The reason I am able to do a lot of stuff is because I implement and launch before I move on to the next thing. I implement faster than any human being on planet earth. Buying everything and learning everything doesn’t do anything. We talked about this in the last Inner Circle meeting, this is good for everyone.

Here’s the progression of companies from zero to a million, a million to ten, ten to a hundred. So zero to a million the first thing you’re trying to figure out is the what and the how. What are you selling? And how are you selling it? You’ll know when you figure that out because going from zero to a million dollars is really simple. But prior to that, it could take up to 10 years, but as soon as you figure out what it is you’re selling and what the sell mechanism is. The what and the how.

What am I selling, that people actually want? Not the stuff I want to create, but what do the people actually want? That’s the what. And then how am I actually selling it? What’s the process, the funnel, the mechanism I’m going to use to sell it? As soon as you figure out exactly what people want and how they want to get it, it blows up. You get to a million bucks fast.

If you read Expert Secrets, that’s what it’s all about. During phase number one you’re figuring out who you are as the leader of your cause. You’re finding a new opportunity, creating the opportunity. So this is in Expert Secrets, go back and read it and it will help you figure out the what and the how.

The next phase we focus on is acquisition, ascension and monetization funnels. And phase number three we talk about scaling traffic. So for you, you’ve got to realize where you are in the business right now. This comes back to being a hyper buyer. I sell a lot of stuff because I have people who are in all different phases of this. You don’t have to buy everything but look where you are in your business. Some things I create are for people here to get them to figure out the what and how to sell stuff. So we have programs, products, books that are all focused on it if that’s the phase you’re in, in your business, trying to figure out the what and how to get you to make a million bucks quickly.

Buy products and services that help facilitate that and then implement them like crazy. Don’t start focusing on other things because you have to figure that piece out first. So for me, when I make an investment decision I look at where I am in my business. Is this thing coming across my desk, is it the next logical step for me to take? If it is then I jump in, if it’s not then I say it’s not for me right now. Maybe in the future it will make sense, but not now.

A big piece of it is understanding that and then becoming, not a hyper buyer but a hyper implementer. So you get the thing, stop and implement it. Don’t do anything else with blinders on until that thing is implemented and launched. So look at the stuff you have and put them in chronological order. Don’t just learn everything because you get overwhelmed. Figure out where you are and if this thing will help you get the next step in your journey. If it is, jump in and if not, put it away and don’t worry about it right now.