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(VRE) Supplement Funnels & Stories Using The Linchpin!

(VRE) Supplement Funnels & Stories Using The Linchpin!

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I just launched 3 different Supplement Funnels that follow The Linchpin strategy. But supplements have been essential to not only ClickFunnels’ growth, but my own! Since I was a kid, I wanted to own a supplement brand. And now, I’ve done it multiple times. Hear the whole story, including the poin-points you can avoid and strategies you can use to launch and grow your business (whether or not it’s in supplements).

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We take that money, dump it back in ads, and now it's just this self growing, self-perpetuating funnel. That's what the linchpin is. If I could sit down and explain it to you and show it to you. It is the key. It is the secret. It is the way.


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Hey everyone, it's Russell. Welcome back to the podcast. Excited to be here with you guys today. Today I want to talk to you is about a new company that we are launching. Some of you have heard me talk about this a little bit, and I want to talk about the strategy behind this because this might help some of you guys who are struggling. So a lot of you guys know back in the day about the time we launched ClickFunnels. A little before that we had a supplement company called Nuracell. And we got to the point where it was doing, I can't remember, close to half a million dollars a month in sales. Was having a bunch of fun with it. And then ClickFunnels launched and I was like, as much as I love the supplement business, I'm like, I think that ClickFunnels there's something here. I should spend some time on that.

So we sold that business and shut it down and just got rid of it. And then from that, when I launched ClickFunnels, I told the story about Nuracell and how we figure out the funnel, how we model it, and I just told the story about how we launched that supplement company and grew it. And it was cool because that story is what got people because excited about ClickFunnels, they saw the vision like, oh my gosh, this is what funnel hacking is. Russell saw a supplement funnel that was working over here. He modeled over here, he launched it, had a bunch of success, and if I could just figure out what funnel is the funnel that sells my thing, I could do the same thing as well. So that the story of Nuracell was the story that blew up ClickFunnels.

And so it was such an integral part of the whole journey, was just that as a case study. But what a lot of people don't know is I've wanted to launch a supplement company forever. When I was a kid, I used to grow up and I was a big... Obviously I was a wrestler and I lifted weights. I used to read Muscle Media Magazine. Bill Phillips was like my hero. And I used to read his supplement guides and just study it like it was the Bible. I loved it. Everything he said I was obsessed with. And I used to buy supplements. I'd go to GNC and spend hours just reading labels and dreaming about what supplements I could afford and all that kind of stuff. And I love supplements. And then fast-forward to right after my wife and I got married. I read a book by Vince James called The 12-Month Millionaire, which was insane.

He talked about how he made a hundred million dollars in 23 months selling supplements through direct mail. And we're reading and I was like, "I want to do supplements." That was a business I wanted to get in, but I never did until we did Nuracell. And the story, the Nuracell story is funny and long. I don't do the whole story, but basically it was out of spite. I had somebody who hired me for some consulting work. First time I had ever been a consultant, I helped them and then they never paid me and that was annoying. And anyway, then a little while later, they launched a supplement company helping people with diabetic neuropathy. And so that's why we decided to launch Nuracell so that we would be competing with them. So it was totally a business out of spite, which I'm not proud of myself nowadays, but it is what it is.

We launched this business out of spite. It grew. Had a lot of fun with it, and then we sold it off. But for years, last decade, I've owned ClickFunnels. I've wanted to do supplements again, I love supplements. I'm obsessed with them. I take them. I love them. And so that's where I was always at. But I was so busy with ClickFunnels, I didn't want to do anything else. And then the Rona, the Vid, whatever you want to call it, it happened and we were all locked in our homes and I was launching the Traffic Secrets book, which is awesome. Now, after that I was like, "What am I going to do?" And I was bored and I was like, "I should launch a supplement company." And so, one of my friends had this really cool Green Dream company called Zuma Juice.

So I messaged him, he had shut it down for some reason. I didn't know why. I found out later why. And it had nothing to do with the business, had to do with partnership struggles, whatever. And so I bought it from him for really cheap. I was like, I'm going to relaunch this. And in my head I'm like this'll take 30 minutes to relaunch. I forget what goes into formulation. And anyway, supplements, there's the pros and the cons. But anyway, it took forever. We finally got it launched and we got the funnel live and we started driving traffic to it. And what's crazy is that when I was doing supplements back with Nuracell, it was expensive. It cost us 80 or $90 to get a customer, but we'd hopefully make 130, $150 in the funnel. So we were profitable, right? Fast-forward till a decade later when we launched Zuma Juice and it's costing us $200 to get a customer, we make $130, we're just like, "Oh, these metrics don't work anymore."

And so what did Russell do? Instead of walking away from it, then at the same time, my favorite bone broth company made of business, I was like, Oh, I miss it." And so I called contact those guys and we bought the company from them or partnered with them and they gave me majority equity in the company. And so then we relaunched that and then that took two years to reformat the product and get it done and all this stuff. And so we got that done. And so we built the funnel, was amazing. We launched that, same thing. It was way more expensive than before. It was $200 to acquire a customer. We make $130. I'm like, "This math is not working, what should I do?" And I'm like, "Oh, maybe I'll launch another supplement company." Anyway, so then one of my friends, they had a supplement company that was having some issues and so helped them fund it.

And so I got some equity in that one. And they have some really good energy products. They have some really good sleeping products. And so the sleeping product was really unique. It's really good actually. It's called Phoenix Blackout. If you guys want something that helps you sleep, it's amazing. I had it last night actually. And so we took that product, build a whole sales letter, build a whole funnel for it, we launched it. Same thing though, 200 bucks to acquire a customer, $130 cart value. I was just like, "This isn't working." So I have all these cool supplement companies that aren't profitable. We got tons of inventory sitting around. I'm like, "What do I do?" And so here's the lesson is that if you're creative, there's always a way, right? About the same time I started working with Doug Grant, some of you guys know his son Braven, who's spoke of funnel hacking live on supplement funnels, but Doug, his nickname is Doug the Formulator. He's a formulator, he's nutritionist. He was the head nutritionist for the Phoenix Sons for 20 years. The guy's a genius.

And so for the last two and a half years, he tests my blood every 90 days and my wife's blood as well. And we get the blood tested and then they build this custom supplements based on what we actually need. And of all the biohacks I've done, I've done a lot of biohacks, you guys know. I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on cryosaunas, float tanks, everything. But of all the stuff I've done this is the things had the biggest impact on me, it's legitimately amazing. It's expensive, it's like 25 grand a year per person. And so it's not cheap for most people. And I went back to Doug, I was like, "I want to make a version that we can give my entrepreneurs. They can get access to everything you're giving me, but not 25 grand per person, like 10 grand per person. And maybe if we have a spouse they could get a discount where it's 18 for two people or something."

And so we started working. What would that look like? How would we fulfill on it? And we spent almost a year doing that. About the same time that got done so I'm like, "Oh, now I have another supplement, but it's a $10,000 supplement offer." It's way less than I spend for it, but still, it's expensive for most people, but it's all the supplements, all the blood work, all the doctors for an entire year. It's insane. In fact, I think anybody would be crazy not to do it. Anyway, so I'll put that out there. But anyway, and so we had that as well. I'm like, "How do we launch this?" We're struggling selling these other things and all of a sudden I had this idea, boom, a light bulb.

And this comes back down to Dan Kennedy 101, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. We know that Dan has been preaching that for decades. Dan and I are co-writing a book right now literally titled that. It's just like it's the key. And so understanding that, I was like, "Well, what if we flip this funnel around?" Right now, we're spending $200 to make $130. What if we flip this around? Instead of buying ads to any Zuma Juice, Au Bon Broth or Blackout, instead of us buying ads directly to these three supplement funnels, what if we buy ads and we do the linchpin style, a dramatic demonstration where we talk about the most expensive thing, we talk about the $10,000 product and we sell that and then that becomes our self liquidating offer. The 10,000 offer is the self-liquidating offer. And that was this idea and I was like, "Oh my gosh, this might actually work."

So what we did is first I was like, "I need to take my audience?" How do my people, the Russell Brunson people who'd be interested in these supplements, what's the bridge? Because this other brand, the brand that we're creating is called Unfair Advantage. It's how to get Unfair Advantage so, So we have Unfair Advantage is the brand, but I'm like, "I need a bridge between Russell in the entrepreneur world and the supplement company" because like right now, people come to me for funnel advice and marketing and traffic and stuff like that. So you're not here for supplement advice, but I think especially entrepreneurs need it. So I needed a bridge. So luckily I own supplements, So some of you saw this campaign. So I did a webinar called, and we drove traffic from Russell's list over there and said, "Hey, if you want to know what supplements Russell actually takes and why, go register."

So we promoted that and from that we got, I don't know, it wasn't like the biggest webinar I've ever done, but I think we had two or 3000 people registered for it, which is great. Then on the thank you page, I had a 30-minute video teaching people how I've lost 40 pounds using the Hormozi diet. It's amazing. So I taught, it's like a 30-minute video on the thank you page, and then underneath that I'm like, "Hey, one of the secrets is my bone broth." And so I had people subscribe to a subscription to Bon Broth. And so we launched that and promoted it and we ended up getting, I don't even know, 100 or so, maybe 200 people I don't even know on continuity, which is great for the Au Bon broth continuity just from people registering for the webinar.

Then I did the webinar. At the end of the webinar, we sold a 10,000 package, and from that, we didn't sell a ton. I think we sold, I think it'd be like $50,000 worth of backend supplements. So we took the $50,000, then we evergreened supplements and $50,000 we made, obviously, we pay the hard costs for our partners, for the people who are doing the supplements, the doctors of blood work and the rest of that, the profit we dump back into ads. Now, Russell's audience pushing back Supplements Secrets and becomes this viral loop and keeps growing. And this is the thing I keep telling people. The thing you sell on the end of your webinar or your thing is not your money. That's the money that goes back to Zuckerberg or Google or YouTube, wherever you're buying ads from, right? So the $10,000 thing became the self-liquidating offer.

So all the profit from that dumped back into ads. And now as people go through that funnel, it keeps building the continuity on Au Bon Broth. Does that make sense? You guys getting this? Okay. Now the core company, Unfair Advantage. I don't want to be the face of a fitness company. That's not my goal. That's not who I... That's not my... But I want this company. I want a supplement company. And so we found two really, really good partners. One is Clark Barstrom. Clark, this is a funny story. So I used to read Muscle Media back in the '90s. If any of you guys read it in the '90s, there was this ad. And this ad, it was a big deal to me.

It was this guy, it had four pictures, looked like evolution, and it was like four untouched pictures over a 12-week period of time where he was fatter and he lost weight, lost weight, and he ended up being ripped at the end. It was insane. And that ad had such a big impact on me. I remember I ripped down the magazine, I still to this day have that ad from 1998 and then later, I tried to launch a company called Body Evolution. I used that ad to try to make our logos and I've tried to launch that Body Evolution business four or five times. It's never taken off yet. But anyway, so when I met Clark and we started working with him as the attractive character for this supplement brand, I was like, he brought something about this ad from back in the day. I was like, "Wait, the Body Evolution ad or the Theory Revolution ad?" He's like, "Yeah, that's me." I'm like, "What?" I had no idea it was actually him. And so I was freaking out.

So we actually went back and we found the original photographer, we relicensed those images from him and then we paid him to do a fifth image of what Clark now as a 60-year-old man in this thing where it's now five pictures, and I wish I could show it to you, but it's insane. And so with Clark, we decided to launch a challenge called the Body Evolution Challenge. And by the way, I own So if you go to, you see the Body Evolution Challenge, it's a five-day challenge of Clark, this guy who's got abs that are insane and he's 60 years old and he's in better health than any of us and he's awesome. He played Batman in a movie. I don't know, he's amazing.

And so we partnered with him, he's the attractive character, now we're driving traffic. So he promoted to his audience and we bought ads and I think we ended up spending three or 4,000 in ads to that thing. And we got, I don't know, two or 3000 people to register between those two things for the Body Evolution Challenge. So last week, it was from nine till 11 every day, Monday through Friday, he did this five-day challenge teaching people about health and weight loss and all this kind of stuff. And at the end of it, we pitched the $10,000 custom supplements and we made some sales from that. And at the same time I was like, "We need a female attractive character as well for the Unfair Advantage brand." And so we partnered up with Natalie Jill, who is, again, same thing.

She's an amazing attractive character. And so she's also great at sales and promotion, all kind of stuff. And so we brought her in as well. And then last week, from three to five every night she did a female challenge and her challenge, she called the Revenge Body Challenge and that ran as well. And so last week, we promoted both those. We spent I think five or $6,000 in ads, went through. And then on Thank You page, we put people into one of our subscription supplements. And then at the end of it, obviously, we sold the 10,000 thing and we more than made our money. So we more than broke even from the ad spend on the 10,000 thing at the end. So we finish the whole campaign, then you guys know what I do next, right? What do we do? We take those two funnels, body, the, and then we evergreen them.

So again, if it's a webinar, so Supplement Secrets, we evergreen in webinar fuel. And then these two challenges, we're evergreen right now, actually, depending on when you see them, they may be back live. But did those inside a challenge field, both of these are Anthony Morrison software, they're great. So we built the funnels in ClickFunnels, but we use his software to actually deliver the challenges and stuff. And so we did that and now, we're driving traffic back to it. But the key is, and this this is the big aha, okay? Because right now, and then and, none of those are making that much money. We buy ads, they go through the challenge, they sell the 10,000 thing and that covers our ad costs any profit goes back into ads and keep doing that. And this is this thing.

You look at it from the outside, like Russell, those three funnels aren't making a ton of money. They're making some money, but all the money you're dumping back into ads. What's the point of this? Why are you doing this? And this is the reason. Right now, we are spending all the money. So 30, 40, 50,000 a month, now we're dumping back into ads. They're joining my webinar or these two challenges, they're coming in. They're building a relationship with either me, Clark or Natalie. They have a good relationship with us. And then what happens is then the follow-up sequence, and this is the key. Follow up funnels 101, right? After the challenge is over, after my webinar's over, then there's a sequence that pushes people to a page. It's like, I don't know /russell or something. But there's a page of me like, "Hey, a lot of people ask me if I drink green drinks. Yes I do. In fact, this is my company.

It's called Zuma Juice. If you like it, you should buy it." And I push people down to page me.
If they went to Clark's, at the end of it in this email sequence next there's four or five emails from Clark be like, "Hey, a lot of people ask me about what green drink I use. Let me show you." And it comes to the custom page is for Clark. And he talks about it there on the video, pushes people to trial. And there's one for Natalie. So after the challenge is over, over the next 14 days, we're promoting Zuma Juice. Getting people on Zuma Juice continuity, and how much did it cost us now to get these people to go over to Zuma Juice? $0. All the money was made and broke even and everything happened on the high ticket funnel on the front end.

So when I send somebody to Zuma Juice, it cost me $0. Before, when I drive people directly to Zuma Juice, it cost me $200 to get a customer and I made 130 in the cart. Now I make 130 in the cart and it costs me $0, it's all profit. And so we do that for two or three weeks talking about Zuma Juice. Then after that we transition, we talk for two or three weeks about bone broth and why it's so important. Then we talk about two or three weeks about why you need energy. And then we talk about two or three weeks about why you need sleep. And so we start putting them through those supplement funnels. That's how those companies and these brands are starting to grow.

So Unfair Advantage is the umbrella brand. Clark and Natalie are the attractive characters. Russell's like the side character who brings traffic into this business through my little side outlet. And they come in, we offer them a $10,000 custom supplements, which is the best thing we have. The goal of that though is to break even on our ad costs, whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins. You guys getting this? You get what I'm laying down?

Then the follow-up sequence is 100% profit, pushing to our green drink continuity, our bone broth continuity, our sleep drink continuity, et cetera, et cetera. And in the future when we have new supplements we're going to roll out. I don't got to buy any ads from Facebook or anybody else. We put up the funnel, put Clark's face on it, Natalie's face on it and send some emails and boom, now we got that continuity program building and growing. So that's how we're growing these supplement companies and it's a lot of fun.

So there you go. Hopefully it gives you ideas. Some of you guys don't have supplement companies, but can you see how this could work for you? If it's too expensive, sell your book or your challenges... Ads are too expensive, well flip it around. Sell your high ticket thing first, right? Use that money to liquidate the ad costs and then sell your other thing later down the pipe. So anyway, hope that helps. It's us gluing together three linchpins and to grow this one new supplement brand and it's pretty fun. So anyway, hope you guys enjoyed that one. If you do and you want some supplements, check out any of the sites. Check out supplement or or and go check them out.

You'll see linchpin in action, you'll see the sequences, you'll see what an evergreen funnel looks like now because obviously, we did live a couple weeks ago. Now these are all evergreens. You see what Evergreen funnels look like and see what the campaigns look like.

Again, I think all of you guys should be funnel hacking everything we're doing, that's the whole purpose here, right? Funnel hack what we're doing so you can see how they work, how the campaigns work, all that kind of stuff. All right, with that said you guys, I appreciate you listening and I don't know, I hope you guys are having as much fun at this game as I am. Literally, you can apply these principles to any business, anything you're doing. It's funny, when I first started this business, I was info products people always like, "Well, this works for you because in info products but won't work anywhere else." Then we launched ClickFunnels and we followed the same playbook. We followed the attractive character or webinars, things like that and people are like, "That doesn't work for software."

And then also we did it and then like, "Well, of course it works for Software Russell." It didn't until I did it and I just did it and it worked. And now we're in supplements and people keep telling me, "Oh, it's not possible in supplements." In fact, it's funny because Braven again, his dad is the one who does my custom blood work and stuff. He came and he was there watching the whole thing. And one of the days he came to me, he's like, "This is so funny." He's like, "I always thought that all these things you teach wouldn't actually work for supplements." He's like, "Sure enough, here you are doing a challenge to sell supplements, doing a webinar to sell supplements." He's like, "I always thought, well, my business is different." He's like, "You're literally using the exact same playbook over and over and over and over again." I'm like, "Yeah."

And what's nice about having the same playbook we do over and over and over again because my entire team knows the playbook. I don't have to reteach them every single time. It's like, "Hey, we're doing a dramatic demonstration. Thank you page MIFGE offer, we're pushing people in this continuity program. I think we're still at the end of this ad scene, whenever we finish this... And the way we do it is we launch it to our own list live, right? Because that's going to give us the most profit that whatever's sold end, that money gets taken away. And we don't put that in our pockets. The only thing we're put our pockets is the revenue from the MRR, from the continuity programs. Whenever we sell at the end of it, that money is Zuckerberg's money. We take that, we dump it back into ads into the evergreen, and now we have this loop where the money goes in the evergreen ads, it goes through the funnel, gets more people in continuity, we sell the thing at the end.

We take that money, dump it back in ads, and now it's just this self growing, self-perpetuating funnel. That's what the linchpin is. If I could sit down and explain it to you and show it to you. It is the key. It is the secret. It is the way. So anyway, if you don’t have your tickets yet to funnel hacking live, I just know that this is what we're going deep into. I'm going to make you guys all linchpin geniuses by the time it's done because it'll change how you perceive everything. So that said, thank you so much guys for listening today. If you want Unfair Advantage, need some supplements, go to Check it out. There's links to all the different supplement companies or supplements funnels we've got there. But also, you can register for the challenges, stuff like that. And don't you think is like the greatest domain end of all time. Come on now. Come on now. Anyway, appreciate all, thanks for listening and I'll see you guys all on the next episode. Bye.


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