Whether you should have many funnels or a single huge one depends on where you are in your life.
I recommend documenting the process of you figuring this stuff out. That’s Gary V 101. That’s what I’m doing all the time. We’re documenting between this camera, I’m just documenting the journey to share with people.
In my Two Comma Club coaching, the first step going from 0 to a million dollars. The whole goal of this step is to figure out the what and the how. What am I actually selling and how am I selling it. So your question is if I do a whole bunch of things right now, should I keep doing that?
It depends. If you don’t know what to sell or how to sell it yet. Yeah, keep doing a bunch of things. The first 7 or 8 years of my business I was launching different products to different markets. We had 12 businesses in 12 different markets that we launched in a year (which is a horrible idea, do not do that.) We were all over the place, but by doing that, I was able to figure out one or two businesses that are the right ones… and eventually the ONE.
It’s okay to be doing a few different things if you don’t know what your actual business is going to be. If your business hasn’t gone to a million dollars yet in a year, you haven’t figured out your what and how yet.
Once you reach a million bucks, you transition to phase number two. This is where you turn the blinders on, you delete every other business. You shut them down, hide them, burn them, sell them, get rid of them. This is hard for us entrepreneurs. But you have to focus.
The good news is that when you focus you start to have fun. When Clickfunnels became my thing, we sold, killed, deleted, destroyed everything besides Clickfunnels. But then I started focusing on the three ways to get people into your business.
Jay Abraham taught me that there’s three ways to grow a company:
  1. Get more customers
  2. Get them to spend more
  3. Get them to buy more often
I call these acquisition funnels, ascend funnels, and monetization funnels. Then your focus is on what funnels can you create to get more people into your thing.
So the first phase, as you’re jumping off it’s okay to be uncertain about what you’re going to sell. But as soon as you reach a million dollars in 12 months with a product, then you transition to focusing and going deep.