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Secret #18: How To Make It Rain

.SECRET #18: HOW TO MAKE IT RAIN A friend of Russell’s is struggling to make $25,000 in a year and is trying to make a better life for his family. Russell gives his advice: The 2 things Russell asked his struggling friend to do Why college does not prepare you to make money The one role you […]

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Secret #17: Why Are Vacations So Hard For Entrepreneurs?

.SECRET #17: WHY ARE VACATIONS SO HARD FOR ENTREPRENEURS? Do vacations stress you out? On today’s episode of Marketing Secrets Russell talks about why, as an entrepreneur, it is so hard to go on vacation, and how he gets through it. Here are some of the cool things to listen for in this episode: Why […]

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Secret #16: Confusing Activity with Achievement

.SECRET #16: CONFUSING WITH ACTIVITY WITH ACHIEVEMENT Do you ever get frustrated with losing customers? Today, Russell talks about a counter-intuitive secret to customer retention. A lot of marketing podcasts talk about how to get traffic, but they almost never talk about this: Why customers leave Clickfunnels How a dispute with Russell’s UI designer led to an interesting […]

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Secret #15: A Marketing Secret We Learned At Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

.SECRET #15: A MARKETING SECRET WE LEARNED AT KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS A tasty treat of a lesson today… Russell takes his kids to Krispy Kreme and talks about some marketing lessons the experience reminds him of. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in this episode: How to compete against companies that have a […]

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Secret #14: How To Increase Your Tips (And Your Profit Margins)

.SECRET #14: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR TIPS (AND YOUR PROFIT MARGINS) Russell talks about marketing lessons from taking his daughter to  IHOP. Today’s episode is all about how to increase your profits while doing the same amount of work. Here’s some cool insights from today’s show: Why waiting at IHOP is a bad way to […]

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Secret #13: How To Succeed When You Have No Resources

.SECRET #13: HOW TO SUCCEED WHEN YOU HAVE NO RESOURCES “I don’t have the resources.” This is a common complaint Russell hears from people wanting to start a business. But in today’s episode, Russell shows how you don’t need resources to be an entrepreneur. Here’s some helpful tips you’ll learn today: The most important lesson […]

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Secret #12: The #1 Way To Know If You’re Going To Succeed Or Fail Before You Even Start

.SECRET #12: THE #1 WAY TO KNOW IF YOU’RE GOING TO SUCCEED OR FAIL BEFORE YOU EVEN START Russell and Steven were talking about why most they knew failed to succeed in business… Most people think it has everything to do with ability and resources. But after working with thousands of entrepreneurs, Russell has a different […]

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Secret #11: Using Your Unique Abilities And Others To Get Crap Done Fast

.SECRET #11: USING YOUR UNIQUE ABILITIES AND OTHERS TO GET CRAP DONE FAST People keep asking, “Russell how do you get so much stuff done?” Today, Russell reveals his simple secret for getting so much done quickly. Here are some goodies you’ll learn today:  How Russell gets more done by doing less “stuff”  The one […]

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Secret #10: Conversation Domination And The Dream 100

.SECRET #10: CONVERSATION DOMINATION AND THE DREAM 100 Why is it so difficult to dominate a new traffic platform after you crushed it on a different one? Even experienced marketers struggle with this. But on today’s episode, Russell shares his big epiphany on why it’s so hard to do cross-platform promotions. Today’s episode covers: Why Russell’s […]

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Secret #9: Entrepreneurial Scars

.SECRET #9: ENTREPRENEURIAL SCARS Why do entrepreneurs struggle to achieve success again after failing? On this episode Russell talks about the inner battle entrepreneurs face with past regrets. Russell shares his own experiences and observations, including: Why the founding fathers gave us the gift of bankruptcy Why Russell spent an hour and a half on stage talking about his failures How […]


Secret #8: A Little Known Marketing Secret I Learned From Seinfeld… (And It Has Nothing To Do With Email)

.SECRET #8: A LITTLE KNOWN MARKETING SECRET I LEARNED FROM SEINFELD… (AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EMAIL) People are asking Russell, “how does this funnel stuff work for ecommerce people?” On this episode Russell shares an important lesson ecommerce sellers can learn from Seinfeld. Plus, other cool stuff like… Why Russell just spent $4,000 buying […]


Secret #7: Cool Stuff We Learned During Our “7 Day Launch”

.SECRET #7: COOL STUFF WE LEARNED DURING OUR “7 DAY LAUNCH” Russell’s Inner Circle members have been begging to see behind the scenes of his recent 7 day launch. On today’s episode, Russell gives the details on what worked and what didn’t on the launch of his recent coaching program. Here are some highlights: A cool idea Russell […]

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Secret #6: How To Do SEO The Right Way By Using The Dream 100

.SECRET #6: HOW TO DO SEO THE RIGHT WAY BY USING THE DREAM 100 Russell swore he’d never do this again… But he’s spending this weekend immersing himself in SEO stuff. Today’s value-packed episode covers: Why Russell is geeking out on SEO again (even though he hated it and swore he’d never touch it again) Russell’s “Dream 100” strategy […]


Secret #5: You Gotta Have Faith… Marketing Faith

.SECRET #5: YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH… MARKETING FAITH Russell shares an interesting experience: Someone wants to join Russell’s Inner Circle but is afraid to make the investment because he doesn’t know what will happen. Russell explains why he doesn’t guarantee success or give away answers before people join his coaching program. Today’s episode includes: Why […]


Secret #4: Planting Seeds Of Doubt

.SECRET #4: PLANTING SEEDS OF DOUBT An interesting debate came up on Facebook… You’re not the #1 player in your market. What do you do? Should you attack your competitors? Say nothing? Russell weighs in with his answer on today’s show. Here’s some cool strategies he reveals: What to do if you’re the #2 competitor (and what […]

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Secret #3: The What And How

What’s the secret to going from zero to a million dollars? On this episode Russell talks about the only two things you need to focus on to build a million dollar company from the ground up. Here are some highlights The ONE thing you need to do every week to build your million dollar company The #1 reason people […]

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Secret #2: How to Turn 3,000 Email Clicks into 300,000 Visitors

Russell just had an epiphany about email marketing… On today’s episode Russell reveals his new email strategy to multiply his traffic. Here are a few highlights: The ONE person who’s dominating every social media channel (and how Russell is imitating him) The drawbacks of email A powerful way to combine Facebook and email to multiply traffic […]

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Secret #1: How To Outspend EVERYONE Profitably

Is it possible to start a business without raising money? In today’s episode, Russell explains how you can outspend all your competitors without needing to take a single dollar from venture capitalists. Here a few cool secrets you’ll learn today: Why taking money from venture capitalists is like cheating How to build a business without accepting […]


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