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Growing an online business is hard enough…

We believe that the SOFTWARE you use shouldn't make it more complicated to reach your business goals… It should SIMPLIFY it.

See, most people are really great at 1 or 2 skills. Chances are, as an entrepreneur, you are an EXPERT at the ‘thing’ you do…and NOT an expert at all the tech/software that is required to run and grow your business… (am I right?!)

That’s why it was so important that ALL of our software is drag ‘n’ drop SIMPLE. Each of our software tools helps you create the marketing ‘piece’ you need - a funnel, a video, a script, a design, etc. - in just minutes… allowing you to get it out to the world, and grow your business FASTER!

Together, our suite of software can help you to:

  • Increase Conversions → Get your audience to take immediate action with every funnel, video, or design you create.
  • Build A Powerful ‘Movement’ → Create a message that your tribe will rally behind, and effortlessly grow your visitors and followers.
  • Advertise Your Product, Service & Courses → Scale your business using marketing techniques that were once only available to marketing pros.
  • ​Generate New Leads → Catch the eyes of your target prospects, audiences and customers with impossible-to-ignore funnels and videos.
  • And so much more…!

Each featured software below is a powerful TOOL that simplifies the process of growing your business online in its own special way!

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GERU is the world’s first funnel mapping software that simulates funnel profitability without spending a dime. Map your ideas, simulate traffic, STOP any financial leaks in your funnel…and instantly see the profit potential BEFORE your funnel goes live!



Quickly turn ANY VIDEO into a funnel that will grab your customers’ email, find out what they are most likely to buy, and then SELL it to them (...just by swapping out the video player that you’re using!) Create, host, and launch high-converting videos with the push of a button.



Create professional, realistic whiteboard animations in MINUTES… even if you have little to no tech or design experience!



Create your own professional cartoon explainer videos in minutes to help increase engagement and conversions!



Pyks makes it easy to quickly design and customize eCovers to visually represent your product, and drastically increase the perceived value of your product …allowing you to charge even more!




How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written
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Dotcom Secrets Scripts

Here's a quick way to get ALL the sales copy for your Dotcom Secrets Funnel Scripts written and launched... WITHOUT having to hire an expensive copywriter!



Expert Secrets Scripts

Discover the easy button to get paid for what you know and stand out as the #1 Expert in your market... WITHOUT getting lost in all the online noise!



Traffic Secrets Scripts

Use these simple plug n'play Traffic Scripts to create all the hooks, video scripts, emails, and compelling sales messages you need... to drive all the traffic you want!


Choosing the Right Marketing Software

When you wear so many hats as an entrepreneur—product or service supplier, customer service representative, social media manager, content marketer, and a dozen more—it’s easy to let several aspects of your business fall to the wayside.

When you lose focus on any part of your business, or you don’t have sufficient data, your business and its marketing will suffer. This is why it’s so important to employ general marketing software as well as e-commerce marketing automation software.

When you can rely on dependable software to give you insightful data and automate a large chunk of your website and marketing, you can turn your attention to one of the many other parts of your business to keep it running smoothly.


What Is Marketing Software?

Marketing your business involves much more than posting on social media—although there’s software to help you with that, too! Marketing software handles all different aspects of your business’s online presence.

There are dozens of different types of marketing software programs available. They help you build your website, build and test email marketing campaigns, manage customer relationships, analyze customer data, and much more.

There are also e-commerce marketing automation programs available. These handle repetitive tasks like follow-up marketing emails, remarketing ads, lead management, and personalized content. The advantage of these software programs is that they allow you to focus on improving your business in other ways by handling much of your online marketing.

Regardless of which marketing software you use, all of them should help you grow your business. Whether that’s by taking background tasks off your plate or by helping you create or adjust marketing campaigns, marketing software and e-commerce marketing automation software are a massive help for entrepreneurs.


Marketing Software: Your Goals

Before you choose your marketing software programs, it’s essential to outline your goals. How do you want to expand your business? Which aspects of marketing are important to you?

You should find software programs that will:

  • Generate new leads
  • Convert those leads into customers
  • Bring back repeat customers
  • Effectively advertise your products, courses, or services

You should also find marketing automation software programs that will evaluate your marketing assets to suggest improvements, send out follow-up emails, and target leads with individualized content. Overall, you’ll want your marketing software to make things easier for you. That can mean simplifying the site-building process, analyzing and presenting data for you, and much more.


Different Marketing Software Programs and What They Do

Let’s take a look at the different types of marketing software programs available. Not all businesses will need every kind of marketing software, but every business should have at least a few of them to maximize efficiency and spread brand awareness.

Funnel Builder Software

First, every business out there needs a funnel. It’s where you’ll sell your items, showcase your services, and list pricing. Your funnel is where you’ll utilize paid ads or search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your chances of being found online.

In short, having a funnel for your business is an absolute must. Most of us aren’t tech wizards, so you’ll need user-friendly funnel-building software to create one.

When using ClickFunnels funnel-building software, first and foremost, it is beginner-friendly. Drag-and-drop builders like ClickFunnels and its customizable templates are perfect for this since you can follow aesthetically pleasing designs while designing your funnel exactly how you want to match your brand.

Sales Funnel Builders

Speaking of funnel-building software, you should prioritize building sales funnels no matter what type of business you own. These funnels aim to support driving traffic to your site, generating leads, increasing conversions, and teaching you about the types of advertising that supports attracting customers.

Funnels are the ultimate way to get sales; they guide visitors down a laser-focused path toward your offer. They won’t be distracted by other products, new blog posts, or anything else on your site. You can also use them to grow your email list, converting visitors into leads and ideally leads into customers.

When you’re researching different funnel-building software programs, it’s beneficial to find one that does more than just build one for you. Instead, you’ll want one that gives you the tools to launch your own funnels and understand the why behind every step.

ClickFunnels’ online business builder challenge is the perfect way to learn how to build a funnel from the ground up. This Five Day Lead Challenge walks you through the entire process of building a funnel from start to finish. You’ll learn aspects of funnel building and understand various techniques to attract leads.

Once you’ve finished your funnel building challenge, ClickFunnels is an incredible, user-friendly software to help you build every sales funnel you need to source traffic and conversions.

Funnel Data Analytics

As you build your funnels, you don’t want to “drive with your eyes closed”—you need a software program that will analyze your funnels for you. This kind of software bridges the gap between general marketing software and e-commerce marketing automation software: it automatically analyzes your funnels to find leaks and suggest improvements, and then it’s your turn to adjust your funnels for maximum conversions.

With funnel-analyzing software like ClickFunnels Analytics, you’ll get precise data and reporting on what’s working (and not working) in your funnels. You should find software that allows you to track your views, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

If you sell physical products, you’ll want software that lets you see your customers’ average cart value when they find your site through your funnel. All of these data pieces will help you learn more about your customers’ preferences and how to tweak your funnels to raise conversions.

Video Funnels

Many entrepreneurs take advantage of videos to promote their products. With videos on your site, you can quickly but effectively share details about your brand and keep your audience engaged.

But there’s an even better way to leverage videos. If you find a good video funnel software, you’ll be able to turn any video you make into a marketing funnel. With this kind of software—we recommend Voomly—you can lock the best part of your videos or offer an incentive in exchange for their email address. This is a highly effective way to generate leads.

The best video funnel software programs will also give you insights into your viewers, like their locations and browsers, so that you can tailor your videos even further to your audience. You should also look for software that allows customizations so your videos match your brand.

Online Store

If you sell physical products, you’ll need more than just a basic website—you’ll need to build an online store. Online stores are optimized for sales; they should include speedy checkouts, high-quality product images, and juicy descriptions to convince visitors that your products are just the thing they need.

When choosing your online store software, you should look for one that will maximize your potential. A great way to do this is to utilize a software program like Cart Funnels that will allow you to create one-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps (a way to add additional products on the checkout page).

Product Image Software

Consider software programs that improve your chances to convert your site’s visitors. One way to do this is to add software that beautifully and professionally displays your products.

We recommend Pyks, a software program that helps you create custom eCovers of your products. These eCovers go a step beyond showing your products—they showcase them in a way that really increases their perceived value so that you can charge more. Who wouldn’t want to maximize your product’s potential so simply?


Membership Sites

If you’re an entrepreneur with a subscription-based business, you’re probably not interested in the shop or product side of things. You should design your site with your subscribers in mind, so you’ll need a membership site.

To build a membership site, you’ll need a software program like ClickFunnels Membership Sites–specifically optimized for businesses built on online courses, coaching programs, and other training programs. You should find software that will allow you to upload videos and content that you can unlock according to dates and membership status.

Remember that membership-based businesses need to nurture the relationship with the customer to keep them happy with their subscriptions. Ensure you’ve designed your site to make their experience pleasant and easy to navigate.


Customer Relationship Management Software

Ensuring your customers have a great experience on your site is only part of the puzzle to maintaining sales and subscriptions—you should also look for software that will help nurture your relationship with them. You can do this through a customer relationship management software.

For this type of software, we recommend finding one that will foster the customer-business relationship in two ways: gathering insights on your customers and keeping track of their interactions with you and your business.

A software program like ClickFunnels CRM is ideal for because you can store notes of each contact to document conversations you have with them. This way, they feel recognized and important. If you own a coaching business, you could track your clients’ progress and help them with accountability for their goals.

You’ll also want to utilize customer relationship management software that features an aspect of e-commerce marketing automation. Your software should trace customers’ activity and present insights so you can tailor their experience. It should also use this data to automatically trigger specific funnels that will increase the likelihood of them entering your funnel and visiting your site.


Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing automation and conversion, there’s few ways to grow your business comparable to email marketing. Email marketing is how you stay in touch with your customers, convert leads into sales, announce new products and sales, and so much more. It’s an absolute must for every kind of business.

When you’re shopping around different email marketing software programs, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, like building a website, a lot of us don’t have a wealth of experience designing emails. It’s a great idea to find user-friendly software with customizable templates so your emails match your branding without spending hours on each email.

Next, this is another area where you don’t want to “drive blind”—analyzing your email marketing data is essential for success. ClickFunnels Email Marketing software and others like it will allow you to see open, click, and unsubscribe rates. You can build and split-test different email campaigns to measure the performance of each one separately. And you’ll also receive training on how to help your emails land in your leads’ inboxes instead of their junk folder.

Email Automation

It’s also crucial that you choose a software program that will support email automation. This involves things like setting up email sequences (like subscription confirmation emails, purchase confirmation emails, product and cart reminders, and more). You’ll need email automation to remind your interested leads to make purchases and to maintain good relationships with past customers. Email marketing is invaluable; email automation software is the icing on your marketing cake.


Other Marketing Software Programs

There are hundreds of other marketing software programs available. The ones you choose to implement will depend on your business and its individual needs.

An excellent marketing technique is to use entertaining and informative videos throughout your website. Two marketing software programs, Doodly and Voomly, are designed to increase engagement and time spent on your website, which may also boost your SEO’s on-page time.

Doodly helps you create professional whiteboard animations complete with royalty-free music. Its drag-and-drop design and customizable templates are perfect for beginners. This software is a great choice for coaching and course-based businesses to make their videos more appealing.

Toonly is another great video software, enabling you to create cartoon explainer videos. Toonly also features hundreds of cartoon people in dozens of poses, and you can record and sync your own voiceover audio to maximize engagement and increase sales.

Toonly is also an excellent software for coaching programs and online courses, but it can also be a fun way to demonstrate how your products improve the lives of everyday consumers.


Marketing Software: Drive with Your Eyes Open

Because your business is unique, the combination of marketing software programs you choose to grow your business will be just as individualized. But no matter your type of business, some things are universal when it comes to marketing software features.

When picking out software programs, remember that keeping track of your customers—their online actions, interests and interactions with your brand, and engagement rates—is extremely important. You wouldn’t drive with your eyes closed, so make sure you’re keeping your eyes open and focused on lead and customer data.

Remember that because you’re an entrepreneur, your business will pull you in a million different directions. If you can rely on e-commerce marketing automation software to handle much of the heavy lifting, you can inject more of your creativity, energy, and willpower into other aspects of your business.