We’re at 132 people on our team, so here are a couple of things that I’ve learned about building a team. They say that an A Player can get 3200 times more done than a B Player. So a lot of times we try to cheap out and get B Players because they’re super cheap, but then they don’t actually get anything done. So we try to only recruit A Players. Anyone who is on my team is an A Player, which is awesome.

For you to replace an A Player you’d have to hire 5 to 10 people to get the equivalent of one really good person. So pay people really good and get good people, because that’s the number one biggest thing. The number two biggest thing, I’m a big believer and I tell people this all the time, get people who are already your customers to work for you. I would say probably 85% of our team were Clickfunnels members first, before they started working for us.

There are a few reasons why. If they are already buying your stuff, part of your culture, part of your family, they know what you believe and your values. It’s so much easier bringing someone like that into your team than it is to bring someone off a local ad and try to convince them you’re awesome. We had someone we hired like that and it was crazy. She’s not here anymore. She left because she said we were horrible people because we try to sell things. If you hire someone who is on your list, they’re a customer already. They know you sell stuff and probably bought your stuff and think it’s awesome.

So those are the two things, hire A Players, and email your list, your customers. I promise you that your dream clients are on your list and they will do anything to work with you and be part of the mission and cause that you are creating.