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On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, watch behind the scenes as we map out, build and launch the book funnel for the launch (in one day!)

During the day I was running my $25k Inner Circle meetings, and by night we were making all of the sales videos for the Expert Secrets book launch.

This week I have Inner Circle, the Expert Secrets book launch, and about a dozen other things, so we started the day in the cryosauna.

I had a chance to fly to Vegas to hang out with Brendon Burchard, but I missed my flight and Brendon booked me a private plane to fly home!

During the book launch, we were also working on the new ClickFunnels "super funnel" which includes a really cool survey on the front end, but when there is a survey, there is also a lot of videos and things that happen on the backend... hope you love today's show!

A few days before our launch of the "Expert Secrets" book, we decided it would be fun to document everything... what started as a REALLY late night thought turned into this "behind the scenes" show... we hope you love it!