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Week #11: The 7-Day Launch

Week #11: The 7-Day Launch

We’ve sold a lot of Expert Secrets books during our 4 week launch.

You might think that we’d wait a few weeks or months before releasing the next thing. But a lot of people don’t realize that the best time to launch a coaching or implementation program is right at the end of your product launch.

But we’ve found it’s even better to release the coaching program is in the middle of the launch. We used to call this “launch stacking.”

Back in the day when we’d do a launch, we’d get a lot of customers and sell a lot of products. But most of the money went back to pay affiliates, traffic costs, and things like that.

Whereas the second launch, the internal launch to the new customers, is where most of the profit is made.

Up to this point, the book launch funnel has made over $1.5 million in sales. But we wanted to help those who wanted more from this. So we decided to do a new type of launch funnel we learned from Brendon Burchard called the 7-Day Launch.

We launched a new funnel ( As I’m writing this, we have that page pulled down but we plan to make it evergreen in the near future. So you may be able to see behind the scenes of the evergreen version of that funnel soon.

Over three days we did a live training on things I wish I had added in the book, but couldn’t. Here was the schedule for the masterclass:

Day #1: You, an Expert

During the first hour session, we showed testimonial videos of people who have gone through our coaching program. Plus we showed a cool promotional video for the FHAT event. If you haven’t seen that video yet, check it out here:

After the break, I did a session showing how to wrap their product into an irresistible offer. I showed them how to make their product sexy and exciting so people actually want to buy.

I was proud of the first day because a lot of people are nervous about being an expert. I showed them, in detail, the journey they can go on to find their voice and become that expert.

Day #2: The Big Domino

On Day #2 I talked about knocking down the one big domino and went deeper into belief and story.

I talked about the four stories that are inside every presentation and a bunch of other cool things.

I think it was the best I’ve ever taught this topic. I’m proud of it and glad that people had the chance to get it.

After that, we took a break and I did a Perfect Webinar selling the new 2-Comma Club Coaching which went over all the things we talked about earlier that day.

Because we built that webinar on the spur of the moment, I had tons of issues. I didn’t know if the pitch was going to be right. As I was doing it I noticed a bunch of clunky spots that I didn’t love. I’m going to be rebuild the pitch when we evergreen it. But overall it did really well and sales started coming in.

Day #3: The Perfect Webinar Hack

On Day #3, I had a chance to break down the Perfect Webinar Hack. I showed what I did right, what I did wrong and things like that.

I did a cool podcast on where I went through all the things I’ve learned. I want to share that with you here:

The last session I did was the virtual book tour where I showed how we reached over 3.5 million people with Facebook Live.

The Results?

From that 7-Day Launch, we were able to make over an additional million dollars in coaching. This was cool, but what’s even more exciting is the fact that we get to help even more people implement these processes in their businesses.

Steven Larson’s been working his butt off to help this group.

In fact, a bunch of people who signed up for this coaching program at the live event came to a three day coaching event here in Boise. We call that event the Funnel Hack-a-thon. We had a about 40 people here and went through everything inside of 2-Comma Coaching in three days. That’s been insanely fun and cool.

With that said, that ended the launch for the Expert Secrets book and coaching program. So with everything shut down we were able to get a few minutes to breathe. But immediately afterwards we started looking at the next step to scale.

We’ve sold a lot of books, but my goal is to sell 1 million copies. What got us here is not going to get us there.

I always tell people to focus on driving traffic in this order:

1. Hot Traffic
2. Warm Traffic
3 Cold Traffic

So this initial launch was mostly to get all the hot and warm traffic to buy the book. Now we’re transitioning to sell to cold traffic.

Announcing… Funnel Hacker TV!

We also launched Funnel Hacker TV during this craziness. This is a fun way for us to give back to our audience.

The last four or five weeks have been about selling books and courses. Now we want to transition and start giving and serving more. So we launched the behind-the-scenes show where we do these cool ten minute videos showing showing what’s happening at the office.

Here’s one we did with Howard Berg:

We also launched the Funnel Hacker TV full episodes. Episode #1 went live which was the Biohacking Secrets Story. You can see that one at

We took Anthony DiClementi, a biohacking coach, and helped him to create his platform, find his voice, and launch his company.

Now, while all these things are fun, there is an evil strategy behind them: To turn this content into traffic to sell a lot of books and drive a lot of people into ClickFunnels. I’ll get more into that into upcoming blog posts.

But right now, we’re doing it just to give people a good experience and hopefully keep them engaged with us during all the hours where they’re not sleeping or working on their business.

That’s it for now. See you guys next week.

Don’t forget:
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