Funnel Vision: Looking Into The Future Of Funnels…

Hint: the death of autowebinars, the rebirth of the VSL, a sneaky hack from Agora, an idea from Brad Callen that made him $35 million in 1 funnel, and a design tweak from Bryan Moran that makes 63% of your traffic more likely to buy… 🙂

On this episode Russell talks about some of the changes to Google Chrome causing problems to autoplay videos, and what he sees the future of funnels being like. Here are some awesome things to look forward to in this episode:

  • What kinds of problems the disabling of autoplay in Google Chrome has caused and how they are trying to work around them.
  • Why Russell thinks that the future of funnels means going backwards a little to more a video sales letter format.
  • And why making your site mobile friendly before desktop friendly is more important now than ever.

So listen here to find out what Russell’s funnel vision of the future would look like.