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175 - We Are Funnel Hackers And These Are Our Stories - Part 3 of 3

We Are Funnel Hackers And These Are Our Stories - Part 3 of 3

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Episode Recap:

On this episode you will hear the final part of Russell’s first presentation at last year’s Funnel Hacking Live. Here are some of the amazing things to listen for in this episode:

-- Find out what the creativity switch is and how it can help you grow your company.

-- Why the backend of your Value Ladder should never change.

-- And how you can avoid getting stressed out and overwhelmed by the surplus of information you are receiving in this presentation.

So listen here to hear the final part of this amazing presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2018, and get excited for this year’s event coming up soon!

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Best Quote:

A book funnel is probably one of the harder funnels to get to work. Most people are like, “I’m going to write a book.” And spend the next 8 years of your life trying to write a book, trying to figure out a funnel. It’s like, you should just make money now and sell something in the middle of the value ladder. Start there, and when it starts getting ad, and some people start seeing it, it starts getting more expensive to buy ads to your webinar, that’s when you come back and start creating new funnels to bring people in as customers.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell again. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. This is day three of three from this presentation. So this was the very first presentation I gave at last year’s Funnel Hacking Live event.

I hope you’ve been enjoying it. There’s so many cool things that we cover in here and I just thought, you know what, if I want to get people excited about Funnel Hacking Live, those who are coming this year for the first time, I want to share this.

And for those of you guys who don’t have your tickets yet, hopefully it will push you over the edge to realize, “Man, that was just one presentation. Can you imagine what would happen if I was there for four days?” So if you don’t have your tickets yet, go to and get them. And with that said, let’s queue up the intro music and let’s jump back into the last part of my presentation. Thanks so much you guys and I will see you soon in Nashville.

Now again, the problem us entrepreneurs, if we can figure out the what and the how and make a million bucks, and then we’ll be like, “I’m bored. I need to do something.” You’re freaking out and you’re trying to create the next thing. So what I want to talk about now is the creativity switch. This is what took us to the next level, when I learned this about myself. The thing that makes entrepreneurs great is also the thing that holds the rest of the company back at a certain level. I was the one that was able to get it to the spot, but I was the one who was hurting it.

And I knew that, and I was like, “What do I do?” I wanted to create all these other things, and that’s when I figured out this next step, which is the creativity switch. I had to shift my creativity from figuring out the what and the how to get this thing into orbit, now it’s in orbit, I have to shift my creativity or else I’m going to go insane. I shift my creativity as an entrepreneur to the next thing, which is going from 7 to 8 figures.

Now, I’ll write this down really quick. Jay Abraham, one of my mentors, he told me there are only three ways to grow a company. And at first I was like, “Nope, you are wrong. There’s tons of ways. There’s Facebook ads, there’s Twitter ads, there’s YouTube ads.” And he’s like, “No, no, no. There’s only three ways to grow a company.” And at first I didn’t understand. And then he mapped it out and said there’s three ways. Who here knows what the three ways are? What’s number one? More customers.

Okay, what’s number two, let me write this real quick, “One is more customers. Number two, getting them to spend more.” I know what it is, I just need to show you on the slide, to spend more. “Spend more money.” And then number three, who knows what number three is? “More often”. Okay, so that’s the three things. Get more customers coming in the door, get those customers to spend more money with you, and to get them to buy more.

So I always translate things into funnels. So I’m like, “Well, how do funnels do that? How does this whole thing word?” and I was like, “Wait a minute, I know how this works. More customers are acquisition funnels. Funnels that get people into the front door.” That’s it. And I’m like, “Getting people to spend more are what we call ascension funnels, gets somebody to ascend up with our side of our business. And number three, getting people to buy more often are just monetization funnels.” I’m walking through all those things, but as soon as I saw that I was like, “Oh my gosh. I know exactly what to do.

I know how to shift my creativity now to grow this company.” If you come back here to Clickfunnels, this is, again, our value ladder, if you look at it. When we launched the company, the core funnel was in the middle, that’s where I figured out the what and the how, and we launched this thing and it was going awesome. And now it’s like, now I gotta figure out other ways to grow the company.

So I started looking at this, started to say, “Okay, the webinar is working good, everything is coming in. How do I get more customers?” And I was still doing the webinar, but I was like, “What else can I do to get more customers?” and I was like, “Wait a minute, what if I build front end acquisition funnels?” So I started building acquisition funnels. So how many of you guys, shortly after we launched Clickfunnels remember me launching this book? That guy is awesome.

So the reason why we launched this book was not because I wanted to write a book. Writing a book is horrible. Who’s ever written a book before? I’ve never given birth but I’m pretty sure it’s like comparable in pain. It’s really, really hard. So we got this first book done, and the goal of this book, like I love selling books and stuff, but the only reason I want any of you guys, I wanted anyone on earth to buy this book, I wanted them to buy this book and then read it, and to then know that they needed to get Clickfunnels, my core offer.

The whole goal of this was to acquire new customers, indoctrinate them into my way of believing and thoughts, and then ascend them up to the actual thing I’m selling. And then a little while later Russell got all panicky and stressed out again, and I was like, “I need a new funnel.” So I wrote another book, I gave birth again. It was painful, but it was awesome. So we launched this book to acquire new customers in. So I started creating front end funnels to acquire people in, but not at first, not until after we were at a million dollars.

A book funnel is probably one of the harder funnels to get to work. Most people are like, “I’m going to write a book.” And spend the next 8 years of your life trying to write a book, trying to figure out a funnel. It’s like, you should just make money now and sell something in the middle of the value ladder. Start there, and when it starts getting ad, and some people start seeing it, it starts getting more expensive to buy ads to your webinar, that’s when you come back and start creating new funnels to bring people in as customers. Does that make sense?

I didn’t write the books until my webinars were fatiguing and I needed something new to get people to raise their hand and say, “I do think I’m an expert.” I would love to figure out how to share my message with more people.” I’m like, “Cool, here’s the book to teach you how to do it, but then there’s this tool that actually you need to do it.” And they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I need Clickfunnels.” And I’m like, “yeah, you do.” And they naturally will ascend up.

So acquisition funnels. If you guys look at our business, we create new acquisition funnels all the time. I actually want to go back a step to this. One thing I want to talk about before I go too deep into this, because this has been a common mistake I’ve seen most of our people make over the last year. They create a value ladder and they start creating more and more and more things, they’re always creating more backends and more…for most of your businesses you should create one core offer (I’ve got one, clickfunnels), one backend offer, you know what that is, and then you never create anything else in the value ladder again after that. Ever. It’s done.

All you should be focusing your creativity on afterwards is like, what are cool front end offers I can get to get a different set of people to raise their hand and come to me? Last, uh, two months ago, three months ago, these are some front end offers. Again, Dotcom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book, and then a couple of months ago I was like, looking at different marketing segments that we don’t have yet and I was like, “you know what, there’s not very many network marketers using Clickfunnels.

How do I get more network marketers? How do I get that segment of the world to come in and start using funnels.” They just don’t understand how it works, right. It’s the same concept I had before Expert Secrets. How do I get all these people who are thought leaders to come and start using Clickfunnels? So I message Julie Stoian, who you guys are going to meet in two days up here.

Wow, her reputation precedes her. I messaged Julie, “Hey um, I want to write a book teaching network marketers how to do this thing.” And then we sat down and I created like a six hour course, she watched the whole course, and then like two days later she gave me the book. And I was like, “That was really, really fast.” So we put together this book and in about a week or two we’re rolling this out to the network industry, getting network marketers to understand what funnels are and they come into our world. We create new front end offers to bring people in different segments.

You’ll see we also have an ecomm funnel, a book coming out, we’ve got other ones. What are different segments I want to go into and I create front end offers to get those customers and bring them in and I can go up. So your business, again when you have your value ladder, after you create the backend of your value ladder, you should never touch it again ever.

That should give you guys some freedom of, “Ah sweet. I can quit creating stuff.” If you go to a Tony Robbins event, you’ll notice from the past 20+ years his backend hasn’t changed. You read a book, you go to UPW, you go to Day with Destiny, that’s his value ladder, 20+ years. And 20 years later he’s like, “I’m going to write a new book.” So he wrote the money book, Money Master of the Game, which brought in a whole new audience for him.

And then guess what he did when they came in? Send them to UPW and send them to Day with Destiny. That’s it. So don’t keep trying to create other things. Do it once and then it’s done and you can be like, “Oh sweet. I can relax and I don’t have to stress about this anymore.” The backend is done and now this where we shift our creativity to like, “what cool front ends can I create?” You start having fun with that.

That’s where we focus our entrepreneurial creativity. So again, we moved down a step in the value ladder and started creating really fun frontends to bring people in. So that’s number one, more customers. Number two now is how do we get these customers to spend more? These are called ascension funnels, to get somebody to ascend up. I learned this concept initially from Bill Glazer. Bill is, he was like my marketing dad or grandpa.

When I got in this business I went to his mastermind group for six years and he was like, telling me how to do all sorts of stuff. And one of the coolest things I learned at GKIC back when Bill was in charge of it was this concept of ascension. How many of you guys are GKIC members, or were back in the day when Bill was running it? Alright. A lot of you guys don’t know about it. So I’m going to walk you through their business model because it’s brilliant.

They had different continuity programs. They had a GKIC gold member, which I think was $49 a month, then there was a silver member, which was like $199 a month, then there was another one like $250 a month, and there was peak performers at like $6800 a year, then there was platinum at $15k and titanium at $25k. So that was their business. So all they focused on was customer acquisition to this $49 thing. So they would drive ads for everyone to buy this thing. As soon as you bought this thing, it was crazy.

All they would do is focus on getting you to ascend from here to here. That was it. So if you were on this, if you signed up for this program, you were shifted to a different list, and they focus on ascending you from this to this. Every campaign, everything they did was getting you to move from this to this. They do big huge events, like “Come to the event.” And they’d sell something at the event and say, “Hey, if you’re a gold member it cost $10,000. But if you’re a silver member it’s only $5. Click this button and we’ll upgrade you right now.” And they’re like, upgrade.

And they got everyone to move up here. Every product they put out the only goal was to get people to ascend. And then as soon as you ascended to silver, all the marketing shifted for you and the whole thing was about getting you to ascend to here. That was it. So the marketing would focus on ascending and then all the sudden, boom, they ascended there.

And then you shift and all the marketing is focused there. And I saw him do it for years and I watched him grow this company, all focusing on ascension. And I don’t know anybody in our world that really does that. So last year at Funnel Hacking Live, who was here last year at Funnel Hacking Live? So at Funnel Hacking Live last year was the first time I was like, how do we ascend people in Clickfunnels and so we did a presentation that some of you guys were part of called Follow up Funnels. How many of you guys saw this presentation? Nobody saw it? You saw it if you had a Confusion Soft t-shirt at the end of it. How many of you guys remember that one?

My entire goal of this presentation, of this one was to ascend people from Clickfunnels to Actionetics. That was the ascension path, right. And we moved them up right there. Right now about 20% of all Clickfunnels members have ascended up to that. Anyone need help to do the math on that? We make more from our Actionetics level than we do from Clickfunnels right now. It’s insane. I didn’t have to resell those people anything. All I did was told them, “hey, this is awesome. This is even cooler.”

And I get people to step over and ascend up. How many of you guys think I’m going to try to ascend you to some things this weekend maybe. I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t right. Because my goal inside of this, when someone comes in my core offer of CLickfunnels, they’re in Clickfunnels, and then as soon as they’re in Clickfunnels how do we get them using our entire platform? How do we ascend them up to Actionetics? And then people come to Clickfunnels and how else can I ascend them?

I ascend them up to my backend things as well, to my higher end coaching programs, so I can serve them at a higher level. It’s all about ascension. When somebody comes in, you get a customer coming in it’s all about how do I ascend them? How do I serve them more at a higher level? What can I do? What can I create? What can of marketing?

What kind of funnels can I use to ascend people up? So we started creating ascension funnels to get people to spend more money with us, so we could serve them at a higher level. That was number two. So for me, as the entrepreneur, this is where I get to use my creativity. How can I get people to ascend up? And now I’m not focused on some new business I want to create, I’m focusing on this problem. How do I solve this? That’s the magic.

We start focusing our entrepreneurial efforts on these kinds of problems and we’re not focusing on creating new businesses, this how we started growing and scaling our company. So ascension funnels. And the third type of funnel are Monetization funnels. How do we get people to buy more often. Okay, now the very first thing you were selling someone, your what and your how, if you read the Expert Secrets book, initially you’re always offering them an opportunity to switch. You’re switching them from some opportunity to your new opportunity.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about go back and read Expert Secrets, and we’ll actually talk more about this in two days, but that’s the first thing. Monetization funnels are what we’re doing in an opportunity switch. These are where we’re offering our audience other, different products to help them as well. So some examples, we have our software secrets product, which is a monetization funnel. We have funnel scripts, which is a monetization funnel. Funnel university, these are other things we sell our audience to help them on their journey with us.

And those are monetization funnels. So for us as entrepreneurs, when we’re going from a million to ten, this is where our focus needs to be at. It’s not creating a new offer, new business, new company. It’s how do I create front end funnels to acquire more customers? How do I create ascension funnels to get these people to ascend from this level to this level to level? And then what else does my audience need to be more successful? What else can I create to give them? How many of you guys has Funnel Scripts made your job so much easier when you build your own funnels?

Yeah, it’s insane huh. That was something we created to help people more in their journey with us. All these things are. So that’s the monetization funnels. So if you look at the order of this. When we launched, when you’re going from zero to seven figures, you figure out your core offer first, then from there we open up our backend offer, after we build up pressure. A whole bunch of people, customers coming in, we open up the backend offer.

Then we come down and start focusing on our ascension funnel, that’s where we start bringing people in. Alright, like I said, the back of the value ladder never changes. You just create, your focus should be creating new creatives on the front end to bring more people in. Okay, I’m going to walk you guys through some businesses of some people here in the room that you may know. The first one is Brandon and Kaelin, give them a huge round of applause. They’re over here somewhere.

Kaelin’s going to be speaking with you guys here in a few minutes and I’m excited because man, their journey has been so much fun to watch, as they went from zero to a million, a million to ten, and now they’re on their journey from ten to a hundred. And it’s just, it’s awesome. But if you look at this, if you look at their journey, if you reverse engineer this, and I’m obsessed with reverse engineering what people are doing, they followed this process to a t. When they first came out, the very first thing they launched was this program. It was a webinar they launched, I think $150 lifetime access or $30 a month.

That was their first thing. Their what and their how. And they grew this to over a million dollars before they came out with the next new thing. They built up all this pressure. The people they were serving, they were changing lives, all this was things happening. After they had this audience of people who loved and then they were like, “how else can we serve these people?” Now they open up the next thing, and they brought people in with their supplements.

Boom, they launched their supplements day one and it just blew up. One of the biggest supplement companies online overnight because they built up so much pressure on their first thing. If they had launched a supplement company first guess what would have happened? Nothing. There’s an order, there’s a sequence. They figured out their what and their how and they focused, they focused, they focused. I’ve been telling people for two years now that you need to do a live webinar every single week until you make at least a million dollars.

Most people don’t. How many of you guys do that right now? So Kaelin and Brandon said, “We’re going to do what Russell says.” They created the hashtag, dowhatrussellsays, and she started doing a webinar every single week, every single week, every single week. I think she did thirty or forty webinars live before she ever tried to automate it. You figure out the what and the how.

The reason why I tell people that, do it live, is because that’s going to help you figure out the what and the how. Your audience will tell you. You’ll feel it, they’ll give you feedback and you’ll make the tweaks and the changes you need to do. So they did that, launched their supplement and afterwards they launched their coaching. So if you look at their value ladder, the front end, figure out the what and the how, they sold that. After someone buys that they ascend up to supplements, then from there they ascend them up to coaching.

Alex and Layla, where you guys at? You guys will have a chance to hear from them tomorrow, I don’t remember when, in a day or two. So I’ll tell you more of their story later. But Alex and Layla literally launched their new company in April and you may have noticed they stood up when we did the Two Comma Club X awards. From zero to ten million dollars since April, insane.

I still don’t know how they did that, that’s gotta be a record. But if you look at their funnel, same thing. They figured out their what and the how, people bought this. They built up pressure and they released the next thing. And that’s the whole game. Figure out the what and the how, build up pressure, release the next thing. And they haven’t even gone to the point where they had to build new front end funnels.

They’ve just been killing it with this so much right now. Look at their value ladder, they aren’t even on step number three yet. They got the what, the core offer, the what and the how figured out, built up pressure, launched the next thing, monetized it, and someday I’m going to get Alex to build a frontend or a webinar or something and it’s going to be amazing. He said, “No.’ Anyway, like I said, there’s 17+ other stories just like these that I want you to understand, sitting here in this room with you. The path and the process is the same. Understand that.

Again, we’re going to come back to the creativity switch. Step number one going from zero to a million is figuring out the what and the how. You transition your creativity as an entrepreneur to figure out ascension, acquisition, and monetization funnels. If you’re not in that spot yet, don’t stress about this at all. Like, “I know Russell did something really fancy there, but I’m not ready for that. I’m focusing on the what and the how.” For those of you guys who are there, it’s like, “Okay, that’s my focus. That’s where I need to be focusing all my creative energy.”

And after you go from there, then the third phase of going from ten million to a hundred million, this is where I’m focusing all my effort at right now, is this piece right now. And it’s focusing on getting mass traffic. Now, I’m not going to spend a ton of time during this presentation right now, going through the traffic part of this. But my creativity right now is focused on what kind of ads can I make that are insane that are going to get more people to raise their hand on all sorts of platforms? Here’s a couple of them that you guys may have seen.

This is one we did on Instagram the other day, “Hey, this is Russell Brunson. My new book Expert Secrets is literally on fire. Get your free copy by swiping up right now. Swipe up to get your copy of the Expert Secrets book. Quick, it’s on fire, you get a free copy. Just cover shipping and handling and we’ll mail one out to you.” So if anyone ever lights a book on fire, this is what we learned, first off, you can’t just light a book on fire, it doesn’t burn.

Second off, you have to douse it with gasoline, but if you douse it with gasoline while you’re holding it and then you light it on fire, the flames will come down to your arm. I learned that, that night. That’s why I’m like, “Ahh, ahh, ahh.” And we did videos like this for Facebook, YouTube, all these videos of books burning. It was horrible. Number three, when you burn books on ads, people complain in the comments, so you shouldn’t burn books on ads.

So we learned a lot of fun things. But here I’m like, this is what I do with my creative energy. Like, how can we sell more books? Let’s light one on fire. Or the other day I was walking past our, in our office we have potato guns because that’s kind of the whole beginning story. So I found a potato gun and we had this big mud pit behind our office and Dave was like, “Let’s go take the jeep out.”

So we spin the jeep in the mud, I got a potato gun and then we found the prospector, we had this big cardboard cutout of the prospector. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I got an idea for an ad.” Five seconds later we’re set up and this is the ad that came from that one. “Hey, my name is Russell Brunson and I’m a potato gun expert. (Thud) and I just finished my new book called Expert Secrets. Expert Secrets tells you how you can become an expert in anything.

I’ve done it with potato guns, I’ve done it with other things as well. Inside the Expert Secrets book I tell a story about how I started my entire business as a potato gun expert. I was making DVDs teaching people how to make potato guns, how to shoot them, it was a ton of fun. And I turned that little idea, that hobby into a career. And you can do the same thing with the things that you’re good at. “What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What do you have opinions on? What do you have a lot of advice about? What is something that you love, that you’re an expert at, that you can share with the world?

Just like I made money selling potato gun DVDs, now I make money teaching people how to market their businesses, you can make money with your passion, your idea, and the way to do that is all included here inside the Expert Secrets book. “Now I have pre-bought a whole bunch of copies of this, if you want you can go to, go order it from there, you’ll see tons and tons of five star reviews, or if you want, you can get a free copy.

All you gotta do is go to, I already bought the book, if you cover a tiny shipping and handling fee, I will ship you out your very own copy, then you can read this book and find out how to find your message, how to build your tribe, and how to make a whole bunch of money teaching people whatever it is that you’re amazing at. “Now, this book has literally helped hundreds and hundreds of people around the world to take their passion, their talents, their ideas, their hobbies, their advice and turn it into a full time business.

And you can do the same thing as well. All you gotta do is go to, get your free copy there and you’ll also see all the other bonuses and other cool stuff I’m going to give you as well, when you go and get your free copy. So now is the time, wherever you’re at watfching this, on Facebook or YouTube, wherever you’re watching this, stop what you’re doing and go to and get your free copy. I will ship this out and this will teach you how to take your ideas and turn it into a business.

“Thanks so much, again my name is Russell Brunson and I cannot wait for you to get your first copy of the Expert Secrets book.” You’d think as you go from zero to a million, a million to ten, and ten to a hundred you’d get more mature, but I think it’s the opposite. Because now it’s like, literally we’re thinking, anyway, the weirdest things possible. But that’s the focus, as an entrepreneur, when you get to that point you don’t need more offers.

There’s a point where you have enough offers, your value ladder is in place. Now it’s like, what can I do to promote this more? All my creative energy has been focusing on new ads, new ad types, new platforms, new things like that, and the last phase in here.

Going from ten to a hundred million is that. I’m going to be doing another presentation here in a little over an hour, it’s called Conversation Domination. I’m going to go deeper into some traffic stuff. I’m not going to touch it too much right now. But this is the fun part, I’m just focusing….You’ll be able to tell when I do these presentations, this is where most of my focus is at right now, and it’s a lot of fun. So I wanted to come back to this.

This is the vision I want you guys to understand over the next three days. Because I know that with so much stuff happening, some of you guys are going to feel overwhelmed. But if you understand, this is the vision of where you’re going, you don’t have to stress about the overwhelm. Okay, you look at this and say, “Okay look, zero to a million. This is the category I’m in, all I’m going to focus on is the what and the how, the what and the how.

For every presentation I here, I’m going to listen for how does this company figure out what it is I’m selling and how I’m selling it.” And I want you to stress about, think about that. In that process, if you look at in that first circle that little triangle, that’s from the Expert secrets book, in fact, my next two presenters who are going to be speaking are going to be talking about this part. Because going from zero to a million, a lot of it is figuring out the what and the how, but a lot of it is figuring out yourself too.

If you’re the one selling the product, how do you build your following? How do, yourself as an expert, how do you position yourself, how do you put yourself out there in a way that’s a lot of times not very comfortable, but in a way that’s going to attract people to you?

So the next two presentations are going to be going deep into that. But every presentation for you guys, if that’s the phase you’re in, just think about that, the what and the how, the what and the how. That’s the key for you guys going from where you are today to Two Comma Club. That’s it. Now for those of you guys who are in the Two Comma Club and you’re like, “Sweet, I want more.” You should be focusing on all the different funnel types, like, “Okay, there’s this one and this one, what should I do to acquire more customers and those kind of things?”

And those who are growing beyond that, you’re focusing on all the traffic presentations, how to scale your traffic and get more and more people in. But that’s what I want to explain, because I know that so many of us, especially as our community as a whole has been growing. It’s been fun watching, if you look at four years ago, the first Funnel Hacking Live event, if I would have said, “How many people here are making over a million dollars?” It was like one or two people. Now we’re at like almost 300. If you look at 17 at ten and it just keeps growing and scaling, it’s so much fun.

And I think as a community, as a whole, we’re all growing together. But I want everyone to understand, this is the vision, this is where you should be focusing, this is what you should be doing, because I don’t want you guys focusing on eight and nine figure creativity problems if you don’t have your what and your how figured out. And visa versa. You focus on where you’re at, built that piece out, figure it out, and then you can switch and again, the market will tell you when you’re ready to make the switches and the transitions.

Okay, to end this presentation I want to come back and I want to show you the video I showed you at the very beginning, one more time because, two reasons. Number one, after I watched it, I watched it like 30 times more, and it’s really fun so I’m going to show it again. And number two I want you guys, as you’re listening to it, to understand that this video is talking about you.

We’re not normal, you guys know that, right? Most people don’t wake up in the morning, figuring out how can I change the world? How can I sell more products, how can I serve more people? That’s not a normal thing. Most people wake up in the morning, they’re depressed, they’re tired, they go to work, they’re miserable, they come home again, they’re miserable.

Most people don’t spend all their extra time, energy, and money flying to here to hear people talking about selling stuff through funnels, for crying out loud. You guys are different and that’s good. So I want to show you guys the video one more time, and let’s watch it. “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently, they’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, about the only thing you can’t do is ignore them, because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some might see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


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