This was the first time I saw the depth of Russell’s addiction to marketing. It all started with a super funnel…a new idea for the homepage of

-From the desk of Julie, writer and coach at Clickfunnels HQ

Russell pulls up the Trello card, looks at his notes, and then leans back in his chair with a far off look in his eyes.

“I want to make sure we’re educating people BEFORE they start the trial…we’ll need a pre-sell page. It’s a combination of teaching and sales….”

His voice trails off.

I can tell I’m losing him…his mind isn’t in Boise anymore, it’s in the deep recesses of his 20 year obsession of collecting emails and junk mail and marketing materials. He’s looking for something.

To break the silence, I say,

“Okay cool…so we just write that pre-sell page right before they sign up for the trial…?”

…but I can tell that it’s not enough. We can’t just WRITE something.

“Yes, but I need to find something we can mimic.”

We need to funnelhack first.

It takes him not even a second for him to recall what he needs…”Todd Brown. I need to see Todd Brown.”


Trying to figure out where he can find the type of page he sees in his mind.

Doing the EXACT thing he tells all of us to do, he – the marketing genius – does it.

Dave comes into the office, momentarily snapping Russell back to Earth to ask a question.

They talk for a few minutes…and then…

As he heads out the door, Russell says,

“You know…can you see if we can get funnelhacking as a word in the dictionary?”

In most offices, outrageous requests like this would be considered a joke.

Not to Dave. “I’m on it.”

We’re back to Funnelhacking.

At this point, I’ve rolled my chair away from my desk and I’m sitting with Russell watching him pull up one of his inboxes.


That’s how many emails he has.

“I know Todd Brown did a great pre-sell page once…back in like…I don’t know… 2008 or 2010.”

In 2008, I was not trying to be a marketer. I was trying to survive motherhood.

Russell still has emails from 2008.

After a few searches, he can’t find the link he’s looking for…

But he does find mention of a course name.

That’s all he needs.

Wayback Machine pops open in a new browser and he types in a domain related to the keyword.

“You know, for the amount I use this website, I really should give them some money, but they don’t ask for it the right way. Just asking me to donate is lame. Give me a t-shirt about helping to archive the Internet and I’ll give you $200.”

Marketing lesson in the middle of our hunt for the 2008 pre-sell page.

Wayback machine…please make a t-shirt and listen to Russell.

He pulls up some old pages, but they are just squeeze pages – and we need the page AFTER the squeeze.

Next thing I know, he’s got the source code of the page open in a new tab on his third monitor.

He’s looking for anything that looks like a sales page link.

Mumbles something incoherently about thank you page links leaving a trail in the code all the time.

I’m just watching – trying not to look as impressed as I am.

After searching for a few minutes, he finds a link that looks promising….

Goes back to his email, and pastes it in the search bar.

An email…from 2008…from Todd Brown….pops up.

The excitement is palpable. 

It’s a literal treasure hunt for a decade old pre-sell page that Russell saw once in his head and needs RIGHT NOW to help us build this new super funnel.

We put the link in the wayback machine and the page loads excruciatingly slowly.

…will it be the one?

….we wait…


…it appears.

Russell doesn’t get very outwardly excited much (I know I know…those of you who think he’s hyper…he’s not)….

But I can tell he’s happy.

“YES! This is what I mean.”

For those of you who want to understand the art behind funnelhacking, this is it.

I learned so much watching this one funnelhacking treasure hunt.

  • If you aren’t committed to staying a student of the craft, you have nothing to draw from
  • The Wayback Machine is one of the most useful websites on the Internet
  • Don’t throw away emails
  • If you want people to donate money, give them a freaking awesome t-shirt
  • Before you start a new funnel, look for inspiration

Most importantly? If the greatest funnel builder in the world funnelhacks, you should too.

*The batcave is the name he’s given to the Zoom room he and his whole team sits in…all day long.