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117 - The Secret Behind The Three Phases Of The Attractive Character...

The Secret Behind The Three Phases Of The Attractive Character...

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Episode Recap:

Hint: It starts with you, but if it ends with you, you’ll never have the impact that you actually want. On today’s episode Russell talks about a webinar in which Kaelin Poulin will sell Clickfunnels rather than Russell. He then goes into detail of how the attractive character of Clickfunnels is evolving. Here are some of the interesting things happening in today’s episode:

-- Find out why some critics of Russell were correct when they said you can’t sell a business based on an attractive character.

-- Hear how Russell is getting passed the attractive character issue by helping it to evolve 3 levels deep.

-- And find out why Kaelin Poulin is the perfect person to pitch Clickfunnels, besides Russell.

So listen below to find out how Clickfunnels is evolving it’s attractive character.

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Best Quote:

When we were building Clickfunnels, I thought a lot about this. Someday Clickfunnels is probably going to be worth, I don’t know, a bajillion dollars or more, and maybe when I’m like 90 I want to retire and it would be cool to sell it at that point, but it’s going to hard if 90 year old Russell is the dude on the pitch videos. And they’re like, “Russell, when you die, so does Clickfunnels.” That’s not good for anybody, including me.


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What’s up everybody? Good morning, welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast. Today is a very, very special webinar day.

Alright everyone, I’m pumped for today because today there is a webinar happening, selling Clickfunnels, and guess what? I’m not the one selling it. I’m freaking out, I’m so excited. There’s a principle inside this that I want to share with you guys that I think is groundbreaking, life changing, business evolving amazingness, so I’m excited to share with you during today’s episode.

So hopefully if you guys have read the Dotcom Secrets book, or the Expert Secrets book, or listened to me talk at all over the last decade of my life as I have been talking to entrepreneurs and sharing the most important things. One of the most important things I talk about is building out your attractive character. The attractive character is the personality of the brand that will be communicating with your audience, that builds rapport, that sells and does all those kind of things.

And it’s interesting, because the flack I get often from people who hear me talk about attractive characters like, “Oh well, if you focus your business on attractive character, you can’t ever sell your brand.” And it’s kind of annoying, but alas, those critics are all right. It is very, very difficult to sell a personality brand. It’s only been done a few times that I’ve seen and it’s hard. Because if you are the personality, it’s really hard to sell the brand.

But then on top of that, having the personality is what lets you build and scale a brand at record heights, faster than you ever could without it. So where is the middle ground here? That’s the thing.

When we were building Clickfunnels, I thought a lot about this. Someday Clickfunnels is probably going to be worth, I don’t know, a bajillion dollars or more, and maybe when I’m like 90 I want to retire and it would be cool to sell it at that point, but it’s going to hard if 90 year old Russell is the dude on the pitch videos. And they’re like, “Russell, when you die, so does Clickfunnels.” That’s not good for anybody, including me.

So I was searching, how do we do this? How do we do it? And I remember before we launched I was like, okay, we’re going to use attractive character because we know it works, and it’s going to be the fuel that launches this thing into the stratosphere. But I was like, long term it can’t just be me. It has to shift. I didn’t know how that was going to work, or I didn’t know behind it, but I was like, I know we’re going to do that. We’re going to hopefully build a community where other people become funnel experts, other people are teaching and doing this stuff, it’s not just Russell.

And I’ve noticed, as I’ve been watching, that’s happened. A lot of what’s been cool is other people are teaching and doing it. If you look at most of the industries, there chiro guru’s teaching funnels now, there’s dental guru’s teaching funnels. There’s gym owner guru’s.  It’s amazing, I love it. The more of that happening, the better for me and I love it.

But it didn’t really address the whole attractive character thing, because it wasn’t being published from headquarters, from corporate or whatever you want to call it. It’s been interesting, I think the first evolution of a business, is that you usually, or whoever that person is in your business, is the attractive character first. And that awesome, but eventually what needs to happen for you start going to the next level, is the attractive character can’t just stay with you. If it just stays with you it can’t get scalable.

So if you’ve watched over the last two or three years, you’ve probably noticed me consciously doing this, I share less and less of Russell Brunson stories, and I share more and more of the stories of our members. So our success stories, our students, they become the attractive characters, that’s the second level. So instead of me talking about Russell, I talk about Kaelin Poulin, Brandon and Kaelin. I talk about Trey Lewellen, I talk about all the different people. I’m talking about them and they become the attractive characters. My success stories become the attractive characters, they are the practical application of what I’m teaching and talking and telling about.

So that’s the next level. And then there’s a third level, that for those who have been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed me do over the last 7 or 8 months, where the attractive character is not me, and it’s not my clients, it’s the clients of my clients. So if you notice my language patterns now, when I talk about people inside the Clickfunnels community, I’m not talking about, “Brandon and Kaelin made a million bucks.” I’m talking about “Brandon and Kaelin have changed the lives of 1.3 million women. These women who struggled with weight loss their entire lives. They now are able to lose weight.” Pamela Wible who has been able to help doctors who commit suicide, and how she saves their lives, and now the doctor’s life has been saved because of whatever. I could go on and on with all these success stories.

But what’s interesting, notice my language patterns, I’m not just talking about the person. Not talking about Brandon and Kaelin making millions of dollars, because that’s good, it’s better than Russell making a million dollars, but then the second level is they’re the attractive character, they’re making millions of dollars, but the third level is talking about the success stories of their clients. That’s 3 levels deep.

So you’ll notice me, as I talk now and I teach and share and present, I’m always talking about 3 levels deep. Not my stories, not my success stories-stories, but their client’s success stories. And that’s like the third layer.

So that’s kind of what you’re looking at. How do you get to those different layers? And it’s not something that happens immediately. If you start day one talking about the success stories of your success stories, that doesn’t really work. And some businesses aren’t ever going to lean towards that, where it’s actually possible. I think they are though. Let’s say for Kaelin’s business. She’s lost weight, she’s helped other people lose weight, but then the real impact is not that her people lost weight, now they’re better wives and better mothers, now they can serve more in the community, look at all the impact that they’re having.

So it’s like, the impact of your clients is the next level. Anyway, there’s three levels deep of the attractive character. So for me, we gotta transition from Russell being the attractive character, to our students, our users, our customers being the attractive characters to the customers of our customers, are ultimately the attractive character. They are the fruits of this whole thing.

Alright, so that’s the first thing I want to talk about. Now I want to step back one level. For me now, again, for the last 3 ½ almost 4 years it’s been Russell onstage talking about Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels, and this week, today in 3 ½ hours is the first time where we’ve done this. Kaelin Poulin is doing the Funnel Hacks webinar. It’s her telling her stories, her experience, her everything, but she’s selling my product at the end. So my success story is now becoming the attractive character, which is so exciting and so cool.

And basically, I’m excited to see what she does. I gave her my slides and said, “Look, the offer has to stay the same, because it’s still the Funnel Hacks offer, that’s what we’re offering people, but you have the right to tell your own story, sell it how you would sell it.” So she’s been working for the last month and a half doing this and it’s going to be really fun to see her do it today. And if it works well, then I’m going to probably go to other one’s of my students and have them create presentations on their success stories, and then selling my offer.

And hopefully, if we do one of these a month, over the next twelve months, we could have 12 of these, or 24 over the next 2 years, or who knows how many. But now it’s like, Russell and my presentation and my story becomes one of many different ways to sell. I’m one of many attractive characters inside of Clickfunnels. And that now, makes my business very sellable. Because if Russell disappears it doesn’t matter. We have 12 other people. We have Kaelin’s presentation that’s selling people, we have so and so’s presentation. We have other people, and that’s really the excitement and the magic for me.

So I’m excited. This is the practical application of 3 ½ - 4 years of trying to brainstorm and think through how this is even possible. And I never knew until, it’s funny because I’ve told Kaelin 4 or 5 times, “Man, I wish you could be the attractive character for Clickfunnels. I wish you could be the pitch person.” And she always laughs. Then 2 months ago I was like, “Wait, what if you really were? What if we did something like this?” and we kind of put together a plan and idea, and Brandon and Kaelin were like, “Yes, we’re willing to do that.” I’m like, “That’s awesome.”

So it’s going to be good for everybody. They get royalty on all the sales that happen through this webinar funnel, and through all future sales that come through it, so it’s a huge win for them. It’s a huge win for us, it gets a different angle, different attractive character, different person out there. And they can still focus on their business long term. They spent the time to develop this presentation and they’ll get paid on it for the rest of their lives. So it’s kind of a super cool win-win.

Anyway, for you guys, start thinking about that. Start thinking about, obviously the first phase where you’re at, you need to double down on the attractive character, it’s important. Even if you’re like, you read some stupid business book where someone’s like, “If your face is the brand, you can never sell your company.” Just realize that person is not creative or unique, and they have no vision on how to actually change the world. So don’t listen to them, focus on the attractive character is important. It’s going help people have connection with you and with your brand, otherwise they’re going to be going based on features and they’re going to leave you when someone comes out with a better mousetrap.

So that’s number one. Number two then, focus on helping people have as much success as humanly possible, so you can transition to them becoming the attractive characters. And then someday, training those people on how they can actually give a presentation. One thing that was not strategic but looking back now makes me seem like I’m a genius, is we’ve taught how many hundred thousand people how to do my presentation, how to do a perfect webinar, so it’s like, there are people we’ve developed that can do that.

So find your success stories and then help them, train them to be able to give a presentation to sell your products and services through their lens, through their view. And then third, start focusing on the success stories of your success stories. That’s the third tier of this. And that’s when you’re focusing on the impact of your success stories. And that’s really the level, I think where you have to get the attractive character to really have the impact you want.  And obviously, like we said, someday if you did want to sell or step away from the business or whatever, it takes some pressure off your shoulders.

So anyway, I’m excited, I’m pumped. This is the first application of this concept and we’re going to see how it goes today with Kaelin. She’s going to crush it, she’s amazing. She’s one of the best presenters, one of the best sales people I’ve ever seen, and she’s got such a good heart. You guys have heard her story. She’s changed 1.3 million womens lives. Who does that? It’s insanely cool. Her husband Brandon is just amazing as well. I’ve never seen somebody execute as consistently and as quickly and as perfectly as him.

And it’s fun watching those two as a couple having so much success, and they deserve every minute. If anyone is ever like, “Oh they got lucky.” No, they’re insanely hard workers, insanely talented, they follow directions, they model, they’re able to put their own angles on things, their own spins, they improve everything they touch, and they are just amazing human beings. So I’m proud of them.

This is like this really cool, unique culmination of the last 3 ½ - 4 years of their story and having them come back now and pitch and present the product that was the one that made them have all the success. So it’s amazing.

Anyway, I hope you guys have an amazing day today. I cannot wait. Wish Kaelin luck, by the time you guys hear this, it will have already happened. But if you want to go see the presentation, I’m sure we’ll have a replay at Again, thanks for everything you guys and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


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