If you’re a photographer, don’t be a generalist.
First, choose a specialty. Don’t be someone who takes pictures of everything. You could do event photography, kid photography, wedding photography, back to school pictures…
Second, go get a whole bunch of cool pictures done. But don’t just take the pictures, bring a video camera and capture the experience of the taking of pictures.
It’s the feeling that people are connecting with. Why would they give you three times as much money when the other guy has the same camera?
People pay more because you’re a specialist in what they’re actually looking for.
Also, people want to have a good experience.
I don’t know about you, but getting pictures sucks. Especially when you have 5 kids like I do. You gotta do hair, and you gotta comb their clothes and they’re all angry and it’s hot and they’re tired. It’s a bad experience.
In fact, we haven’t gotten family pictures since 2 year old was born. There’s this negative experience that’s kept us from getting it done.
Imagine I went to a place and saw someone picking up the kids in a limo and playing with the kids. I’m going to think, “Wow, this guy’s awesome with kids. I’m not going to have to cram Swedish fish down my kids’ mouths to keep them quiet. (True story.)
So think about that. People are craving experience.
I was watching Shark Tank the other day. Mark Cuban was investing in a big Halloween experience business. He said, “The future of entertainment is experiential. Movies and stuff are going to be going down and experiences are going to be going up.”
It’s not just true in entertainment, it’s true in everything.
Why are you funnel hackers? Why do you come to our events? Why do you use our software? I think it’s because we’re trying to entertain. We’re trying to have fun. When you come for our events, it’s like a rock concert. You go to other internet marketing events and it’s a bunch of boring dudes on computers.
People go to most internet marketing events once. But they come to ours over and over again. We’re creating experiences. We’re creating emotional impact and connection.
Why am I doing the “Drop the Mic Show” here on Instagram? I want you to have an emotional connection to me on Instagram so you come back every week. Why do I do Facebook Lives? Because I want to connect people on Facebook. Why do I do my YouTube videos and carry this camera with me everywhere I go (even though my wife’s says, “quit putting that camera in my face!”)? Why do I do that stuff? Because I want people on Facebook and YouTube to have an emotional connection with me.
I’m running a software company. That’s the most un-emotional product in the world. But we’re making this an emotional experience. That’s why you stay and share our stuff.
It’s all about experience.