.

So I taught at Inner Circle and then I taught it at FHL, and then at Two CCX that next year we focused primarily on the linchpin model, which was really, really cool. And then when the linchpin, inside the coaching program, we went to Mexico. And in Mexico I was like, "We're have a bunch of guest speakers. Instead of me just speaking this whole time, let's have people who are actually doing parts of linchpin get up and speak." And so the Mexico mashup of mine was amazing because everyone was like, here's everyone doing MIFGEs, and they talked about it. Here's everyone doing this, and talked about it. And went through the entire linchpin and just had other people teaching. And afterwards people were like, "That was so cool because it wasn't just random stuff, it was all helping me double down on this exact principle and the thing I was trying to figure out." And gave us the ability to teach something that everyone would go talk about it. And it was really, really cool.

And then I was like, "I kind of wanted the same thing for Funnel Hacking Live. Funnel Hacking Live in the past is always a whole bunch of speakers talking about different stuff. But this year we're going to have them all speak on the linchpin. And in fact, if you were there, each speaker before they got up, there's a video of me explaining how what they were teaching fit into the linchpin. And so I would talk about it, set them up, show them where it fits in the linchpin and go back and forth. And then the workbook was just the linchpin workbook and it was really, really cool. That was kind of how the Funnel Hacking Live event came. And when it was done, I got people, so many people came back and were just like, "That was the best Funnel Hacking Live yet because everything was so curated to help me."

And so after the event, everyone wanted to replays and people heard about it. They wanted us to do all this stuff. And I was like, I didn't want to just like, "Let me show the replays." I was like, there are things I wanted to tweak. You know how it is. I'm like, "So-and-so taught this here, but they taught it better over here. And then in Mexico someone talked this that we didn't have, I want to bring it back. And there's this and that." And so I went through and I kind of mapped out, if I was doing Funnel Hacking Live again, how would I curate so it'd be perfect?" I was like, "Well, it'd be this presentation, this, this, this. I would not have these two and I would have this." And we mapped out the perfect thing and I was like, "We should do another Two Comma Club LIVE. This time we're called Linchpin Edition where literally we go through and we give people the linchpin curated flawlessly, perfectly." And so that's what we're doing.

So it's this curated event and yes, we'll be selling Two Comma Club X in the middle of the curated event because that's there, but it's just this really cool way to have the content you created in the past live on forever. So I'm excited. So again, it's happening in the next three days and it's me getting to relive Funnel Hacking Live and the linchpin teaching it all in very strategic, very step-by-step systematic order. And I'm actually really excited for it. It makes me want to do more of these Two Comma Club LIVE virtual events where I curate stuff and just look at the back archives. I could do a high ticket one and high ticket speaker from the beginning time now could come back and they could teach something. I could do one that's based on everyone who's doing book funnels, everyone who's doing traffic, and then curate all the best presentations into this one three-day virtual event.

And it's easy on my side because the next two days is fun. I'm going to have some cool teaching sessions I'm going to do that are new, but for the most part, it's me talking about the speaker and just I'm the emcee curating it, and I'm the DJ mixing it up, making sure that they get all the things in the right order so everything makes sense to them. And anyway, it's exciting. So there's a curated event.
So for any of you guys who have a lot of content in the past, you're like, "Man, I did all these things. What do I do with it now?" Make a curated event. It's powerful. And then I'm going to test something. We haven't done this yet, but when the curated event's done, I want to use Challenge Fuel. It's Anthony Morrison's software. It's really cool. But I think I could take this entire three-day event when it's done, put it into Challenge Fuel and run it as an evergreen three-day event. That way this curated event I created once, people could watch it in a hundred years now when I'm dead. You know what I mean? How cool would that be?

Anyway, so I'm excited. There's the concept; curated events. I invented it. You heard it here from Russell first. Taking all this content you've created in the past, creating it into a perfect step-by-step, seamless process. Again, I keep imagining if my mom came to an event, how would I want to walk her through the process? And this is how I would do it, through this cool curated event process.

So anyway, hope you guys, if you're experiencing it, I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope you love it. If you're thinking about cool ways to do events, this is just an interesting new way to do events. It's fun, it's slow maintenance, it's not a lot of hard work and people love it. And it's a great experience for your customers and it gives you the ability to repitch your high-end coaching programs as well.

So all right, there's the idea, there's the concept, curated events. Go run with it, let me know how it goes for you. And if you want to see ours, go to Thanks everybody, we'll talk to you soon.​


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