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When My Company Hit $100 Million in Revenue, I Realized It Was Time to Become an Employee Again

When My Company Hit $100 Million in Revenue, I Realized It Was Time to Become an Employee Again

I don’t know about you, but the last three years have been a crazy insane ride.

I’ve learned more about business and management and people then I think most CEO’s learn in a decade or more. Clickfunnels grew so fast we just had to run at 100mph, and even then, there were always things we dropped along the way.

Now that Clickfunnels is coming out of its infancy and has established itself as a foundational pillar (if not the KING) in the Online Marketing space, I actually have a few minutes to breathe and really reflect on the things we need to do to get to the next milestone (a billion dollars anyone?).

It definitely has sparked a lot of cool “aha” moments, and one of them is a bit of a mind-bender…

I realized it was time for me to be an employee again.

For you entrepreneur-types, I know that might sound a little blasphemous but hear me out.

There’s a lot to learn about looking at your business from the perspective of an “employee”.

I share my thoughts over on Entrepreneur…

In that article, I unpack:

-- Why it’s so important to understand your achilles heel as the CEO of your company

-- How your dreams serve you in business up to a point, and then you need to kill them

-- How to continue to operate in your zone of genius without sending your 9-figure company down a REALLY expensive rabbit hole

Go give it a read and think about your own entrepreneurial journey and how your roles might start shifting over time.

Russell Brunson


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