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138 - The Secrets Behind The Funnel...

The Secrets Behind The Funnel...

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Episode Recap:

One of our highest performing funnels to date, find out what we did and why. Today’s episode Russell talks about how the new 30 Days funnel was born and the process he and his team went through to get it up and running in such a short amount of time. Here are some of the amazing things you will get to hear in this episode:

-- The history of why Russell reading a 30 day challenge 15 years ago and why he thought of it again.

-- How this concept got going and what steps and people were behind the process.

-- And how you can get involved in Russell’s 30 Day challenge.

So listen here to find out why this 30 day challenge has already been one of Clickfunnels most profitable funnels.

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Best Quote:

People who they go out there and they used to do the thing, then they create a tool to make that thing easier, and then they never actually use their own tool because they just sell the tool. I think that’s what’s unique about what we do at Clickfunnels, we actually drink our own Kool aid. I’m still making offers, I’m still writing books, I’m still doing funnels, I’m still doing high ticket funnels. We’re still doing it, we’re innovating, we’re creating, we’re always pushing the envelopes, where what other companies are doing that? I don’t know any that are doing that.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast, it’s late night, you can probably hear my crickets, and I got something really cool to share with you. Hey everyone, it’s Sunday night and I’m taking the garbage out to the curb.

I actually already took the garbage out earlier, I’m just taking out an extra bag. That’s why you aren’t hearing me wheel the huge garbage cans for like half a mile to get there. But I was walking out and I just haven’t put out a podcast in a while and I got a lot of cool stuff I want to share. So many fun things happening, so many amazing things happening. So I thought I would just jump in here really quick before my battery dies and share some of the cool things.

Some of you probably saw we launched a new project this month, or this week. I think right now we’re on a schedule, I think we’re going to roll out a new front end offer every 30 days, excuse me, every 90 days. So once a quarter, a really cool front end offer just because it’s fun and it’s exciting and it keeps our team sharp, keeps us all excited, keeps us actually doing this game. I see so many companies who we compete with who, I shouldn’t name names, but landing page companies with really confusing software.

People who they go out there and they used to do the thing, then they create a tool to make that thing easier, and then they never actually use their own tool because they just sell the tool. I think that’s what’s unique about what we do at Clickfunnels, we actually drink our own Kool aid. I’m still making offers, I’m still writing books, I’m still doing funnels, I’m still doing high ticket funnels.

We’re still doing it, we’re innovating, we’re creating, we’re always pushing the envelopes, where what other companies are doing that? I don’t know any that are doing that. So about once a quarter we’re rolling out a new frontend with a bunch of different hooks, different angles, different concepts, different ideas and then we’re doing a bunch of other fun things too.

In fact, we’re trying this year to get done, do you remember earlier this year we were doing Project Mother Funnel? Now we’re looking on Project Value Ladder, which is the second phase of it. Then after that all next year is about once a quarter rolling out a really cool frontend to bring a new segment of the market in. But I digress, what I wanted to talk to you guys about today was the one we rolled out.

So if you haven’t seen it yet go to and funnel hack it. Sign up slowly for the process. A lot of time, effort, energy, and money went into developing this the way we did. So it’s kind of a blend of a couple of ideas and a couple different things. So I was going to share with you guys kind of behind the scenes. This is the stuff I get to geek out on with my team but nobody else gets to hear about it.

So a couple of pieces, number one is back like 14-15 years ago there was this kid that came out with an ebook, he was 18 years old at the time, and it was called 30 Days to Internet Marketing Success, and in the book he’d interviewed a whole bunch of internet marketing guru’s and had them write out a day by day 30 day plan. If they were to start over from scratch, what would they do day one, day two, day three, from day one through all 30 days.

Anyway, I bought that book back when I was completely broke and it was the first year my wife and I were married, because on our one year anniversary my parents were going to Hawaii, and they allowed us to bum along with them. So I was going on a plane with my wife and I actually went and printed out these two books. And I couldn’t afford all the paper we needed, so I printed 8 pages to a page, and I got them spiral bound. I still have them, I actually showed them on a Facebook live the other day. I remember reading through these 60 different guru blueprints of their 30 day plan and that was where it all clicked for me, on that trip.

I read all 60 of them, in fact, it was fun I was looking at the original copy that I was reading, where they had 8 pages on a page, so their like little mini type, you can barely see the text. So I was reading them all and I was circling things, I was highlighting them. But what’s interesting, every single person had a different plan, but they all had a similar model. So everyone had to create a product, then they had a way to sell the product, then they had a way to get traffic. The way they did all those elements were different, different people created products different ways, different people flow things different ways.

So I kept seeing a pattern though, over and over and over again. I was like, oh my gosh. I know the pattern, all I gotta do is create a product, figure out a way to sell it and drive traffic to it. That was it. Shortly after that trip I came home and created my very, very first product, pre-potato gun, pre everything, which was a software product called Zip Brander, which is hilarious.

Anyway, long story short, it was the tool that really changed my life. That, and then about the same time I got Mark Joyner’s course, his farewell package, and between those two things it just, the whole model made sense, and ever since then I’ve been running. Anyway, rewind back probably 7 or 8 months ago I was actually coaching, I was doing my inner circle a decade in a day call, and for some reason during the end of that call I was telling, the idea popped back in my head and I think I shared it with the person I was coaching.

I can’t remember who it was at the time. I was sharing it with who I was coaching and I was like, you should do something like this in your industry. I was telling how much it helped me and I was like, wait a minute. I should do that in my industry. Nobody’s done that concept in 15+ years. Let’s bring that hook back off the shelf and let’s repackage it and make it a thing.

And then in the middle of that call I went and saw that was available, and somebody owned it but it was for sale, so in the middle of my coaching call I sent the link to Dave, I’m like, “Dave buy this.” By the time I got off my call he’d bought it. He’s like, “I bought it, what is it?” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” So I was telling him, “I’m going to bring that back off the shelf, the 30 day plan.” So there’s step number one. I knew that somehow I was going to bring that hook back into the world. I didn’t know how or what, but that was the first concept.

Fast forward a little while later, I can’t remember exactly the context, but Julie Stoian and I were talking about summits and doing a tele-summit for Clickfunnels and bringing on the Two Comma Club winners and it’d be a really cool thing. But I was like, “I don’t have the energy to do a summit.” In the past I used to do summits, that’s how I grew my company in the very beginning, is through summits. I believe in them but they’re just a lot of work.

And she was like, “Well I have this friend named Bailey, she is amazing at summits. She teaches it, she does it. I’ve been on a lot of summits, and Bailey was by far the most organized, the best person I ever worked with.” So we had a chance to meet Bailey. I was like, “Bailey we want to do a summit. Do you want to run it for us?” and she said, “yes!” so that was the second step in the piece. So then somewhere along the line it was like we should a summit but base it on the 30 day concept where we do this thing where on the summit you’re interviewing people. What would you do day one? What would you do day two?

We should still do a book, have them write out the plans and get everyone a pdf that shows that person’s 30 day plan, and a summit where they can hear the person talking about it. So that was kind of the next phase. So Bailey went to work and spent, I don’t know, 3 or 4 months of her life interviewing all these people and getting the books put together. She just killed it, and she did such a good job.

So that was kind of the next piece of it. And then Natasha Hazlett, if you guys remember Natasha…oh let me step back, Bailey is actually, all these people who are teaching me their super powers, I’m bringing them on the Funnel Hacking Live stage. So Bailey is going to be at Funnel Hacking Live this year showing her summit model, how she does her summits.

So if you want to learn how to replicate what she’s doing, what she did for us, what she’s done for herself and other clients, come to and come to Funnel Hacking Live and you’ll see her present on that. So then a little while later, Natasha Hazlett, if you don’t know Natasha yet, she’s super cool. She’s also speaking at Funnel Hacking Live, BTW, by the way, about the topic I’m going to talk about next.

So Natasha, she’s awesome and I can’t wait for her to share her whole story, but she’s had some big successes, some ups and some downs, and actually at Funnel Hacking Live, the second one where Marcus Lemonis was at, Marcus actually had a huge impact on her and it was a big transition point for her and her health and her life, and it was kind of this catapult that changed a whole bunch of things. Like a year ago she got inspired to write a book.

So she wrote a book and she’s like, “I’m going to do Russell’s free plus shipping funnel.” She tried it and had okay results, but nothing earth shattering. And I’m sure she was frustrated and trying to figure out what to do and her and her husband decided, “you know what, instead of giving away this book for free, we’re going to sell it for $47 and we’ll bundle it with a challenge.

The Unstoppable Influence 30 Day Challenge.” So she jacked up the price to like $47 bucks and it was the book and the challenge. She launched it and it hit and was super profitable up front, so she did this challenge, it was a 30 day challenge, day one, day two, all the way through 30 days with them. It got huge results from people because they were forced to consume the stuff because it was live, live, which is awesome.

Then at the end of it, she did her webinar she traditionally does. And she’s pretty good actually on webinars. Her stats, on average she would close like 10%. But she did a webinar to all the people who signed up for the challenge at the very end of the 30 days and ended up converting like 20% and one of her biggest paydays of her life. Boom, at the end of this thing.

I remember he messaging me, she’s freaking out like, “We figured it out. We cracked the code. We’re operational. I’m Two Comma Club’s coming!” And it was so cool, and so much fun to see her. And after I saw her model I was like, oh my gosh. There’s something super powerful about challenges.

Then fast forward like two months later Garret White launched his challenge. If you guys have the Kings Kit Challenge, if not go to and Garret’s was different but similar. It was this frontend challenge, it was $100 to get in it, and then he took you on a 30 day process and at the end of it, it sends them up to the next level and pushes them through his value ladder. I’ve been geeking out, I’ve signed up like 10 times for his.

I kept watching it, month one he had a thousand people, month two, two thousand, then three thousand, then four thousand, and it keeps growing, these challenges he’s running. I watch how he’s kind of facilitating his. So as we’re putting together this 30 days thing, I was like, “You know what? We need to do two things, actually three things technically.”

Number one we’re doing the 30 days concept because I love it, number two we’re doing the summit because it’s amazing, number three we’re going to wrap in a contest to this thing. I was like, “What’s our contest?” you know, “What’s our goal?” I said, “I keep telling everybody they’re one funnel away. What if we gave everybody a one funnel away challenge and focus on getting their funnel launch up and running in 30 days?”

And that’s when the angels were singing, ahhhh. And we’re like, “This is the thing. This is going to be amazing.” So that was two weeks ago. So I’m like, that means I gotta record all t he content for a 30 day challenge and it had to be this week basically, or last week basically because for the next 6 weeks of my life I’m full, meeting zone, as you’ll probably hear me talk about on the podcast. So I was like, okay. I spent all last week recording it.

So I pitched Steven Larsen, I was like, “I need you to be the guy daily who’s yelling at these people and kicking their butts and make sure they actually succeed.” And he’s like, “I’m in.” and then we’re like, ahhh. And we mapped out the whole thing there. And Julie’s killing herself getting all the other backend videos, so many people, so many things, everyone running. Everyone on my team, I mean everyone’s killing themselves and it’s turning out really good, because we kind of shifted the way the offer’s going to be all last minute.

And it launched like less than three days ago. So basically the way it works, when you go to you’ll see it, but there’s a page there where people register for free for the summit, the summit will be starting in like 7 days from now, from the time I’m recording this, and it will be live three days, and each day you’ll get ten people’s interviews and their 30 day plan unlocked.

You can see them, you can download them, you can whatever, it’s all free. And then after you sign up there’s an upsell saying cool. You joined the challenge, the summits coming up really soon…..or you joined the summit, the summit’s coming up really soon, so you’re going to be learning everyone else’s 30 day plans, but what about your 30 day plan? What is it? I keep telling people you’re one funnel away, but you’re going to go through this stuff and then what’s your funnel, what’s your plan going to be? We need to execute on your plan. How would you like to be personally coached by me and Julie and Steven to get your thing up and live?

Something like that, I can’t remember the pitch, but something like that. And we bribe them and say, “Look, if you sign up for this challenge it’s $100. I’m going to sen d you a free copy of the 30 Days, everybody’s step by step plan in a hard bound book…” which ended up being 550 pages. It’s the biggest book ever. So basically we’re selling, I mean the book is free when they sign up for the $100 challenge, then we have an order form bump on there from the Funnel Audibles presentation from Funnel Hacking Live, and an upsell as well.

And we launched that funnel three days ago, and in the first three days we sold, I can’t remember the exact numbers, it was like 2500+ people signed up for the challenge, which is insane. And then the upsell take rate and the order form bump take rate are second to none. We’re halfway to Two Comma Club in three days on this funnel that I did not think was going to be a profitable funnel, it thought it was…it’s crazy. We’re also paying out 100% commission on $100 to affiliates, so affiliates are going crazy with it, plus the speakers are going crazy with it, it’s just, it’s cool.

So why’d I share that with you? A couple reasons, number one I just gotta tell somebody the whole thing. Number two, notice how we blended together a couple of different things. We found a really good hook, story and concept for this funnel. Every funnel is like a story line, so there’s this storyline that weaves it in right. Number two, what’s the frontend? It could have been a squeeze page, could have been whatever but we decided let’s make this a summit funnel on the frontend to get somebody in the door.

Somebody that’s also working really good to get people to promote, and then the second step in the funnel wasn’t just a normal summit funnel. It was like okay now we’re doing a challenge funnel, what they sign up for right afterwards. Then we brought back the same principles you guys have been learning for the last 500+ episodes.

We brought in an order form bump, we brought in an upsell, we brought in all these different pieces and boom, we’ve got this funnel that’s just killing it, like insane, doing insanely well. So yeah, I think this is one for those who are getting into this funnel game and thinking about funnel psychology. You have all these pieces, right. I look at the funnel world as a painter, you’ve got a pallet of all this paint. Everything’s not always a squeeze page, sales page, thank you page, or whatever.

This funnel has to look like this. The structures are there but as soon as you understand what you’re working with, you understand the concepts then it’s like how do we weave these things together into something greater? In wrestling, we used to, there was this thing called chain wrestling. What happened is you’d learn a single leg, then a double leg, then you learn to take someone down. You learn all these moves in isolation.

And then what would happen is you’d get in a match and you’re like, “I took that guy perfectly.” Then you stop and you’re like, “Okay now I gotta take him down.” But then at that point, that split second in your brain you’re shifting from move number one to move number two, the person escapes. And you’re like, “Ah, crap. He got away. Okay, go back. Move number one, then move number two.” And because you’re thinking move one, two, three, the person can get away, because it’s not fluid.

So what chain wrestling is getting a point where you move one, one two, one two three, becomes one move. And if somebody counters you don’t stop and “Oh, what’s move two again?” You just start weaving these things together where everything’s happening in and out, in and out, in and out. And that’s with the best wrestlers. When you see them, they don’t stop and think of chain wrestling.

They go from the first move to the second, to the third, to fourth, to fifth, with no breaks in anything. And if somebody counters, they instantly counter back. It becomes more than just the step by step. So for you guys that are geeking out on this with me and understanding this, if you look at why we’re having so much success it’s because it’s not always this rigid, this funnel and this funnel, and this funnel.

It’s like,how do we chain wrestle, how do we make this fluid so that number one leads to number two and number two to number three? And all those pieces weave together in something amazing. So I’m learning about summit funnels and contest funnels and I remember that really good hook we had, we’re just weaving in the best principles of these things into something that’s new. And it’s not drastically different.

If you look at it from a framework, it’s a squeeze page, it’s a sales page with an order form bump and an order form, but it’s blending these two or three different concepts together to make honestly one of our most profitable funnels yet. And it’s one we didn’t even have a big affiliate push behind, other than the speakers. People are driving tons of traffic and it’s really fun.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you because you guys care and you guys listen in and I appreciate you guys listening in. Anyway, with that said I’m going to go back home, go back inside, get to bed before my battery dies. If you enjoyed this episode, actually I’m going to start doing a fun thing.

Take a snapshot of the screen of this, and go to your instagram and post it, and then tag #marketingsecrets, and let’s get a tag started with marketing secrets, and everytime you listen to an episode of marketing secrets that you like, take a snapshot and go to either FAcebook or Instagram or both, and then post the picture so they see what episode you’re on and say, “Loved this episode #marketingsecrets” and let’s some, let’s get people doing that thing, it’ll be fun. So that’s how I’ll know if you guys do it.

So do that and tag me in it too and I’ll start seeing you guys tagging. And then my favorite people are the ones who tag me with cool stuff. So you will become one of my favorite people. So how about that, it sounds like fun right? Alright, cool. Thanks everybody, have a great night, and we’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.


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