If you’re selling a product that people only need once, there’s a couple things I would do.

The first thing is start thinking about what else they need.
Right now my house is being demolished, we’re putting in a whole new kitchen. So before somebody decides to demolish and get a kitchen, what else do they about? What do they need? Cabinets, countertops, they start looking for things.
So I would make some kind of landing page that was the top 100 coolest looking cabinets I was able to find online. I’d go to Pinterest and search a bunch of cabinets and make a page with a simple opt in box that’s says, “Opt in here to see the 100 coolest cabinets.”
I saw this work in the real estate market. There’s a guy locally here who didn’t want to sell $100,000 homes. So decided to make a funnel where people opt in to get an email every week for the most expensive houses for sale in Boise. Smart. Because who are the people who opt in to see the most expensive houses in Boise? The people who have money.
So I opted in, and every week you get an email saying “Here’s the 8 houses that are going to sell for over a million dollars.” The guy actually interviewed me on a radio show. I asked him how the whole thing worked. He said, “Yeah, it’s cool because I don’t have to go out and show $100,000 houses. The only people who call me are people who want million, two million, three million dollar houses. I’m just emailing them. I built a list of over 5,000 people here locally in Boise and every week I email them out the most expensive houses. I make deals all day long.”
So I’d do the same thing with cabinetry. Show them all a bunch of cool stuff. Since you’re the guy sending those things then they’re going to reach out to you. That’s the first thing.
The second thing I’d do is build a high ticket funnel. I would find somebody where I did the most amazing job. I would go to their home, I would film the cabinets, before and after. Then I’d have this cool video showing these custom cabinets. Then I’d say “Click here to see our most recent work.” When they come to the page there’s a video that shows the transformation of a home, before and after.
Below it be like, “If you would like me to come to your house, unfortunately we can’t do everybody’s because we’re really busy. We’re a one man shop which is why this looks so good and we only do one a month. But if you’re interested in being one of our twelve people this year, apply below. Tell us why you think your’s would be the best because I want ones where can do dramatic changes.” Actually, I wouldn’t do just their name and email, I would have them apply.
You’ll want to position your pitch it to get the right customer you want. Like “We’re looking for higher end homes. We’re looking for rehabs.” Whatever it is for the kind of customer you want, position it that way, have them apply.
Now instead of trying to pitch them on why they need expensive cabinets you’re like, “Hey, how’s it going? We do one person a month, as you probably saw in the video. We have an opening in June and one in December. I’m curious why you would think you would be the right person for us to do this for. Because what we do is art. You can go find someone for $50 to put in cabinets, but if you want something amazing, this is it. I need to know why you’re the right person. Because we want to case study this, we want to show it because we’re artists and that’s how it works.”
And guess what, people will pay a lot more for art than they will for anyone else. And then it’s take away selling. Now they’re pitching you on why you should do cabinets for them… which means they’ll spend more and everyone will be happy.