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How We Create Presentations That Are SUPER Sexy, That Get Attention And Make It Simple To Teach. On this episode Russell talks about all the work that goes into putting his presentations together for Funnel Hacking Live. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

-- Why Russell spends so much time on the headline and the framework of a presentation.

-- Why it is so important to make sure the headline is sexy.

-- And why if he has a framework put together, Russell can do a 90 minute presentation without even having slides.

So listen here to find out the process Russell goes through to create a headline and framework for a presentation.

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Best Quote:

I think so many times I see people like, “My funnel’s not working.” and I go and look at it and it’s just so bland. Of course not, you don’t have a good hook, you don’t have a good headline, you don’t have a good design, there’s nothing interesting or intriguing, there’s no story behind it. What’s the whole thing?


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Hey this is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets Podcast, so excited to have you guys here today. Before we get started make sure you go to iTunes, if you’re listening to this podcast. Rate, review, like us, let us know what you think, it means a lot to me. I read the comments and it helps me to know what you want and what to give you more of.

Today we’re going to be talking about the framework behind the new conversation domination presentation, going to show you what we did, how we did it, how we made it sexy and a whole bunch more.

Hey everyone this is Russell. I’m so excited to be here today. We are less than two weeks away from Funnel Hacking Live going live, which is crazy. All sorts of craziness is happening. To start it off, of course I don’t like doing anything normal, I want as much pressure as possible because for some reason when a lot of things are happening I’m able to focus and get stuff done. So we decided this week to do ; a keto fast/reboot diet and I tricked about 9 other people besides me into doing it. Because Prove It just came out with their new Keto Reboot kit, so I wanted to try it out, and they asked if I’d help write some stuff for them and help on a funnel and stuff so I’m like, “Let me try it out.”

So they shipped us out a bunch of reboot kits, so for the last 60 hours, it’s a 60 hour fast, and all you do is have all these different Keto products and it’s like, you have a keto drink in the morning and then you’ve got a keto bone broth, which was shockingly good, and then another keto drink and these little pills and this keto tea at night, which was good too. Anyway, you do that for 60 hours. So we just broke our 60 hour fast and just had bacon, eggs and avocados, my three favorite foods all in one super meal, which was awesome.

Now I’m heading into the office to work on my slides and presentation and stuff like that. But I wanted to share something with you guys today, because maybe it will give you a little hope or faith or knowledge, I don’t know. Whatever it is you need to get through what it is you’re doing. So I’ve got 6 presentations I’m giving at Funnel Hacking Live, and I just started on them basically on Monday. So I got a two week window to get them all done. And maybe you’re like, “oh that’s easy, six presentations in two weeks.”

But each presentation for me is usually between 150-300 slides. So these aren’t micro, these are macro, big, big, big projects I’m trying to get done. For me, if I were planning this for the last six months it never got done. For me it’s all about just in time, getting things you need done just in time. So now it’s like, okay it’s go time. I have to get these done, I have no other option. Now is the time to start creating them.

So I just wanted to share the process because maybe that will help some of you guys. So it’s been 48 hours and at the end of the 48 all I have done is for my presentation number one, I have a title, the title slide, a headline, and a doodle graph of the, what’s the word I’m looking for? Of the process I’m going to be teaching, not the process, that’s not the word, of the system. Dangit, there’s a word, it’ll come to me.

But basically this is what I’m teaching and the doodle in the whiteboard thing. That’s what I got done in 48 hours and people are like, “You’re never going to get these slides done in time Russell. If you spent 48 hours on that.” And it’s true, but the slides take a lot of grunt work, but not a lot of thinking. It’s kind of like, what image can I put in here to remember my brain to talk about this concept, and what’s the headline? Things like that that pull you through the presentation.

The bigger part is the structure, what’s the structure or what you’re going to be teaching people? What’s the hook? How do you make it sexy? So for me it’s like, yeah maybe that’s the thing. The structure, the hook, and try to be sexy. So the structure was the biggest thing. So I was trying to think conceptually what do I want to teach and how do I want to teach it?

So I had this huge whiteboard and we mapped it all out and I was like, okay that’s awesome but super complex. Then I took a big pad of paper and shrunk it out again. I was like, it’s awesome but it’s still too complex. I got it down, down, down until finally it was like this really simple, here’s the process, here’s the framework, I think that’s the word I’m looking for. Here’s the framework of how I’m going to teach this concept.

For example, this presentation I’m working on, for the first 48 hours is called Conversation Domination, and it’s basically how to dominate the conversation everywhere, on every single platform, every single channel, all at the same time. And I bought, one of my friends used to own a product called Conversation Domination and I bought the brand and the domain and stuff from him, so that was going to be the title of it.

Then I needed a structure, a framework, so they took all that time, a day and a half to get the frame to simplify where it’s like, ah here’s the framework, which if you look at all my books, Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, it’s all about a framework. The little doodles are my framework, and I can teach off of the framework.

So now I got the framework and then I need, how to make this sexy. Conversation domination is sexy, but we needed a really sexy headline and so in fact, I’m going to go inside and find a headline right now, so I can read it to you guys. But we had to get the headline because that’s part of the hook right there, getting the headline that’s going to capture people so that when they see the presentation they’ll be like, “Oh crap, I actually do want to hear that. I want to know what he’s going to be talking about.”

So that was the next piece, pulling out the headline. I’m walking through the office right now. We’re live everybody, what’s up? Anyway, so we’re pulling out the headline and that was kind of the next step in the process. So let me come in here and show you guys who are watching. If you’re listening I will read it to you. Here we are in the office.

Alright, so the headline ended up being, and this is after probably 2 1/2 -3 hours of headlining back and forth with a whole bunch of people, again, it’s not just a fast process, most of the time it’s going into these little things that set up the framework for everything else. So Conversation Domination, this is the headline we came up with, “How to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every platform that they live on. Warning, this aggressive approach is only for those that truly believe in their message.” So for those who are watching, here’s a little picture of it you can see. For those listening, that’s the headline.

So that became the headline and then it was like, okay now I’ve got the title, the hook or the headline, and then we’ve got the framework for me to teach and then the last thing, we gotta make it sexy and this is where design comes in. We need to make this thing look amazing.

So kind of the storyline behind this presentation, and I’ll get to that, I’m not going to tell you too much of the storyline because I can go on for hours about that. But for those who are going to Funnel Hacking Live, the presentation you’ll hear the story behind it, but it basically likens social media to TV’s back in 1965.

So how it works, if you look at the design here, you can see it’s designed like an old TV set and it just looks awesome. So I had this and I got the title and the headline done and I sent it over to Julie Stoian, who is not in Boise this week, against her wishes. She wanted to be here, but we had too much stuff. But I sent it to her and then she wrote back, she said, in all caps, “How do you make everything so sexy?” And I said, “Ha, that’s the big secret.” And then she shared with me a screenshot from someone in her group that said, from Karen Wolf Milner it said, “How is that Russell Brunson can make the seven phases of a funnel sound so sexy? LOL, I’m becoming slightly obsessed with funnels.”That was literally 12 minutes ago in my group.

So what I want to share, the whole point of this podcast I want to share is like, you have to make your thing sexy. I could have been like, “Here’s how to drive traffic to your offers.” Bleh. Or, “Here’s how to be seen on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.” Blah, boring. It’s got to be something that captures people, that’s different and unique that people will remember forever.

I think so many times I see people like, “My funnel’s not working.” and I go and look at it and it’s just so bland. Of course not, you don’t have a good hook, you don’t have a good headline, you don’t have a good design, there’s nothing interesting or intriguing, there’s no story behind it. What’s the whole thing?

This presentation, literally I start with the title. “Hey you guys this is a presentation called Conversation Domination. I’m going to show you how to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every social platform that they’re living on. Warning, this aggressive approach is only for those that truly believe in their message.” Then I go into the story. “So I want to tell you guys this story. There’s this clip….blah, blah, blah.” And tell the story about TV in 1965 and explain that whole thing and now all the sudden there’s intrigue, there’s interest, and now I can move to the framework.

For those who are looking at the framework, for those who are watching live, excuse me watching on the video, you can see a picture of the framework here. I clear off all my mess, sorry. A week before events things become a mess because I got 8 thousand papers open everywhere. But here’s the framework, and that framework started out as this framework on this whiteboard here, then it shifted into a whole bunch of pads of paper like this to try to simplify it more and more and more until I finally got to this, and that’s the framework I’m going to teach.

So what’s cool about it now, when I do my presentation, this is all I have to teach. If I did no slides, I could just go up on a whiteboard and map this out, and explain this piece and this piece and this piece. That’s how I could do it really simply. If I wanted to do it complex, I could go make 5 or 6 slides explaining each one, showing pictures for visual demonstrations of each thing, which is probably what I’ll end up doing. But worst case, I have the framework, so now I could go and I could present this tonight and I could do a 90 minute presentation with nothing but this framework.

When I teach a lot of times people think, “How in the world do you get on stage without any preparation and speak for like an hour?” or 2 hours or 5 hours. I’m like, “Well, I sit in the back before and try to fill out a framework of what I want to create.” I remember Brendon Burchard used to tell me, “The framework is your savior.”

If you’ve got a framework like this you always know where you’re going. You just put the thing in, you talk, talk, talk, talk and then you stop and you’re like, “Okay, what’s the next thing? Okay, here’s the next thing, next thing, next thing.” So for me, my framework is always these doodle graphs. I could go and if someone wanted me to teach a lesson, teach a three day event tomorrow on Dotcom Secrets, I wouldn’t have to rehearse anything. I would just go get the book, pull out the framework, pull out the images, and just talk off the images as you show it. It would not be hard because the framework shows me where my mind needs to go, what I need to talk about, how it all fits together, it makes it very, very clear.

So for you guys, I want you thinking, when you’re making presentations, you’re trying to sell stuff, trying to create things, some of the things you need to be thinking about. It’s gotta be sexy, it’s gotta have a sexy hook that grabs them, that looks interesting. A headline that like sucks them in. A story that gets them to care about it, and then there’s the framework where you deliver all the big promises you gave them during the headline.

So anyway, I hope that kind of helps, because I know even people here on my team internally are like, “Why have you spent 48 hours and all you have is a headline and some doodles.” And I’m like, “Because that’s the most important part. Everything else is just details.” So there you go. I hope that helps you guys.

I have to go on lock down and now make 150 slides for this presentation and then do the same process for the other 5. Actually, I’m going to this process for the other 5 first, because this is the hardest part. This is the brainwork, then it’s just like again, now that I have this the brainwork is gone. Next week I have to go and grab images for all these things and slap them into slides and make them look amazing. So the brainwork is the hard part.

Alright guys, that’s all I got. Thanks so much for listening today. If you are not subscribed on iTunes, again go to iTunes, search for Marketing Secrets and subscribe to the podcast and please, rate, review if you like this. That’ll get me excited to keep on making cool stuff. Thanks you guys, appreciate you all and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


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