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==> want to meet Dan Kennedy? (LIVE)


so… you keep asking for it

Ok… ok… I heard your messages (and I’m here to OVERDELIVER)

A HUGE % of you have seen my messages this week about the special offer I created with Dan Kennedy…

And while almost ALL of you have been influenced by Dan, many of you have never actually heard him speak before.

For those of you who were at Funnel Hacking LIVE this year, Dan was my “mystery” guest, and he came on stage and blew the audience away for almost 2 hours (it was SO COOL!)

Anyway… a lot of you have been asking… no BEGGING… to see that presentation of Dan LIVE.

I fought it, because I wanted that to be special to people who were at Funnel Hacking LIVE…

And I could have EASILY sold that session alone for $497 or more…

But… because I wanted to “indoctrinate” you guys in the ways of Dan Kennedy…

I thought that we could do something REALLY cool together…

I wanted to do a “Magnet Marketing / Dan Kennedy” quickstart SPRINT!

(And don’t worry - it’ll be COMPLETELY free)

Where each day, over the next 5 days…

I’ll go LIVE in the Dan Kennedy Facebook group, and show you ⅕ of his presentation from FHL…

And then I’ll show you HOW you can apply this to your business!

That way you guys get to “sample” Dan Kennedy…

And meet and network with a ton of other AMAZING marketers in the private group!

Sound like fun!?!

Cool - then this is what you need to do RIGHT NOW:

Go and register for the “Magnetic Marketing Sprint” right now >>

It’s completely free, and it will take you into the private Facebook group where you can start networking with and meeting other people from “Planet Dan.”

Then, starting next MONDAY… every day I’ll go LIVE into that group, and we’ll have a TON of fun together sharing and discussing the BEST clips from Dan at FHL.

Are you as excited as me!?!


Russell “Dan Kennedy Super-Fan” Brunson

P.S. - Don't forget, you're just one funnel away...


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