Hack-a-thons are typically all night binges of building funnels, which is really fun. So how do you get in state? I did a podcast on this on Marketing In Your Car. There’s an episode called NZT Time that talks about it. If you guys have ever watched the movie Limitless, if not go watch it, then watch the one season of the Limitless TV show on Netflix. There’s a guy who gets NZT and takes the pill and becomes the smartest man on earth for 8 hours.

For me, it’s the same type of thing. If I just need to get focused to get a project done or whatever, I think about NZT time. I come in and I don’t necessarily take a nap ahead of time, but I do know I need to physically change my state to be able to do that. So that might be music. Music changes state. My song is Seven Nation Army and I crank it up, which gets me into state, gets blood pumping, we jump around and get excited.

I never drank caffeine until 2 ½ years ago and now I like it. So right now I’m drinking Rhino Rush, it’s really good. I like Keto, the caffeine kind. It gives you a physical response, I’m trying to change my state so I can focus. If you just come in and work and do stuff, that’s not the same. So I want to NZT time, I’m trying to focus. It doesn’t have to be caffeine, you could drink water or kool aid, whatever does it for you. Something to just alter your state, so you know you’re in a different environment. If you’re always in the same environment, you’ll get the same results.

There are reasons why when I try to sell somebody something, I try to pull them to different environments. I take them to an event or get them on a webinar or phone call. We’re shifting environments because it’s all about state control, how you control yourself. For me, if I want to get in the zone when I gotta be able to pull 48 hours without sleeping, I gotta shift my state to be able to attack that and dominate it. So go back to, scroll back to the episode called NZT Time and listen to it and hear in a lot more detail exactly what I do and why I do it.