ClickFunnels Startup Story – Part 1 of 4

Listen in as Andrew Warner from Mixergy interviews Russell on the ClickFunnels startup story!

On today’s episode you will hear part 1 of 4 of Russell’s interview with Andrew Warner about the Clickfunnels start up story. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this part of the story:

  • Find out how and why Russell got started with online marketing in the first place.
  • Hear from Collette why she didn’t consider Russell a loser, even though he had no job and she was working 2 jobs to support him.
  • And see how after Russell’s company had reached over 100 employees, the whole thing came crashing down.

So listen here to hear the beginnings of Russell’s role as entrepreneur, and how he has been able to overcome many of the obstacles thrown his way.