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You might not know this, but before I launched ClickFunnels, I launched my inner circle…

… and it was hard.

It cost $25k and we had to do a lot of sales calls and outreach to try and get people signed up.

But then I launched ClickFunnels and something crazy happened.

All of the sudden, these people who had watched my ClickFunnels webinar and bought my offer… They wanted the next thing.

And my Inner Circle blew up!

We could barely even manage the new demand for my inner circle.

A lot of times we are trying to sell this high-ticket offer without a low-ticket offer. But the low-ticket offer gives people a taste.

It’s like samples at Costco. If you try something for free and really like it, then you probably are going to buy it — but you wouldn’t have if you had just seen it sitting on the shelf.

The free thing gave you a taste. It made you want more.

The same thing happens when people are shopping online — and this is exactly why I always talk about the value ladder.

Value Ladder Doodle

The purpose of the frontend offers is to guide people to the backend offers. And the purpose of the backend offers is to make as much money as possible and help people to your highest capacity.

There are two lessons here…

Lesson A): If you are struggling to sell a high-ticket offer, it might be because you don’t have a low-ticket offer that blows people away and makes them want more.

→ Create a low-ticket offer that blows people away!

Lesson B): If you have an awesome low-ticket offer… but no high-ticket offer… then I promise you’re leaving money on the table!

→ Create a high-ticket offer that helps people even more!

The most successful businesses have both a frontend offer to give people a taste… and a high-ticket offer to drive bigger sales and deliver the real value.

Create both!

- Russell Brunson

P.S. If you want to learn more about the “value ladder” idea’, snag my book, DotCom Secrets, for free here!


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