irresistible offer

The “Offer” That Helped End World War 1 (Hint: It Included Toilet Paper)

Creating an offer is the secret behind getting anything you want… including prisoners of war.

On today’s episode, Russell talks about how Harry Reichenbach helped end World War I with an offer that German soldiers couldn’t refuse. Here are some of the awesome and surprising things to look for in this episode:

  • What was in Reichenbach’s offer that gave him the ability to convince German soldiers that it would be better to be prisoners of war than to continue fighting.
  • How everything in life is pretty much about selling someone an irresistible offer.
  • And how Russell Brunson could easily convince you to purchase an iPhone from him for double the cost of every other iPhone being sold.

So listen here to find out how hook, story and offer can convince someone to marry you, go to the movies with you, or even end a war.