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You’ll NEVER find success without this 🙅


There’s a moment in every entrepreneur’s journey where they go from being a student to being a master 🎓.

I’m telling you that moment is today.

When you start teaching others you grow 1,000x times faster.

And here’s the stinger… the longer you feel inadequate, the longer you delay your greatest growth phase.

Below, I’m going to give all the tools you need to make your mindset shift this week.

But first… let me tell you a quick story.

Wrestling was my first obsession and something I studied, practiced and competed in literally every single day for years.

But when my coach asked me to teach at a camp something weird happened.

I tried explaining moves and realized I had no idea why they worked!

And here's the coolest thing…

The more that I taught other new wrestlers the more I mastered the moves I was teaching.

It was incredible!

I call this transition the ‘growth to contribution shift’ and I’m so excited to see how it’s going to supercharge your success in business.

If you’re like me, you get excited with something and go on this crazy adventure where you’re reading and learning all the time.

But then you hit a ceiling.

To break past it you NEED the ‘growth to contribution’ shift otherwise you’re doomed to remain in mediocrity forever.

Trust me, to complete newcomers the things you’ve already achieved are AMAZING!

And this ‘contribution’ mindset will shatter the ceiling to your success.

In fact, there are three phases in the growth to contribution shift:

PHASE 1: You learn and teach your results

Let me guess you have a couple social media profiles? So why not use them to share what you’re learning with your audience?

The more you connect in the comments or DMs and start bringing others up along with you, the faster you’re going to grow as an entrepreneur.

PHASE 2: You talk about your student’s results

Did one of the people you were teaching get a big win? Amazing! Once you start sharing your student’s results suddenly your positioning changes and others look to you for advice.

Not only do you get more opportunities to teach and to serve.. but you can start building your own offers and side-businesses too.

PHASE 3: Your students become the teachers

This one is the real deal. Honestly, at the beginning of my journey in business I was mostly interested in making money.

But then… when I started to see the impact I was having on people it was the most amazing feeling. Today, I live to serve this incredible community of entrepreneurs now and it’s the fuel that continues to drive my excitement and success.

Do you feel you’re ‘stuck’ right now?

Is there a gap between where you are… and where you dream of being?

Then I’m telling you it’s time to shift from growth to contribution.

In fact, I wrote my book Expert Secrets for people just like you.

It’s a masterclass to increase your reach, impact and influence – and get paid for your expertise too!

If you haven’t had a chance to read then here’s a quick reminder:

I already bought your copy for you.

Just tell me where to ship (and cover S&H) and it’s yours!

Get your copy of Expert Secrets here.

Talk soon,

Russell Brunson


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