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Week #5: Preview Chapters Building the Hype

Week #5: Preview Chapters Building the Hype

Over the last week or so we’ve been doing some really cool things to prepare for the book launch happening on April 18.

We put together the second package for our Dream 100. If you remember from the first blog post about the Dream 100 we sent a package that had a blank copy of the Expert Secrets book.

A lot of people were excited, then they were frustrated that there was no content inside. So we wanted to send them something new that they could get excited about. Unfortunately, we don’t have the books back from the publisher yet. So what I did is I took the first four chapters of the book, went to and actually printed out physical copies of them.

I put a big sticker on the front to indicate that this is just the first four chapters. (I didn’t want them to think that this was actually the whole book.)

With that, we also wrote a letter to the Dream 100 as well. Here’s a copy of the letter:

A couple of cool things on the Dream 100 letter:

First off, we drew a sketch of what the funnel is going to look like:

How to profit from giving away free books…

As you can see, my ultimate goal is not just to sell the book but to sell the Funnel Hacker Black Box which includes both of my books in there.

So there’s going to be two different ordering options, as you can see in the image above. We have the order form bump that teaches people a quick way to make info products.

Then we’ll have an upsell with an mp3 player. They can either buy the mp3 player for $97 or they can get it for free if they join Funnel University at just $67 a month (no trial).

If they say no to that, we downsell them to a free trial to Funnel U.

From there we take them to the thank you page which will have a video on it from the Funnel Hacking Live event teaching the first three chapters of the book. Then underneath the video there will be a link where they can register for the ClickFunnels automated webinar.

So that’s the basic funnel.

One of the things we’re trying to do with this funnel (and all funnels) is to make the funnel as short as possible but increase the possibility of collecting money as high as possible. It’s hard to get affiliates to promote a book because the commissions are so small on a free book. So by adding more offers to the funnel it gives us the ability to potentially collect more money for every free book.

In fact, you can see from the JV letter, they have the ability to make up to $456.40 for each book they give away.


So that’s the box that went out to our Dream 100 this week. They should be getting those soon.

The “Smash ‘n Grab” Traffic Strategy

In addition to getting affiliates, we wanted to start building up the hype for something I’ve been talking about in my Inner Circle meetings this last week.

After all my Inner Circle members left for the week, I dashed into the office and quickly recorded a five minute video with Brandon where I give away a PDF version of the first three chapters of the book when they add us to Facebook Messenger.

Now, Facebook Messenger is kind of the cool new thing out on the market that I am fairly confident it will not be around a long time. I think it’s too easy to abuse and I think Facebook will either shut it down or it will become very difficult to send out mass broadcasts.

But like all new media channels when they first come out, those who jump on it early have a huge advantage. So I wanted to jump on early for the book launch, knowing full well that this channel will quickly be gone. I’m doing what I call a Smash ‘n Grab. Basically, I’m going smash through it and grab as much as we can before it’s gone.

So we recorded ahead of time a Facebook live video telling them if they added me to their Facebook messenger I would send them the first three chapters of my book.

Another twist we’re trying:

I learned from my Inner Circle meetings that some members found that meme videos were converting better than regular videos. So we did a meme video and streamed it through using OBS to make it look like a Facebook Live. You can see the actual video here:

From that video we’ve been getting thousands of people so far to join our Facebook Messenger pre-launch list:

Our goal is to try to get thirty to forty thousand people to join this list before the book goes live. Then, when we launch on April 18, we can push a message through Facebook Messenger and get everyone to buy the book as quick as possible.

Once we build the Facebook Messenger list I want to push them over to more stable channels like Instagram, YouTube, my podcast, and things like that. That way, when Facebook Messenger shuts us down (and mark my words, they will) we will still have a large audience we can reach.

So that’s what we’ve been doing this week to get prepared for the book launch. I’m so excited as we’re getting closer and closer. Soon we’ll be able to get the Expert Secrets book into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people.


Russell Brunson

P.S. Don’t forget:

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