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160 - The Unboxing Funnel

The Unboxing Funnel

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Episode Recap:

A cool new way to look at how you structure your sales funnel.

On this episode Russell talks about a new kind of funnel he’s been developing for the 10x Secrets launch, called the Unboxing Funnel. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-- What an Unboxing Funnel actually is.

-- How you can use the Unboxing Funnel in addition to the webinars you already have to sell the same products.

-- And how this funnel can allow new customers to come in, who you would be unable to close on a $1,000 webinar funnel.

So listen here to find out what an Unboxing Funnel is and you can use it.

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Best Quote:

I need to do everything in my power to get my message out to protect and save these people that I’m serving.” That’s how I feel about it. That’s the gut feeling you should have as you are serving your audience, and if you don’t have that yet, it’s like, oh man, you need to make your product better, make your service better, make your message simpler to understand, make your processes….whatever it is, make it better, because you should feel that way, because no one else is going to feel that way about your business except for you.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about what I call an unboxing funnel. Hey everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend.

I am actually out today in my yard. We’ve been having fun with the kids, cleaning things up, getting ready for winter, which is near upon us. And I’m hoping the wind doesn’t blow too loud as I’m sharing this stuff with you. But I just got this thought in my head, and I’m excited and wanted to share with you.

So I’m going to dive deep into an unboxing funnel because next week we’re launching out 10X secrets master class, which I’m really proud of and really excited for. And what we’re doing in is what I call an Unboxing Funnel, so I’m going to break down what that is and share it with you guys because I think for a lot of us marketers when we’re doing things, we only look at things one way.

Like a lot of you guys are doing webinars and you’re looking at that one way, so I want to share with you this because basically what we’re doing is what we’re calling an unboxing funnel, which is like a webinar, but we’re chipping out the side and breaking it up and unboxing it into a really cool offer. So I’m going to go walk you through that in a second.

But first I’d love to get your guys’ feedback because I started thinking, I don’t know if you guys all do the same thing, but when I see people I’m competing against do things….I’m always watching, right. I think it comes from me growing up as a wrestler. As a wrestler I knew what I was trying to accomplish. First I wanted to be State Champ, then I wanted to be an All-American, then I wanted to be a National Champ.

So I had these things and I’m watching all the people I’m competing against. So I’m watching the matches, I’m watching the scores, I’m watching what they’re doing, I’m watching the moves they’re good at, then I’m practicing based on that. So I’m back in my, I’m watching a tournament and I see a guy who’s better than me, who wins a tournament. Maybe I take third, he wins it. I watch the match, I study it, I go back to my dorm room, I start figuring out how do I beat this guy?

This is what he did, and how he did it. I gotta get better in these positions and this thing. So when I had the chance to wrestle him next time, I’d be able to beat him. That was my whole life. That was twenty years of my life, which is, if you wonder why I compete so much in business and why I love this game, it’s because it’s the same thing.

I’m looking at my competitors and what they’re doing and trying to figure out the next move. It’s like a game of chess for me. It’s fascinating to me, I don’t feel like….for some reason, no one is being willing to step up and hard core compete against us, which is kind of frustrating as a competitor, I’m used to that. I’m not used to that, I want people to step up and compete. And instead nobody really is, which I guess is probably good. But at the same time it always surprises me.

So I look to people I’m competing against and I’m watching, I don’t know about you but I watch what they do. It’s like Chess and I’m looking at the moves they’re making. I see the move they make and then I try to, based on this I’m going to do this. And this is where I got to get stronger, and this is where I gotta protect ourselves, which is logical strategy as an athlete, as a competitor.

But for some reason in business, nobody’s…I don’t know. It’s interesting. So instead what I do is I watch as our competitors make moves, and then what I do is I put myself in this role where I’m like, if I was consulting these people, this is what I would do. It’s kind of a fun exercise in my head. In fact, I remember probably two and a half years ago, I did a podcast episode, it was right have Clay Collins, the founder of Lead Pages had done something that was totally playing into, it played into our strengths and it was like the greatest thing he could have done for me.

And I remember being so shocked. It’s like if I was wrestling in a wrestling match and the person is like stepping into me, which opens up the leg for me to shoot on. I was like, “Why are you doing that.” I remember being so confused like, dude, you literally just opened up a gap to make it so easy to dominate you. So I’m so confused by this, so I did a whole podcast episode I remember that day, driving to the office.

Like, “If Clay Collins hired me as his consultant, this is what I would have said, and what I would have showed him, how he executed things poorly.” And it was a really funny episode. And then I realized I was probably a jerk to post that, so I didn’t. I don’t think I ever posted it. I don’t even know. I may still have it somewhere. I should go look for it. But it was a really funny podcast, me coaching my competitor on what they should have done, as opposed to what they did do.

“You stepped here, which means you were out of position, which is why we were able to attack and open up and expose your flaws, which in a wrestling match is how I beat you. Whereas, instead if you would have done this, this actually would have been, something for me as your competitor I would have been on my toes for.” Anyway, I didn’t publish that one because I thought it would be probably too soon. But part of me is almost wanting to do the same thing right now and publish for example, this is insanity to me.

Word is on the streets, and I’ve seen some of the stuff they’ve been publishing, it’s crazy. Infusionsoft right now is in the process of changing their name. And in the documents sent out to their partners saying why they changed their name is literally because people are teasing them, calling them confusion soft. I’m like, you guys have a 18, 19, 20 years of branding behind this thing, and you’re literally changing your name because people in my community, and I didn’t start this, it was all them, have been teasing them and calling them confusion soft.

It just blows my mind. I want to, as a marketing consultant I want to be like, “Dude, what are you doing? There’s no better…if I were wrestling you literally just stood straight up and put your arms down by your side, and it’s almost impossible for me to not score and take you down at this point.” It’s strategically insanity, but that’s the move they’re making right.

So part of me, and it’s not just that I tease them, there’s all, like it’s happening with other businesses around, like, people I look at like, these are legitimate competitors that could have a shot if they would just play their cards right. And they’re doing everything, they’re literally like, “Here’s my leg Russell.” And I’m like, “Is this a joke? Are they setting me up?”

And I grab the leg and take them down and I’m like, “Nope, they literally gave me their leg.” What were they thinking? So part of me wants to start a whole podcast where I just critique my competitors and tell them what they should have done to actually be a threat, as opposed to giving us their leg and letting us just take them down. Maybe I can’t do that.

Maybe I should do it in the past like, record them all and then publish them like a year later. Anyway, let me know if you guys want me to do more of those things because I think it’s funny and at the same time I think it’s good for you guys because we should all be thinking strategic like that, looking who are the people who are also trying to serve your customers.

And if you’re half as passionate as I am about my customers, the reason why I’m so aggressive, if you’re wondering, “Why is Russell such an aggressive marketer? Why doesn’t he just play nicer?” It’s like, I honestly feel in my gut if people aren’t using us, if they’re not using Clickfunnels, not going through our training, not doing our stuff, any other option that they’re going through is like less effective for them, they’re going to struggle.

I care about my customers so much that I, that’s why I market so aggressively. Because I want my customers to have success and I feel like any other option is blocking them from the success that they deserve. So that’s how you have to kind of look at your business, and when you realize that, “oh my gosh, these people are doing great things, that’s cool.

But man, I could serve these people at such a higher level. I need to do everything in my power to get my message out to protect and save these people that I’m serving.” That’s how I feel about it. That’s the gut feeling you should have as you are serving your audience, and if you don’t have that yet, it’s like, oh man, you need to make your product better, make your service better, make your message simpler to understand, make your processes….whatever it is, make it better, because you should feel that way, because no one else is going to feel that way about your business except for you.

You’ve got to feel that passion about it or else it doesn’t make sense. At the traffic secrets event I was telling, I went kind of on a little tangent rant with those guys there, but I told people, it’s funny people are always blown away, “Russell you close 15% of the webinar. You close 45% of the room.”

Whatever the numbers are and I’m like, “Yeah, that’s really, really good, but honestly when I get done I’m so pissed that I wasn’t able to close the rest of them.” Like, what was wrong? What did I say to, what more could I have done to convince these people that this is the path they need? Like the 10X event, it’s funny because there’s 9000 people in the room. We did 3.2 million, that means we closed a little over a thousand people, which means 8000 people didn’t buy.

And for me it’s like, what more could I have said to convince those other 8000 people? I don’t know what else I could have done. And it frustrates me because I’m like, I know any other option, any other alternative that they try to go for is not going to be nearly as, it’s not going to help them get to their goal faster than what I’m offering them. It’s like, what else can I do to make sure that happens. So that’s why I’m so always focusing on this game, because I care enough about our people. So there’s number one.

Alright so let me know if you guys want me to do a podcast like that, because it would be funny. Alright, let me go back to the purpose of what I want to talk to you guys about today. So the concept I want to talk about today is what we’re calling the unboxing funnel. So what is an unboxing funnel? Well, it comes down to the offer and the first time we started nicknaming it this was about last year’s Funnel Hacking Live, because every year we get a bunch of ecommerce people.

They come in and they’re like, “This funnel thing doesn’t work for us. It works for info products, but not for physical products.” And I’m like, “No, you don’t understand.” And I started talking about like, imagine if somebody came to your ecommerce store, it could be Amazon, it could be Shopify, whatever. They came to your store and they bought everything you got right. They fill up the whole cart with all the good stuff, and all the things they would need to be successful with whatever the product or service is they’re buying from you right.

What an unboxing funnel is, you’re taking this cart of everything they could buy and then you’re pulling things out of the box. You say, “What’s the very best thing that somebody could possibly want from me?” And that’s what you’re going to lead with. Then what’s the second best thing? That’s going to be my order form bump. What’s the third best thing? That’s going to be the next piece. So you have this, you’re unboxing all the offers that are in this cart, and then you put them in a logical sequence of order. And that’s how you build a funnel the right way.

So if somebody comes in, like for example Trey Lewellen, when he launched his flashlight offer, the same one that did $20 million dollars in like 6 weeks, which is insane. He could have just had people come to his flashlight store and he has his flashlights and cases and warranties and all that stuff that’s there. But instead he unboxed what his dream client would buy and said, “Okay what’s the best thing they would want?”

The best thing they would want is the survival flashlight, so that’s the first offer. “What’s the next thing?” They probably want a case, that’s the second thing. And the third thing, they want extra batteries. The fourth thing they want, a warranty. Fifth thing, faster shipping. And he unboxed all the things he could potentially give his customer at one time, and let them kind of pick and put them into a funnel. So that’s what an unboxing funnel is.

So it’s funny because the product we’re launching next week, which by the time you guys hear this it will probably already be launched, so if you haven’t purchased it yet, you’re insane. Go to and go buy it. And if you don’t buy, at least I’m going to explain the strategy behind it so you understand.

So I very easily could have just done a webinar to sell 10x Secrets, but I have done a webinar multiple times and my role in this ecosystem at this point, I don’t feel is to just keep doing the same thing. If I did then all I’d get is people that are coming doing webinars through us. My job is to keep developing and inventing and creating new funnels, new ways to sell so that you guys can model them. Does that make sense? The last thing I need in my life right now is more money.

That’s not what I’m doing this or the launch for. It’s so I can create a model for the rest of our community to look at and then to emulate for their funnels. It’s like if I just did another webinar, you’re like, “Oh Russell did another webinar. Yay.” And there’ll be times I do more webinars, but it’s like the reason why I did the funnel was so that you guys could listen to that, look at and be like, “Oh my gosh, how could I use something like this in my business?” “How could make a summit?” “How could I do a challenge?”

We’re just innovating and developing and creating and doing new things, to be a model for you guys to come back and model what we’re doing, funnel hack it and take it back into your businesses. So that’s what I feel like my role is in this ecosystem. So this time we’re like, “How do we create a cool funnel that shows people what’s possible?” I feel like the people who study me close have done, they’ve all done webinars now and free plus shipping offers, because that was the two funnels we have done primarily.

So it’s like, okay I’m going to do new things, new concepts. Alright so that’s what this unboxing funnel is. Instead of doing a webinar, which I could definitely do a webinar. If you look at what the offer actually is, it’s a thousand dollar offer. If I were to sell it on a webinar I could easily sell it for a thousand dollars and it’d be, “You’re going to get this and this and this and everything when you buy.” So instead what I’m doing, instead of doing that, I’m making an unboxing funnel. So I’m unboxing the pieces out of here.

So if I was to sell this on a webinar, I look at what’s the offer that on the webinar I’d sell for a thousand dollars. So I have all that, and I look at all the pieces of the offer and say, what’s the sexiest, best, most exciting piece of this offer. I figure out what this and I pull that part out, pull it out of the funnel and now it becomes the front end.

So you’ll see when we launch this, the front end offer, what it actually is, and it’s going to be my 10x training, the 6 ½ hour training, that’s the core thing, and there’s a couple other bonuses that go with it. Those are all things that would have been pulled out of the stack slide, and that becomes the frontend. We’re going to sell that for anywhere from, I can’t remember yet. We’re still kind of going back and forth on the price.

Somewhere between $197 to $300, somewhere in that range is where the front end will be. So people will buy that. Then the order form bump on the page will probably be $47 and it’s going to be the Power Point slides and a video of me explaining how the slides work and kind of going through it and training them on the slides. So that was another component that would have been the stack slide if this had been a webinar. The upsell now is going to be this closing program. Like, how do you close on a webinar, what are all the different closes.

So I’m bringing in all the people that I learned closing from, John Childers came and taught his Childers Chunks. In fact, he actually let me license, this is so cool. He used to sell a $25,000 speaker training where he taught his Childers Chunks and I paid him a ton of money to license that, so now inside the Closer Secrets program there’s a licensing, we licensed how to do the Childers Chunks. So you get his entire $25,000 course, it’s in there.

And then I got, John Childers is the guy I originally learned public speaking from, so it’s like his best stuff. And then its Myron Golden coming in and teaching how to do the price marinade and the repitch. We’ve got Ted Thomas coming in teaching Trial closes, all the closing stuff. That becomes the second part of the offer. And that part will probably sell for, I believe, $297.

So we have a $197 product and a $297 upsell, a $47 order form bump, and then we’ll have a second upsell, which will be the FHAT event. So those who came to the original FHAT event, it’s the same event that Natalie Hodson came to before she launched her Abs Core and Pelvic Floor product that a did a million dollars in four months.

It’s the same event that Brandon and Kaelin came through before their webinar. The same, all these people went through this event, they each had to be $25,000 to be in my inner circle to be at that event. It was a private event I did just for them, and people have talked about ever since because they have seen all the results from it.

But that event is then, three day event is the second upsell, which is the FHAT event recordings, stuff like that, which will be a $497 offer. So if you take that, and you take all the products, the front end and the two upsells and you add up the price of what we’re actually selling it for it ends up being a thousand bucks, which is the same I would have sold it for on the webinar, but I’ve unboxed each of the pieces to turn it into an actual funnel.

Does that make sense? So $197 front end, $297 upsell, $497 upsell, but it’s the same product, but I’ve unboxed it. So instead of selling it through a webinar with a longer form presentation, I unboxed it and I can sell it differently. So I sell it through sales letters and sales videos and things like that.

Anyway, so that’s what I wanted to share with you guys, because a lot of you are like, “I have a webinar that’s killing it, what should my next offer be, Russell?” A lot of times the next offer isn’t doing a whole new offer, it’s unboxing the webinar that you’re killing it with.

Unbox it and create an unbox funnel, which is like front end, upsell, downsell type thing. So it’s not like you have to create something new from scratch, it’s just you’re unboxing it, and selling it in a different way. Same product, different funnel, different strategy, different way to do it.

Because some people may never be will to pay the $1000 for you course, but they may be able to pay $200 or $97 for your front end. And maybe they can’t buy all the upsells, but it gets them in, and now you get a whole bigger segment of the market and helps get into your products, and then you can serve them and eventually you’ll be able to send them up to the higher levels.

So that’s kind of what I wanted to share with you guys today. The concept of an unboxing funnel and thinking back about that with whatever it is you’re selling. If you’re trying to figure out, what’s my next funnel, what’s my next product, what’s my next thing? It might be just as simple as unboxing it and doing something amazing. So there you go you guys. I hope that helps.

With that said, I’m going to go finish cleaning my yard and then go play with my kids some more. We’re going to a football game tonight. It’s the BYU, Boise State football game. For those who know my backstory, I wrestled at BYU and then they cut the wrestling program so I transferred to Boise State and wrestled at Boise State, and then they cut the wrestling program.

So I honestly hope both teams lose tonight. I hate them both. But it will be fun to go with my kids and have a good time. I know my daughter is a BYU fan, and my other boys are Boise State fans, so it will be kind of a family war and rivalry. And honestly I’m going to cheer for whoever is winning because I flip flop because I played for both teams, I got letterman jackets for both teams, so I’m allowed to.

Anyway, other than that you guys, have a great weekend. And if you haven’t got your tickets yet to Funnel Hacking Live, what are you waiting for? You are insane. We are more than halfway sold out, tickets will be gone soon. Just go to

We are putting on a huge show for you, I’ve already spent over a million dollars cash, out of my pockets, to put on this party for you and I don’t know about you, but if I had a friend who was obsessed with marketing put on an event and spent over a million dollars to entertain me for four days and teach me funnels and change my life forever, I would spend a thousand bucks to get a ticket and show up.

Unless you hate money, you should be there as well. So appreciate you guys, hopefully I’ll see you at the event here in a couple of months. With that said, I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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