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Why I became a LadyBoss and how you can too!

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...we're trying to work on a deal to have Kaelin come back in and train all the LadyBosses to do what she did. Like, how do you master Instagram and Facebook and all these platforms, so you can build your following and make insane amounts of money talking about LadyBoss? 


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Surprise, I bought LadyBoss. I know I know, I'm not a lady or a boss, but there's a really good story behind it, so that's what I'm going to talk about in today's episode. Okay. So I want to tell you guys the story behind the story, because there are so many rumors going about, and I can't even address them all because they're all over the place. But yes, I did buy LadyBoss last year, and we are moments away from a relaunch.

This episode's more to tell you guys behind the scenes, but some of you guys may want to be involved in LadyBoss, and so if you're interested, there is a virtual event coming up.It's called the Phoenix Rise Up Event, because basically it's the rebirth of this company, we're relaunching it. And if you are someone who's like, "I want to be part of that," you'll know more about the model here in a little bit, but if you are interested, if you go to, it'll take you to the registration page. You can register. Be on the live event where we do the big behind the scenes announcements.

You guys are going to get some of the hints before anybody else, and so keep it on the down low, because during this virtual event is when we're going to announce what's actually happening to the LadyBoss community, which will be fun. But I want to give you guys a heads up, because I've got so many questions coming in. I know it's still a little pink in here, but that's what's happening we we're wrapped in LadyBoss all the time. Let me go back in time to the very, very beginning. I think it was the second or the third FHL, I can't remember, but this is back when we were doing round tables, which were really fun. I think we might be bringing these back for this year's FHL, because I miss them.

But I was sitting at a round table surrounded by a thousand people asking a million different questions, it was really fun. And then somebody taps me on the shoulder, I look back, and there's this guy with tall spiky hair, and he's like, "Russell Brunson, you changed my life." I'm like, "Hey, thanks man." He's like, "Got to go," and he took off. And I was like, "Okay, that was random," but there's so much chaos that whatever.

And then at that event, we obviously sold our coaching program, we also sold Inner Circle, and Brandon and his wife Kaelin both joined Inner Circle. So a month or two later they were in Boise at our first meeting. That's the first time I had a chance to meet them in person. And it was funny, because he's like, "Did you get the video I sent you a year ago?" And I'm like, "What are you talking about?" He's like, "I sent you a video saying I was going to be your biggest success story. Did you ever see that?" I'm like, "I don't know if I did."

So we went and end up finding it eventually. Brandon and Kaelin had just launched their very first funnel. I don't know how much they made. They made some money in it, and then they made a video saying, "I'm going to be your biggest success story." And it's funny now looking at it, because they were so young in that picture, so young. It's before they had kids, before they launched any of this. And that was the very beginning of it. So I remember I found that video, watched it and I was like, "This is cool." And now they're in Inner Circle.

And then fast forward next three or four years, every two or three months they would fly to Boise, Idaho for an Inner Circle meeting. We'd talk about things and we'd work with them on their products and their services and their branding and what they're going to do and how they're going to launch, and all the stuff we do inside the Inner Circle right? And I remember the first, probably year, year and a half or so as they were coming to Boise, the company wasn't called LadyBoss. Kaelin's maiden name was Tuell, T-U-E-L-L, and the business was called Tuell Time Trainer. So she had an app and things like that, and that's what she was doing. So that was kind of the business.

And I remember at one of the Inner Circle meetings, it was actually while I was writing the Expert Secrets book... wasn't actually out yet, but I was talking about these principles, right? So during Inner Circle, I'd be sharing the ideas, like, "This is what I'm thinking about, this is what I'm trying to do with ClickFunnels, and I'm trying to build a community, I'm calling people funnel hackers. This is how we're doing it." And I was going through the whole thing. I was talking about identity, and we had these t-shirts that say Funnel Hacker. It's interesting, because we tried a bunch of t-shirts, and the only way t-shirts work is if they're self-identified, like "I am a funnel hacker. I build funnels." Something where someone's like, "This is who I am, this is my identity." And if we had that on a t-shirt, they did really, really well and people wore them and they shared them. But if it was just a random T-shirt, they didn't.

And I can't remember if it was Brandon or Kaelin at the time, but they were talking about that, and they were like, "What do we call our people? We call them tools? Do we call them trainer..." Like, "What do we do?" And I could tell they were frustrated, because their business at the time didn't fit into the model we were showing people how to create a mass movement. Everything that's Expert Secrets 101 now. But I was teaching that a year before the book ever came out, and they were trying to figure out how to weave these things in, and then what's crazy is that Brandon and Kaelin were flying home, and while Kaelin was in the air, she was trying to think through these things. All of a sudden she's like, "Boom. LadyBoss Weight Loss. That's what it's called. Our women are called Lady Bosses."

She had this whole thing, and by the time she landed, they're voxing me and messaging me like, "LadyBoss Weight Loss. This is the future. This is what we're doing." They were so excited, and I was like, "Holy cow, you guys move so fast." And a week later they had the logos and the branding and all sorts of stuff, and it was pink and it was all these things. They had their mission, and then they started following everything we talked about in Expert Secrets to the T. In fact, it was funny because a lot of the stories in Expert Secrets are from Kaelin. I would do something, and then she would do the same thing. I would do something, she would do the same thing, and then she would put her twists and her tweaks on it.

So it's crazy, looking back into ClickFunnel's journey, I think my favorite years were during that time when it was Brandon and Kaelin and Hormozis and a couple other people who were going through it, and I felt like we were learning it in real time. I was testing it in my communities, they were testing it in their communities, we were reporting back and making tweaks and changes. And it was just a fun time. And like I said, every three or four months they'd fly to Boise, we'd sit down and we'd talk about the business and what we could do and how to grow. So I felt like I was part of it.

In fact, people asked me one time why I did my masterminds and stuff, like, "You could just make more money doing these things." And I was like, "Well, I have ADD." And you guys probably can see this, because this whole new season. What season are we, three? Season three, the podcast episode, I've been sharing more of my ADD. But back in the day pre-ClickFunnels, I had a thousand different businesses, and I had horrible ADD, I was doing all of them. Then I shut them down to focus on ClickFunnels and did just ClickFunnels for eight years, which is why it grew so big. And then now my ADD's coming back out and I'm buying companies and relaunching stuff, as you can tell.

But a big reason why I did Inner Circle for so long was because it gave me an outlet where I could be creative but not have to launch a business. All my Inner Circle members could come to Boise, because they're like, "Be creative." "Oh, this is my business. I would do this, I would do this, I would do this." And they'd go and do it, and I could go back to work on ClickFunnels and not worry about it, right? I loved that. It was some of the most fun times going back and forth. And I feel like if you look at the LadyBoss business and brand, it was probably the business that encapsulated all of our core training the best.

If you look at DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and how they took this business and grew it from being a literal startup pre-ClickFunnels to, they ended up becoming number four on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies, number one for the fastest growing consumer product company. I'm not going to share revenues and stats, because I try not to do those kind of things, but built a really, really big company, right?

So for me, I had a sense of pride. I was so proud of them. They're like my star students, but also they went out there and innovated so many things, I learned so much from them as well. And I was just super proud of what they did. And they are too, right? So proud of this whole business, this brand. But as you will find out if you go to the Phoenix Rise Up event, Kaelin had a baby, and then she had another baby, and then she wanted to go back and wanted to be a mom.

And I think they had tried to sell the company at one point, it didn't really work out, and about times when all of the algorithm changes with Facebook and iOS, all the things, and unbeknownst to me, Brandon and Kaelin had made a decision to just shut down LadyBoss. And actually it was a couple months after FHL, because I was at an Inner Circle meeting, so it might have been April-ish. I was in the meeting and I went back to eat lunch, and I pulled my phone. There's an email from Kaelin saying, "We're shutting LadyBoss down." And they told the old story, like, "Hey, we decided we're not going to do this anymore." All this kind of stuff. I remember reading the email, I was like, "What in the world?" Just being blown away. Like, "I know how much effort went into this. I know what they did. I know what they created. And to shut it down..."

First I was nervous, I thought something might have happened. So I messaged them like, “Are you guys okay? Can I help with anything?" And they're like, "No, we're just ready for the next chapter in our life." Kaelin wanted to focus on being a mom. They'd saved a ton of money from the business. Brandon's one of the best operational minds of all time. He'd operationally built the infrastructure to build LadyBoss, and he wanted to go and coach people on how to do that. And so he's like, "I don't want to keep running a female weight loss business my wife's not involved. I want to go do these other things." And so they just decided that it'd be simpler just to shut it down and close it down.

So over the next few weeks and then months, if you were on the list, you probably saw they were doing blow-out sells, selling out all the rest of LadyBoss Lean, and this to try to clear out the inventory, and tons of emails are going out. And I was just like, "Man, I don't know." Part of me, I feel like a proud parent or dad or whatever, like "This is my babies. They're coming up, and look what they created, and it's going away." And I'm like, "I don't want it to go away." And I had a bunch of friends, people in the female fitness space. I'm like, "You should buy this company." Trying to, "Somebody buy this company. Make them an offer. You guys are crazy to not do this. They have an email list, 1.4 million women, 700,000 customers have bought LadyBoss LEAN." I think they had 26,000 people in autoshipment. "You guys should buy this company. You are crazy not to."

I kept saying to all these different influencers and people, "Somebody buy this company." Again, the Rembrandt in the attic. "It is there. It is sitting there, this Rembrandt in the attic. How do you guys not see it?" And nobody can see it. And they keep doing these blowout sales, and get closer and closer. And I remember on Mother's Day, my wife and I were hanging out with James and Yara, if you guys know James Friel and Yara Golden, some of my favorite humans in the world. They're in my inner circle and they're actually in the Category Kings program. They help coach and facilitate one of the Inner Circle groups.

But we were, Mother's Day, hanging out with them, and they told me that Brandon and Kaelin have almost sold inventory, and they don't have any buyers, so they were trying to sell pieces of it. And I had this thought, I was like, "I wonder if..." I don't think I even wanted to buy it at that point yet, but I was more so like, "What would you actually be willing to sell for? I should be able to find somebody that can buy this."

So I texted Brandon, I'm like, "How much would you actually sell this for?" I'm not allowed to disclose numbers and stuff, but when he told me the number, I was like, "Holy crap. Even if I just bought it and flipped it to somebody, that would be worth it." But I was like, "Just the email list alone, 1.3, 1.4 million women, whatever it is, is worth way more than that." And I texted back, I'm like, "Dude, I might actually be interested in buying that."

I think he thought it was a joke. He's like, "Seriously? You're not a lady." Like, "I know. I know, we all get it. I'm not a lady. I don't wear pink, I never have." But I understand the opportunity, right? There's a Rembrandt in the attic. And so went back and forth a couple times, and I didn't know what we were going to do or how are we going to do it, but I was just like, "There's something here that's powerful, and I can get this at a price that is really reasonable." And Brandon's even willing into finance, like we talked about on some of the other episodes. I was going to put some money down, and then just finance it over time.

So I was like, "This is too cool to not do." So I don't want to spoil all the surprises again, I want you to go to the LadyBoss Phoenix Rise Up event. Again, here's a link again if you haven't gone there. It's a free virtual event where I'm going to be telling the story. We actually filmed a 25 minute documentary of Brandon and Kaelin telling their side of the story, which is so fascinating. Just from a learning education point, you should go even if you don't want to be part of LadyBoss. But if you go to, again, will take you to the registration page.

But anyway, I decided to buy, we made the offer, and the time, I was like, "I don't know what to do with this." I was like, "Maybe we build a certification program." Right? Because I was like, "I don't really understand the female weight loss business," but they'd already build a whole coaching program, things like that, and I was like, "If we certify, people become LadyBoss trainers, then those LadyBoss trainers are going to need funnels, they're going to need traffic, then we can help them with ClickFunnels." So I was like, "Maybe that's the idea."

So we started going that direction for a little while. And then I had the idea, and I was nervous. I was first off nervous because I didn't want Brandon and Kaelin to find out what my idea was. Number two, I was nervous, "Do I actually want to do this?" And number three, I was also nervous, "I think some of the LadyBoss community may not be happy by this." But also, "This is the way for this business and this brand to explode. To have the impact I think is possible." If you rewind back and look at what Brandon and Kaelin were doing before all the iOS updates and all the stuff there, they were spending almost a million dollars a month in ads to sell the products. Right? And all that money was going to Mark Zuckerberg and Google and Insta, and it was them doing all the traffic and sales. And again, they built an amazing company, but 100% of the marketing was relying on them.

Now, I have two close friends. One of them goes to church with me. He started a company you may have heard of before. It's a little candle company, but they were wickless candles. There's no wick in it. So you had these candles, and you may have heard of the company, it's called Scentsy. And it's wax. There's wax with a light that heats the wax, and they're an eight or nine hundred million dollar a year company. And every time I talk to Orville, who's the owner of that, he's always like, "Oh, you should launch an MLM. Why don’t you turn ClickFunnels into an MLM?" I'm like, “No, I don't want to. It's not the business model I want to do for ClickFunnels, my stuff." Right?

But every single time I'd have a conversation with him, that's his default. Because I'm like, "I'm spending three or four million dollars a month in ads now." He's like, "Why would you spend any money on ads? Turn it into a network marketing program and give all the money to the people, instead of to Mark Zuckerberg." I'm like, "I know, but..." Whatever, fill in the blank of why I didn't want to do it. My other friend is Brian, who owns Prove It. We helped him launch that way back in the day, and it's been around for as long as ClickFunnels, and I don't know their exact numbers, but they were close to $400 million last year, never spending a penny on any ad. And I was like, "Man, right now the ad platform is the thing that's wonky and people are struggling with, especially for a female weight loss business."

I was like, "We have 1.3 million women on the email list. We have 700,000 people who have purchased this product and love it. 26,000 who were on continuity when they decided to shut it down." I was like, "What if instead of us dumping a whole bunch of money to Zuckerberg, we decided to do that model, to make this a network marketing program? Where number one, if people just loved the way things were, they could just buy it the way it was before. This doesn't change anything for our customers, but for the women who are evangelists, who are already sharing this anyway, they're at the gym wearing their LadyBoss clothes and they're telling their friends about it, and they're selling this stuff without getting paid for it?"

Anyway. My wife has a big old LadyBoss sticker on the back of our truck, so my kids know which car's hers, because there's a big old LadyBoss sticker. People ask her all time, "What is that?" "Oh, it's LadyBoss. You should go buy some LadyBoss LEAN." My wife's probably sold a million... Well, I'm exaggerating. My wife sold a whole bunch of LadyBoss LEAN, because she tells people about it all the time, and she gets nothing out of it. This whole LadyBoss community, a bunch of women who are bringing their friends in and they're bringing more friends in, and they never got paid for it. I was like, "What if we shifted the model?"

And again, I've been so nervous about network marketing for so long, but I was like, "This is the model that makes the most sense for this business. Because this community that Kaelin built up, it will become something where these women can make money by referring things, and this could become people's career. They could build actual careers and businesses out of this," which was so exciting. My biggest fear, though, was I didn't want to tell Brandon and Kaelin.

They both came from network marketing background. They were in a company called Visalus, they built up a huge thing before they transitioned to LadyBoss, and so I knew that they had some thoughts or beliefs about it, and I was just nervous about telling them. In fact, I didn't tell them all the way up until Funnel Hacking Live. And Funnel Hacking Live, we were trying to work on this other project together. Kaelin's actually working on a course and a mastermind on how to become an attractive character, which is so cool. So they came backstage, and we were talking about working together on that project. And then Kaelin asked, "So what are you doing with LadyBoss?"

I'm like, "I don't really know yet." She's like, "Just tell me, just tell me. Just tell me, I can take it." And I was like, "I don't want you to be mad about it." She's like, "Why would I be mad?" I'm like, "Okay." And I told her. I'm like, "I'm going to turn it into a network marketing program." And she's like, "I knew it! I knew it! We knew that's what you were going to do! We didn't want to do it, but it's totally the best thing to do." She's like, "All these women are rabid fans. They all share it anyway." She's like, "That's how I got into this world, that’s how I built this company. I was network marketing before." She's like, "I love the model." She's like, "We just didn't want to run that." But she's like, "It's the perfect model for LadyBoss."

She's like, "For most of these women, they can't go and spend a million dollars a month to build their own supplement company." She's like, "I couldn’t have done it initially. And to get to this point, there's so much risk and trial and error and struggle. All the things that went into actually building..." She's like, "With this, you can give every single woman who is a LadyBoss the opportunity to start their own business, to become a little mini Kaelin. They become an influencer. They can be social, they can lose weight and then make money doing it." She's like, "For some of them, it means they're going to get free LadyBoss LEAN." She's like, "For some of them though, it means they are going to have a career. They can do what I was doing."

She was so excited. I'm like, "I'm so excited that she's excited. I thought for sure she was going to yell at me and tell me I'm ruining the business." So it got me excited just knowing, "Oh, okay. This is okay. This is going to be a thing." So obviously we're doing a lot of things at the LadyBoss Phoenix Rise Up event. We're talking about the relaunch, how this business, this brand is rising up from the ashes to be the new version of LadyBoss. But also, the message for the women who are there is that "This is your opportunity for you to rise up and step into your career, and step into this calling where you can actually be a LadyBoss. You can do what Kaelin did, without the risk and the headaches and the overhead and the cost and everything. You can get in there and start doing this today." Right?

And we’re working right now on a deal. Hopefully... and again, this is Russell being horrible, keeping secrets, but we're trying to work on a deal to have Kaelin come back in and train all the LadyBosses to do what she did. Like, how do you master Instagram and Facebook and all these platforms, so you can build your following and make insane amounts of money talking about LadyBoss? So there's so many fun things we're going to be doing with this, but it's on the foundation, the marketing distribution channel of network marketing. So it gives us the opportunity. I don't have to give Zuckerberg a million dollars a month. Instead, I get to give the lady bosses a million dollars a month, which I think is more exciting.

And again, it's tough to know. Some people will be turned off by that, some people “ahh, I’m gonna go away.” But for other people, this will become their new career. This will become a change in their life forever, which is exciting. I have all my dudes like, "Why don't you do a guy MLM? I want to be part of it." I'm like, "I don't know." But all of them, their wife's like, "Honey, you got to be in this, honey," and they're bringing people in. So it's going to be powerful.

So I'm excited. I don't want to say words like ground floor opportunity or amazing thing, because those words are cliche, but come on now. We're about to launch this to an internal email list of 1.3 million women. You think about most network marketing companies start with a person, they tell two friends, they tell two friends and it grows organically, and five years later there's a huge company. Whereas we get to start with so much amazingness. So I'm excited.

So okay, couple cool things along the journey. There's the background, the model, what we're doing. But people always ask me, "What's the plan? Are you relaunching all the supplements?" And the answer's no. First thing we did is looked at, "Okay, here's everything that LadyBoss has sold in the last 10 years." We start looking at, where's the 80-20? Where's the 95-5? Where's most of the moneymaking? So my question, here's a pop quiz for you guys, and let me know in the comments down below if you're watching this on YouTube, or just think about it if you're listening to the podcast.

Of all the products... They have their app, they got their swag, they got all the things they got, they got supplements, they got proteins, they got pre-workout, post-workout protein bars. All the things they sell, where do you think the majority, 90-some odd percent of all the profit comes from this business? Pop quiz. What do you think? Okay. I'll give you five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. Click subscribe! Just kidding. Okay, do you guys know what it is?

90% of the money in this business comes from LadyBoss LEAN. Okay? This is their protein shake, and I think it's like 70-30. 70% comes from vanilla cake flavored, and 30% comes from the brownie batter, and then the other... I guess my percentages aren't correct, because that's a hundred percent. But then there's all the other flavors of LadyBoss that also sell as well, but almost all is these two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Isn't that crazy? Brownie batter and cake. And the cake one's cool, because those who have been part of this is cool, because they can mix it. You can make cookies and cookie dough, and you can bake with it, and there's a million different recipes and stuff you can get with this as well.

So with the relaunch of the company, we're not launching all the products and all the SKU’s. Eventually we'll bring back the ones that are bestsellers, but it's nice, because we have 10 years with the data of what people actually buy. One of the things that struggles when you launch a new company is you get excited about a product, you buy all the inventory, you launch it, and then the inventory sells or doesn't sell, right? For example, LadyBoss, the bars. These bars, as great as having your own bar are, they just don't sell as well. And also, the shelf life's really... This one right here, it's hard as a rock, because the shelf life on a bar is not that good. Okay? Chance of me bringing back a bar are zero to none. Well, maybe someday. I'm not going to completely rule it out, but it's way more expensive, it's harder, the shelf life's long, but we know this works.

So with it launching, we're launching them in these single serve packs. We're going to have Cake and LEAN. This will be the first thing that we roll out. "Russell, what kind of funnel type are you using for this?" Well, I'm glad you asked. After this LadyBoss Phoenix Rise Up event, after we finish that, which by the way you need to get there, go to, go subscribe to... It's a free event. You'll hear the whole story, you'll see the documentary with Kaelin telling her story. Again, if you just want to come and funnel hack me, come funnel hack, it'll be worth it for those guys as well, just to see the process of how we're doing it. HA

PPY After we do that initial launch, what's going to happen is that we are picking one funnel to focus on. So, can you guess what funnel it's going to be? Next pop quiz. Two pop quizzes in one video? Come on now. Is it a webinar funnel? Is it a challenge funnel? Is it a book funnel? What kind of funnel is it? The answer is, it's a challenge funnel. So we're going to be launching a challenge funnel. Weight loss is big for challenges, so we'll be doing a challenge funnel, where people go and they register for the challenge, and it's weight loss challenge.

It's the same challenge that Kaelin used to sell for, I think $97 back in the day. It'll become a free challenge. People register for the challenge, we upsell them LadyBoss LEAN, and they go through the challenge and start losing weight, and then I think on day eight we will have a presentation to have them invite their friends to the challenge and bring more people in, and it'll grow from there. So initially, probably year number one's going to be the two LadyBoss LEAN flavors, the challenge funnel, and that's where the majority of the focal point and effort and all the traffic will be going to. Everyone will be referring people to the challenge.

Eventually then we'll come back and we'll take Kaelin's book, we'll do a book funnel, eventually probably a webinar... Eventually we'll do other funnels. What's going to be cool about is that us, corporate, will build these funnels, and then people can go and they can drive traffic, they can send emails to their list, they can talk about social things, get people to come join them at a challenge. Someone joins a challenge and they go through the process, and the funnels will help do the closing and the selling and all that kind of stuff for them, which will be really, really cool.

I'm excited, because it's going to be the first legitimate case study of a network marketing company using funnels, which is crazy to me. I've been trying for a decade to get network marketing companies to understand the power of a funnel. I wrote a book about it. Dan Kennedy wrote a book about it, which I found. There's one copy on this planet I found. It's kind of cool, but that's a story for another day. But these principles that we talk about, I've tried so hard, and I cannot get any network marketing company to embrace funnels, for whatever reason.

What's cool about LadyBoss is that it'll be funnel driven. So we'll be having all these funnels tested, perfected, tweaked, all sorts of things, so that people will drive people to challenge funnel and the process will happen. They'll drive them to a book funnel, the process will happen. It's going to be cool. It'll be the first time that funnels and network marketing have been done together at the corporate level at scale, and I think it will change the way network marketing is done forever. And this will be the case study to show and prove that the model actually works.

So how exciting is that, you guys? Anyone in network marketing, you know, because all you guys are trying to build funnels on the side, and then you always get slapped on hand by corporate, like, "Oh, you can't do that." So all these different things. And I've tried multiple times, multiple companies to build funnels and give them to corporate, and them corporate never does anything with them, and it's just insane. So what's cool about this is the fact we'll be able to blend these two worlds together and show people how we can make this all work. So it's exciting, and that's the update.

You're getting this first recap before it all launches. I'm sure we'll do more updates on the LadyBoss story. But the next steps, number one is we are doing the virtual event to relaunch it. So again, depending when you're watching this, you should go, and if it's still there, go register and go watch it. If you go to, it'll take you to the LadyBoss Phoenix Rise Up event. We're going to be talking about this company rising from the ashes, we're showing documentary, and you'll see probably the first ever stack in the close pitch ever happening in network marketing history, which is also another pretty cool thing.

And then that's done. A week or two later is when we launched the first challenge funnel, and then you'll see that'll be the focal point, is us optimizing that challenge funnel, getting people to buy LadyBoss LEAN, and then bringing in more people to challenge funnel with them, and that'll be the game plan for probably next 12 months. Then from there we'll start adding in other ideas, other things. But I'm excited. I'm excited to see what taking network marketing company, taking funnels, and putting them together, what is possible.

I'm also looking at a company that was built on the foundations of all the principle we talk about. DotCom secrets, expert secrets, traffic secrets. The funnels we'll be building for all of the LadyBosses are the DotCom Secrets funnels, right? The messaging that we're going to be doing, plus training all of the other LadyBosses on, is all the expert secret stuff, right? Imagine we have 10,000 LadyBosses who all have learned and mastered Kaelin's presentation, and they're doing it socially on their own Facebook profiles, things like that. Imagine that. And then traffic secrets, teaching them how to build their Instagram and their Facebook followings, and how to actually have people they can build a tribe and then sell these products and services to.

It's exciting. I think it's the marriage of these two really fascinating, really cool, really exciting worlds for the first time ever. So I'm excited. And maybe this is going to be a huge bomb and completely flop, which is totally possible. I have launched more than one thing that's completely flopped. This one will be really painful, because there's a lot of money involved in buying the company, in getting the supplements, and building out network marketing like the software. Yeah. I'm hoping this one nails. I think it will. I'm really excited for it.

In fact, when we finally made the formal presentation to Brandon and Kaelin, Brandon looked at me and said, "You realize this going to be bigger than ClickFunnels, right?" I'm like, "I want all my companies competing against each other. Because when banks compete, you win. When my companies compete, I win." Right? So it's all good, I don't really care, but it's going to be a fun one. So I'm excited for this, and you guys can follow us on the journey.

Anyway, if you have any questions for me about LadyBoss, any other things about the model, why we did it, how we did it, all that kind of stuff, if you want to become a LadyBoss, if you want your spouse to become a LadyBoss, if you want your kids and your grandkids and your coworkers to become LadyBosses, come join in the fun. It's going to be amazing. It's blending network marketing, weight loss, and funnels and selling, and all these things into one super, super company. So I'm pumped.

I appreciate you guys. Again, if you're listening to the podcast, please take a screenshot, post it on social, tag me on it. And if you had never rated and reviewed, it would mean the world to me to go to iTunes or wherever you listen to this thing and leave a review, especially on this new format with season three, where I'm sharing you guys behind the scenes of all the projects and the funnels and the companies we're doing. If you're enjoying this format, let me know in the comments of the podcast, that'd mean the world to me, give us stars.

If you hate this as well, I guess you could also go rate and review, but you probably shouldn't be listening to this if you hate it. If you like it though, go right and review, and if you're watching on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to the channel. Ring the bell, that way you get notifications when new ones come up. We have a whole bunch of these coming out showing behind the scenes, all the fun company's rolling out this year. We have a lot of fun stuff happening. I don't want you to miss any of it. And so with that said, thank you guys so much, and I'll see you on the next episode of The Marketing Secrets Show.


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