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The ‘shortcut’ to internet marketing


I got this question the other day: “What’s the quickest way to learn internet marketing?”

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you and say there’s some ‘hack’ that will get you to X amount of dollars in X amount of time.

There’s no shortcut like that.

But there is a shortcut to mastering Internet marketing that very few people actually put into practice.

If you read this email you will be miles ahead of the competition.

But I had to start this email this way otherwise you’ll see the shortcut below and think… That doesn’t look like a shortcut at all, Russell.

So just suspend judgment for a moment, okay?


Okay, so a couple of years ago I got a message from someone complaining they didn’t feel they got the marketing knowledge promised from one of my books.

You might know I offer refunds on all the free books in my Marketing Secrets trilogy.

This person wrote me a certified letter for that refund. 🤦

So I asked where he bought it…

The guy said “I bought it on Amazon because I didn’t wanna get stuck in the funnel.”

It made me think… Wow, he’s really missed the whole point!

Here’s something crazy for you.

I buy so many marketing courses and materials and I never read them.


I buy them so I can see the upsells and the cross sells and the email sequences… I’m interested to see SO much more than the actual content.

But this process of analysis will give you amazing benefits.

You can learn much more by watching what a top marketer does rather than what he or she says in their courses and books.

So anyway…

This guy was expecting to find some secret formula that would magically work and he got so hung up on that he missed the entire reason why I give those books away for free on my websites.

He wanted to avoid the funnel!

He had no idea that that particular funnel was for a long time my best-converting funnel ever… because for every free book I shipped out I made $80 since so many people bought the upsells!

That meant I could spend $80 on advertising a FREE BOOK and still break even!

Isn’t that insane?

I mean, I’m crazy about the content in my Marketing Secrets books…

But this guy literally had an amazing bit of marketing in front of him and he couldn’t see the wood for the trees!!

(Couldn’t see the funnel for the front-end offers, maybe?)

So I really want you to observe the selling process – not just the course material – and respect the funnels... because the funnels are where you’re gonna make a lot of money.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What was the strategy?
  • How did I feel on the sales page, the upsell page, the follow-up emails?
  • What made me pay attention?
  • ​What made me lose attention?
  • At which points did I feel I wanted to buy?

Like I said…

When I mentioned there was a shortcut, you were probably expecting me to sell you some hidden course or unknown sales technique.

I am actually gonna give you a link to my book below…

But I’m doing it because I want you to see how it fits into the entire funnel – rather than because I’m just trying to sell you a book.

Marketing is a constant process of watching, learning and implementing.

Want to see it in action?

You can check out the whole sequence for Expert Secrets below.

Here’s the link.

Honestly I’m not just trying to sell you this book here (dang it, it’s free after all…).

But if you do go through the whole buying sequence I promise it will be one of the best courses in marketing you will take this year!

Talk soon,

- Russell Brunson


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