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WARNING: This is an advanced strategy to geometrically grow your business in ways that most people aren’t even thinking about.

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For those who are looking how do I get from momentum to domination? This is the strategy, these are some of the things I'm looking at and I'm playing with right now to be able to go from good to great. We've had a chance inside of the English market for the most part with Russell Brunson as the front end to get to almost 200 million dollars a year in sales. For me to get to a billion dollars, I got to clone myself a bunch of times. So how do I do that?


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Last episode I talked about getting into momentum and I promised you that I'd do that episode today talking about the transition from momentum to actual domination. And so that's what we'll be talking about. Hopefully you are excited, hope you're prepared, and hope you are ready for some fun.

Okay, what's up everybody? So like I said in the intro, we are going to be talking about the transition from momentum in your marketplace to actual domination and some of the back stories for this. Like I said, I'm a wrestler. In fact, I just got done at a four and a half hour wrestling practice today. I've got the high school practice in the mornings from... We're at Thanksgiving week right now as I'm recording this so the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday prior, we have wrestling with the high schoolers from nine to 11 and then the middle schoolers from 11 to one.

And since I have high schoolers and middle schoolers, I'm there for four, four and a half hours every day right now wrestling. And so my mind's on wrestling because that's where we're in the middle of it. But for those have wrestled, I'm sure this is true in most sports, but in wrestling what'll happen traditionally is you'll go out there and you'll start wrestling somebody and you're moving him and both guys... Start a match, you're both a lot of energy, you're both going through the whole process. And what I need to do is I have to figure out how to get into momentum. So I'm moving and getting the jump around, I'm getting him to step and everything like that, I'm trying to open him up with my setups and eventually I start taking shots. And if you can get into somebody and you take somebody down, then what happens traditionally is then you start getting momentum and then you start doing better and better.

And I think that's why they said 70% of matches, whoever gets the first take down ends up winning the match because it gets you into momentum and you start winning. And so that's the first thing and that's why I talked in the last episode about the need and the desire to get ourselves into momentum, get us moving forward. But then the second half is, as you are into momentum doesn't mean you're going to win, there's still other things that can happen. And so what I found is after I get into momentum, I have to start putting the pressure on somebody. I start putting more pressure, I start pulling on their head and pulling on their neck, start snapping more and doing all these things. And over time what'll happen is, and I did an episode on this probably six or seven years ago, I can't remember what the episode was called, but I did an episode on this talking about how you break somebody and you start putting pressure and you start driving and pulling on the head and eventually you can feel this spot where your opponent actually breaks.

And for in wrestling happens because their back and their neck, everything gets sore, you're putting so much pressure on them that they just can't handle it anymore. And it starts mentally, but it follows physically, they break and all of a sudden the person goes from being a good competitor to they become really easy and you just kind of start picking up pace and you just beat them. And that's the goal. You start a match and you get into momentum and then you transition that momentum into actual domination and then you win. And so that's what you do in wrestling and the same thing is true in business. And I told you guys that with last year our goal was all about getting ourselves into momentum, having more success.

And then ClickFunnels 2.0 launched and I had this call with my team, I don't know, two or three weeks after the launch was done and over and we finished a bunch of our events and got everyone on our team on a call and I wanted to thank everybody for their work. And I said, now that we've gotten to momentum, we can't stop. Now is we have transitioned from momentum to domination. We have a long way to still go before we win this match. Launching it into the universe and getting it out there is big, but if we want to dominate the market, if we want to become the category king, if we want to take up the market share, now it's transitioning into putting this pressure on and increasing what we're doing. And so I told you guys during the last episode that there were two things that happened during the ClickFunnels 2.0 launch that kind of opened up my eyes to this.

The first one was my interview with Damon John. How many of you guys had a chance to listen to the interview? Hopefully you did. If not, maybe I'll have my brother pull that and use that as an episode. It was really, really good. But I had a chance to interview Damon about his business and how he built FUBU from the ground up to 6 billion dollars in sales. And it was interesting because he shared a lot of tactics and techniques and things he did, but one of the things that he shared, it was a little thing he said, and I actually, I missed it the first time. I did the interview, he said it and I didn't think too much of it, and then when I actually watched the interview back during the year First Funnel Challenge is where he said it again, I was like, "Oh my gosh, he's brilliant."

So what he did is he took FUBU, and I think FUBU was initially just a jeans line or something and he said, "Then I went and I licensed it." And so I thought licensing it meant he took it and he licensed it to China and to Japan and to Brazil and to all around the world. And he did, that was one of his strategies was licensing it country to country to country. But he didn't just license country to country. He told me that was part of the strategy, but he said the second part of the strategy was he actually licensed it to the other departments inside of the actual store. So he got the jeans, the jeans FUBU, and he walked around the store, he's like, "Well there's a shoe company here. I'm not going to go build a shoe company, but I'm going to license the FUBU branch to the shoe company, and then I'm going to license the FUBU brand to the backpack company and then going to license to the T-shirt company and license it to all the other departments inside of the store."

So that way when someone walks into the store, it doesn't matter what they're going to buy, there's FUBU everywhere. But they only produced one thing at FUBU, right? Everything else was licensing, and that was the ah-ha. It was licensing it country by country, but then also licensing it within all of the other verticals that are close around you. And so there's one of the hints. And then the second time I got with this was the last day of my inner circle after I got done, I jumped on a plane and flew out to the Napoleon Hill Foundation, which was so cool. And it was interesting though because I had a chance to go out and meet the board of directors, everyone who runs the foundation, whatever it's called. I met those people how they do it and I had a chance to see how they've grown that business.

And it's interesting because they built that business all through licensing as well. What'll happen is Napoleon Hill Foundation will go through his works, his writings, and they'll publish a book or a course or something and they take that and then they license it to different countries. So they license to Brazil and to Japan and to Canada and to North America and South America and they license to all these other countries and then everyone else goes out and doing the selling. And they get an upfront licensing fee and then they also go and they get royalties on every single sale that happens. And so it was really cool seeing that twice, seeing Damon Johnson, how he built his billion dollar empire, seeing how Napoleon Hill Foundation has kept his work alive for so long. It's all about these ideas of licensing what you're doing.

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