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3 - The What And How

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Episode Recap:

The secret from going from zero to a million dollars is all about identifying what it is you’re selling and how you’re selling it.

On this episode Russell talks about being able to have the “What” you’re selling and “How” you’re selling it, to be able to go from $0 to $1 million. Here are some of the awesome things Russell talks about in today’s episode:

-- Why you need to be doing a webinar weekly that you can tweak and change to be able to figure out what you should be selling and how you should be selling it.
-- How to use your creativity as an entrepreneur to change things to what your customers want.
-- And why once you have figured out the “what” and “how”, making a million dollars will be fast and easy. 

So listen below to find out why figuring out the “what” to sell and “how” to sell it can take you from 1 to 7 figures a year.

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Best Quote:

"Do a webinar a week, every single week. And every single week you’re making shifts and changes. Just because, it’s not saying do the exact same webinar every single week without changing it. No, do it and then you’re like, “Okay, what was wrong? My pricing?” and you’re shifting over and over and over again and what will happen, typically for most people, the first time it’s taking them 3 or 4 weeks, maybe a month or two months of shifting and changing, shifting and changing until boom, you hit it. You figure out, this is the what and how. As soon as you figure out the what and how, boom it blows up.  Because I honestly think as soon as you figure out those two things, what you are selling and how you are selling it, the what and how, I think a million dollars is fast and easy and simple."


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you guys to Marketing Secrets. I hope you guys are having an amazing day today. It’s beautiful out here. I came out this morning and I hear the birds chirping, I was chasing ducks around and having a good time. I think I’m getting a little bit of a cold too, so I apologize. My nose sounds a little funny.

Today’s an exciting day because we have a FHAT event, which means I think we have 40 people coming to this event. So probably 2/3rds are my Inner Circle members, which is always fun for me. And 1/3rd of them are people who are coming, who decided at the Funnel Hacking Event…..all of our events are called the same thing, Funnel Hacking Live. Anyway, so Funnel Hacking Live.

It’ s going to be a fun 3 days. The first FHAT event, I did the whole thing myself, this time we’ll be transitioning. I’ll be doing about a third of it, a little more than a third of it. Steven is going to be doing the rest, it’s going to be fun to start seeing him take over the reins on this thing and start running with it as I’m working on some other cool things. I’m excited for this week, it’s going to be a fun one.

Also we’re making, a couple of other things, Funnel Hacker TV is going live this week. We’ve been doing a behind the scenes show for 6 episodes, so today 7 will come out. Wednesday episode number 8 will come out. Thursday we’re going to do a grand big opening for the big show, which is kind of cool.

Kevin who has been doing the behind the scenes show is actually going to be in Boise today, he’s coming to the FHAT event, so I had a chance to meet him which is really cool. Then Brandon Fischer, who’s done Funnel Hacker TV, he’s finishing up a bunch of episodes, so we’re going to start to launch that this week. Which will be cool because we just got done with book launch which means the pro’s and the cons, it’s been fun because we’re selling a lot of books and doing stuff, but it’s also kind of annoying because you’re always selling stuff. So the next few months I’m just going to give back and just be giving cool content.

We also figured out last week, this really cool way to put together the Dotcom, or the Russell Brunson Blog, plus the Marketing Secrets podcast that you’re hanging out with me right now. As well as what’s the 3rd piece of this, oh Funnel Hacker TV. So probably in a day or so, if you go to any of those domains,, or, you’ll get to see all 3 blogs can hook together, all in their own different journeys. It’s going to be cool that way, it’ll be faster. After you discover me and find stuff to come back be able to start diving deep into all the different things we’re publishing, so really excited for that.

I don’t even know what the best thing to share with you guys is this morning. So many cool things that we could talk about. This last week has been so cool. We’re getting pulled into some really cool things and I’m grateful for it, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing and documenting a lot of the process with you guys here, over the next few weeks, which is pretty cool.

I think the coolest thing to talk about today is, I talked about this last week during, there’s a big product launch. We spent the first 3, or 4 weeks launching the book, sold I think we’re at 56,000 copies of the book now. 54,000, something like that, which is insanely cool. And at the end of it we did this cool 7 day launch, where I basically got up on stage and I taught for 3 hours a day for 3 days, so 9 hours and it was kind of cool. Because it was….as soon as you finish a book and send it to the publisher, it’s done and out of your hands. You can jack with it or mess with it anymore. And there’s other things I wanted to add to it, looking back now.

I’m like, “Dangit, I wish I would have done this…” You know how it is. But I wasn’t allowed or able to. So it was kind of cool because those three days I got a chance to teach stuff that I wish was….that was in the book but I wanted to go deeper on. You know, stuff like that. The master Class was cool but we kind of modeled Brendon Burchard’s 7 day launch. So basically each day we show it, it would be up for 24 hours then pull it down. Show the next one and then pull it down. Show the next one and pull it down. And in the middle we made an offer, so we launched our 2 comma club coaching, which is really cool. We sold a lot of those, and then we closed it down last night at midnight. Actually I passed out, so I woke up this morning and shut it down.

I’m kind of glad I passed out because we made an extra…a lot, from the time I passed out until, we were supposed to shut it down to the time I shut it down early this morning. It was pretty cool. I hope you guys watched that process.

One of the things I talked about in there, and I’ve shared with a lot of the Inner Circle members as well. What’s the process, what are the phases in business? It’s interesting, I read books before that talk about this, but more from a business standpoint. So how to go from 1 to a million, a million to ten, ten to fifty, and fifty to a hundred. They always talk about management teams and who do you hire and all that kind of stuff, which is all good. But I’m more interested from a marketing standpoint because it changes as well. What are those different phases, how do they go?

It was kind of cool, I taught that. So I showed to go from 1 to 7 figures a year is all about figuring out what it is you’re selling and how you’re selling it. Which is funny because most businesses never make it past a million bucks a year. It’s because they don’t know what they’re selling or how to sell it. They know what they’re selling, but they don’t know what customers want. So I call this the what and how phase. What is it you’re selling and how are you selling it?

During this time for you, as an entrepreneur, is essentially being creative. Making different things, ideas, products, businesses, offers. You’re doing a lot of stuff until you figure it out. Until you figure it out, I’m honestly like, one the things, the products, business or offer, one of them will hit and you’ll be like, “ah, this is what people want. Sweet. I got the what now. I know exactly what they want, I know how to sell it.” And then from there, that’s what I always tell our people. Focus on, create a webinar, just sell your product and then you just keep doing it week in and week out and in that time, you’re shifting the product, shifting the services, making changes. Whatever it is.

As soon as you figure that out, then boom you can start scaling it. You transition to phase number two which is going from a million to ten million. And during this time, it’s funny because I was always, I think I always fought this phase, because my fear of, I had so much fun in the creative part, of creating businesses and offers and things like that. I was afraid I was going to lose that if I started focusing on one business. It’s funny. Which I think a lot of entrepreneurs do. They fear subconsciously or consciously.. I know I feared that, and as soon as I realized it’s a creativity switch, I’m switching my creativity from launching new businesses and offers to this is my business now. I figured out the what and how, now I’m going to be focusing on how I’m going to use my creativity to make new offers and bring people in. Or how can I sell people on the back. If you’re really focused on the 3 phases to grow a business. Acquisition funnels, ascension funnels and monetization funnels. And that’s kind of the next phase.

And the 3rd phase, after you get that figured out, is you switch your creativity from new offers to….actually switch your creativity to traffic. It’s been fun because that’s kind of where I’m at. In fact, last week we had a meeting with our traffic team and I told them all, “This is now my focus, here.” We had enough offers, all the pieces are in place now for our company and we’re racing to 7, 8, 9….9 figures a year. The sprinklers are coming on. I hope I don’t get soaked. I’m outside. For those who are listening, I’m outside in my backyard, that’s why you can hear all the birds chirping.

Anyway, so I’m transitioning my focus to the traffic side. And the coolest thing about the traffic side, it doesn’t take you the entrepreneur as much. The creativity in businesses and offers is entrepreneur driven. The creativity in front end offers and back end offers is usually entrepreneur driven. The creativity in traffic a lot of times can be driven by other people, which is kind of cool. So for me, just because I’m excited I’m transitioning this phase where hopefully I’ll be able to take the foot off the creative gas and focus on the traffic stuff.

Anyway, I guess what I really wanted to share with you guys today is because I went through this again last week. We launched the 2 comma club coaching which we shut down this morning. And we shut it down, just the coaching piece of it, did just shy of 1 million, but with the rebuild we’ll pass a million. It’s cool because I figured out the what and how but I did it over a 4 day period of time. A lot of people will spend years, 2 years, 3 years.

So we started doing it and part of it, you feel. So I do the 7 day launch and I’m doing the training and it’s working, I could feel it. Okay, it’s good. Number two I did the training, but I actually did a webinar and as I did a webinar, because it’s kind of a cool thing, a teach webinar, so I showed the webinar. And the webinar happened to be pitching the thing that I was going to be selling at the end of this thing. So people had to watch me pitching them. As I was doing it, instantly I could feel, I don’t know about you, but you can feel like, “Ahhh, I did this wrong. There’s parts I did wrong.”

So I’m super aware of that so the next day I came back and I had this cool opportunity to kind of re-teach, or to show what I did in the webinar and because I was aware of it, I was like, “These are the parts that I messed up on. This is what I should have done different. When I do it in the future this is how I’ll tweak things.” And I kind of walked the audience through that, and then I was able to go back through my close again as I’m showing, teaching how to do closes and kind of re-close people.

And that day, sales started going crazy so I was like, “Cool, I figured out the how.” I’ve been kind of figuring out the what and then the how. And then that day, after we got done I was like, “Wait a minute, I think my pricing is wrong on this.” There was something weird in my gut. I just….it was the weirdest thing because I got done with the presentation and I wasn’t tired, but I felt bummed out because I didn’t quite do it right. So the third day after the whole thing was done, we sat there for like an hour talking about pricing and things like that. All the sudden I shifted and I was like, “Yes, this is the right pricing strategy.”

So we shifted it and it doesn’t really matter for you, because going through the details of the pricing strategy because that’s less important… much as important as, as I was doing this offer live in front of everybody for 4 or 5 or 6…when we add urgency and scarcity, it’s about 6 days from beginning to end. The whole time on the fly I was shifting things. I shifted the presentation. I shifted the offer, the price point, shift, shift, shift and all the sudden we found the sweet spot. “Yes, this is it.” And it started just going crazy.

So I’m telling everybody, what I’m telling you guys, do a webinar a week, every single week. And every single week you’re making shifts and changes. Just because, it’s not saying do the exact same webinar every single week without changing it. No, do it and then you’re like, “Okay, what was wrong? My pricing?” and you’re shifting over and over and over again and what will happen, typically for most people, the first time it’s taking them 3 or 4 weeks, maybe a month or two months of shifting and changing, shifting and changing until boom, you hit it. You figure out, this is the what and how. As soon as you figure out the what and how, boom it blows up.

But we’re able to do that live in a 6 to 8 period of time because we’re getting traffic, we’re doing stuff’s happening. We’re able to shift things fast. The better you get, the faster you get at identifying and figuring out the what and how. What you’re selling and how you’re selling it.

Because I honestly think as soon as you figure out those two things, what you are selling and how you are selling it, the what and how, I think a million dollars is fast and easy and simple. But most people never get past that. So it comes out into you throwing an offer out there, trying it and it fails. Trying it and it fails. Trying it and it fails. It’s a little better and you do it and do it and do it until all the sudden, boom, boom it hits. And you hit the right what and how and when you got that, then it just takes off.

Anyway, I hope that helps you guys, because it happened to me this weekend and we did it and shifted things in the middle of creation and that’s we’re able to close out the week so strong. Anyway, there you go you guys. The what and the how, figure that out. What are you selling and how are you selling it. You focus on that.

You know when you hit it because you’ll be able to almost instantly scale to a million bucks. Honestly. That’s how you know when you hit. Then as soon as you figure that, you hit a million, then you transition to the next phase. But for a lot of you guys, that’s the phase you’re in right now, so think about that. What are you selling, how are you selling it? Because let’s say you figure out the right product, but you don’t have the right selling mechanism, then you’re screwed right. It comes down to really identifying what are you selling. Sometimes you have really good selling mechanisms, I have a webinar, it converts, but my product sucks and it’s not growing.

You’re confused, you’re like, “It’s not growing. Why can’t I scale this thing?” It’s because you got the wrong product. You got the right selling system but the wrong product, so you gotta fix those things.

Anyway, that’s all I got you guys. With that said, I’m going to go in and get ready for the day, FHAT event’s starting. I’m going to wake up my kids, I’m excited. Appreciate you all and we’ll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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