We have a whole bunch of good people inside our Inner Circle that are killing it. Alex Harmosi, is launching gyms with a pre-launch model, he’s first in the world. But basically the concept is do a challenge, do a funnel inviting people to do a challenge. Then I would go give Alex Harmosi as much money as he wanted to do the whole thing for me. If I had a gym that’s what I would be doing.

That’s the concept. You set up a pre-launch funnel. You’re a trainer so you know more than me, but when people decide to join a gym it’s at certain times of life. New Years Day they sign up for a new year’s resolution, or there’s a wedding in three months and I gotta lose a bunch of weight, or back to school, or swimsuit season. I would be launching some type of challenge prior to that to prepare people. “Summer is coming up in two months, now’s the time to sign up here.” Get them to opt-in and bring them to your location and sign them up for the actual paid challenge they can do at your gym.

That’s what I’d be doing. Looking at the event, step back however many months, put together a challenge, and run Facebook ads like crazy. Facebook for local gyms is killing it. That’s how Alex is filling up all these gyms. He has a 100% success rate and is getting an average of 150 clients in the door the first week. Facebook ads, do a challenge page, from the challenge page get people to call or text, get them in there and then sign them up. That’s how the process works.