My New Favorite “Plata O Plomo” Story

If you want to see the impact that ‘plata o plomo’ had on one of our funnel hackers, listen to this episode.

On this episode Russell talks about setting lead or gold, or plata o plomo deadlines in order to be able to achieve your ultimate goals. Here are some of the awesome things you can look forward to hearing on today’s episode:

  • Get an update on one of Russell’s friends that was previously discussed on the podcast.
  • Find out how Russell’s friend was able to give himself a plata o plomo situation in order to find some success.
  • And hear why Russell still sets lead or gold deadlines for himself, and why they could work for you in your business as well.

So listen here to find out what plata o plomo means, and why it’s so effective in helping people achieve their goals.