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100 - What Happened When I Taught Expert Secrets To The Local Government and Politicians

What Happened When I Taught Expert Secrets To The Local Government and Politicians

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I want to welcome you guys to a very special episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast. This is an episode that will not be on YouTube or anything. It’s only going to be here in audio format for those who are listening in, and I’m excited for you guys to hear it. Some of the back story, as you guys know, I am always excited about all this marketing stuff, I talk about it all the time, I get the chance to speak all over the world, but I say 99.9% of people who ask me to speak, just because of time, energy and money and all that kind of stuff, it’s just not possible to do.

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Recently, my father in law asked me if I would come speak at an event that he was putting on, and it was in Burley Idaho, which is a little small town about 2 ½ hours south of Boise, and obviously I can’t, I can’t justify it from a business standpoint, but for my father in law, that’d be awesome. Obviously, it would give me time to hang out with my wife. So my wife and I jumped in a car on Wednesday and we drove 2 ½ hours to Burley, I spoke at this event, and then 2 ½ hours back.

So it was a really fun time for us to spend together without any kids, and then had a chance to speak down there, and it was cool. But to preface it, it was a completely different audience than I’ve ever spoken to, ever.  It was for the most part, government officials from all around Idaho. Those who are involved in economic development, how to grow the economies. So there were people from all over Idaho who came to this thing, there was probably 70 or so people

As you guys know, I’m used to speaking to entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world, and here is like government officials who are, also have good intentions as well and trying to do some awesome stuff. But they’re definitely an older demographic, they’re not running their own companies, it was just different. 

Anyway, I was really struggling, what should I teach on? What should my presentation be about? I didn’t really know, and it took me a while to kind of figure out. Finally I realized that what I wanted to share with this audience was basically the stuff you guys are very familiar with, which is the Expert Secrets thing. I want to talk about building a mass movement, about influence and persuasion, storytelling and how they can use that in their own spirit of influence.  How them, as government officials can build a movement to help people change. And then also how they can use it for their family. With your family, how do you create a movement with your family? How do you create a movement in different places?

SO it’s not just a mass movement of your customers, like we talk a lot about in Expert Secrets, but also the internal movements inside your companies, and then your family, inside of governments, whatever spirits of influence you have.

So that’s kind of what this presentation is, and I hooked up my iPhone and clicked record. So I kind of recorded, the audio I don’t have any idea of how good or how bad it will be. But that’s what it is.

So there’s the context, when you hear the presentation, it was definitely a different audience, the energy level is way different. So if I sound weird , that’s why. I was trying like crazy to get this older group of government officials to get as excited as I am about business, about economic growth and development. I also tried to show those guys they’re crazy because they don’t understand the right ways to run a political campaign and I kind of teased them about that, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Hopefully it will help you guys if you’re listening in on this. For those that know Expert Secrets, a lot of stuff will be kind of a review for you, but you’ll have a chance to see it through a different lens, how this would work inside your family, how this works inside of a business and a bunch of other things like that. So hopefully it helps. I hope you guys love it. With that said, let’s queue the intro music and let’s start at the event there in Burley, Idaho.</p>


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