Secret #2: How to Turn 3,000 Email Clicks into 300,000 Visitors

Russell just had an epiphany about email marketing…

On today’s episode Russell reveals his new email strategy to multiply his traffic. Here are a few highlights:

  • The ONE person who’s dominating every social media channel (and how Russell is imitating him)
  • The drawbacks of email
  • A powerful way to combine Facebook and email to multiply traffic

So listen or watch above to find out what Russell thinks is in the future for email.

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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing Secrets, episode number 2. It’s going to take me a while to get used to saying Marketing Secrets as opposed to Marketing In Your Car. But I’m glad you’re here, glad we’re hanging out. I hope you guys enjoyed episode number 1 yesterday.

A lot of crazy stuff has been happening over here. As you know we finished, well we’re still in the last week of our book launch, but I’ve kind of moved on to the next funnel in the process, which is fun. But we just passed 50,000 books officially sold or 51,000 actually this morning, which is cool. Or this evening, it’s night time here, I’m actually in the office and not in the car like normal.

It has been really cool. This week we’re doing what we call a 7 day launch. It’s a new process I learned from Brendon Burchard. I’m trying it out, it’s the first time we’ve done it and it’s fun. I’ve been funnel hacking him, he did this 3 or 4 times. Funnel hacked him and got the swipe files and a whole bunch of things and we’re testing it out. So day number one happened today, some of you guys saw that. We basically sent out promotions for it and basically I sat in the conference room and taught and trained for 3 hours live. And for 3 hours for the next 2 more days, so 3 days in a row. And then tomorrow, I’m actually going to be doing a presentation where I’m going to be selling our Two Comma Club coaching. If I execute right hopefully this whole thing will go well and people will….good stuff will happen. We’ll see what all the details all pan out. But it’s a really cool way.

It’s a cool way to sell something but also give it insane amounts of value along the way, build tons of reciprocity and people will love you more, which is what marketing is all about. So it’s fun, I’m excited for it and if you guys are not watching it, go to, you can see the process in action.

Anyway, what I want to talk to you right now is, I’ve been totally geeking out on Gary Vaynerchuk the last few days. A couple reasons why, I think the biggest reason why is I’m noticing that, especially as we did, when we launched the book we did a virtual book tour and I started doing Facebook Live’s to all the different people’s audiences. It’s interesting because some people’s audiences were really bad. A lot more than I thought. And some audiences were insanely good. And I started watching who are the people that are doing this game right.

And I started looking at that and just trying to get a really clear picture, and it’s interesting because I’ve seen, there’s people that are good at different channels. Some people are good at Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, just different channels. And the only person I see who’s good at all of them consistently across the board is Gary Vaynerchuk, so I’ve been watching him. And not just from a learning, but from a watching standpoint, what he’s doing on every single platform. Gall, he’s the only person I know that I can see, find that’s just really dialed in on all of them.

I know it’s happening in other markets, I just don’t follow the other markets, where he’s got it working in all cylinders in all these different spaces. Again, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Podcasts. Anyway, across the core channels, he’s there. I did a podcast a couple of weeks ago about this. About how he kind of mentioned one of the things I listened to, your phone right here is the equivalent of the TV in the 1950’s. There were only 3 or 4 channels back then and the people who were on those channels dominated. And today it’s kind of the same thing, right now your phone has got 3 or 4 apps that people use to get all their social communication.

That’s the majority, 90% of everything happening on their cell phone, outside of games, is happening there. It’s interesting, as I’ve been learning about it, I’ve been watching him as he’s been dominating each of these channels. How can I do that. It’s funny, I’ve had a lot of people like, “Russell, I cannot keep up with your content. I don’t know how you’re doing it. You’re doing podcasts and YouTube, and Facebook Live’s and this and that. All these different things.” And it’s because I’m trying to do the same thing, I want to be so in every single channel that wherever you go you’re seeing it. I want to be relevant because it’s been interesting, the last year and a half, 2 years or so, so many of my friends who focused on the market we’ve been doing for the last 10 years have become irrelevant.

As I tried to do Facebook Lives with their audience I was like, “Dang, they’re not relevant.” And it’s interesting. If you asked me my opinion before this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and this is a big mind shift, and I hope that this gives you a mind shift. It totally gave me one. I don’t want, as I tell you this, I don’t want anyone to discount and be like, “Oh Marketing is dead.” Because that’s not what I’m saying by any stretch of the imagination. Email is still hyper important and will continue to be important because it’s…..a lot of reasons.

When I got started my first mentor Mark Joyner was like, “Build a list, build a list, build a list.” And it saved me. I built a list of over a million entrepreneurs and it’s been the good times and bad times. During the good times, it helps amplify things. In the bad times it helps save your butt. It saved me from bankruptcy twice that I can remember, there’s probably more. But it’s like, that was the key, giving you your own distribution channel where you can get messages out to people.

And I would say for the last, I don’t know when email was invented, but from then until probably the last year or so it was king. It was the most important thing. And again, I’m nervous to get into this podcast, because I want no one to be like, “cool, I don’t have to write emails anymore.” No, you have to focus on email. If you read the, I don’t have any here in front of me, the Dotcom Secrets book, I had it in the conference room today. If you read the Dotcom Secrets book I talked about three types of traffic. Traffic that you control, traffic you don’t control, and traffic that you own.

So traffic you control, Zuckerberg owns Facebook, he owns Facebook traffic. He owns it, but I can go and buy an ad, I can control and send it somewhere. Same thing with YouTube, it’s owned by someone. People own these channels, so I don’t own that traffic, but I can control it, I can buy it and push it somewhere. When I push an ad somewhere I want to push it somewhere where the traffic transitions from traffic that I’m controlling into traffic that I own.

So for me, for the last 10 years it was 100% like, send all that traffic to an email list because then they join your email list and they’re on your list now and you’ve got them. I still believe that. Again, don’t think I’m taking away email, I’m not. It’s still the key, it’s still the best way I think, to transition from traffic you own from traffic you don’t own. Then there’s traffic you don’t control. That’s like SEO,PR and all this stuff is happening. We had a blog, or an article today actually posted, if you guys are reading Forbes. I wonder if I can find the headline really quick. It made me feel really good, in fact I sent it to my parents and they are all excited, which made me even more happy. So the title of the headline was, “This entrepreneur built a $360 million SAAS business that was entirely self funded.” There you go, there’s the headline for those who are watching the video feed over on YouTube.

So it was awesome. But the article happened and I can’t control that stuff. Traffic is coming in from different places and I can’t control. So I need to somehow catch it. Hopefully I’m capturing it and putting it in places where I can get their email and control that traffic and I can send it places.

So there’s my beliefs. The core foundation has not changed. It’s still traffic you control, traffic you don’t control, all siphoning into some type of traffic you do control. Control doesn’t only mean an email list though. I still think email is one of the best, and the reason is because if you have email, I can send an email and it directly goes to people. But here’s the negative side to email. You send an email, it goes to somebody and then it dies. Send the email, it goes to someone, it dies.

So the channel is powerful, but that’s the downside. Then you’ve got all these filters and promotion tabs, all this crap that you’re just always fighting against as well. So it becomes less and less effective. But I still, let’s say I send an email out to my list, I have over a million entrepreneurs that come through our list, I don’t know the exact number as of today, how many are active. It’s not a million, but it’s close to that. If you look at when I send the email out, I might get I don’t know, 30-40,000 people to open the email and from that I might get 10,000 clicks, which is a good email.

In fact, I should probably look at exact numbers, it’s been a while. But something like that. If I get 10,000 clicks in an email, that’s awesome. I remember back in the day my goal, if I could get between 3-5,000 clicks per email I was celebrating, which is awesome. Now I want to put some things in perspective, because that’s still good. But understanding the power of emails. I click a button and it goes to someone’s inbox and I can get clicks fast. The downside is it’s there and it disappears. And the life span of that is very, very short. It’s finite, it will last a few hours and then it’s buried and gone.

Now I want to put this into perspective, if you go back and look at the book launch for Expert Secrets that we just finished. I did a whole bunch of Facebook Lives and from that, I wonder if I have the stats here in front of me, for those who are not watching, I’m at the office. I don’t have my….let’s see if I can find…..alright it says here on Skype, so I will pull this up. This is as of a week and a half ago, so it’s even more now. But it’s kind of cool.

So from the Facebook Lives that we did, our reach was 5,679,718 people. So that’s the equivalent of an open rate in email. So that means that they saw me and they opened up the email and saw me. It’s not as good as an email open, for a grand I’ll take that, but 5.6 million people saw my face in the newsfeed being interviewed by someone about the book. Crazy. I don’t know how much, I’d have to be on CNN 5or 6 times is my guess, to get that many people to see it as they’re flipping channels.

From that 3.15 million people actually clicked play or sat there and watched some of the video. Over 3 million people watched it. From that we got 40,000 reactions, people clicking on a like or dislike, or a thumb or whatever. And 3,696 shared it. It’s interesting, I was looking at that and the cool thing is all those assets we created are there forever. We’re running ads to all of them that are so profitable consistently and they’re running and running and the lifespan of these is a long time. 6 months, a year, they can go on forever.

I’m putting videos on YouTube now, if you’ve been watching I’m posting these videos and what’s cool is the video gets put there and it has this long tail. Episode one of Funnel Hacker TV is up to like 14 or 15,000 views. Number two is at 13,000. And it’s like they’re all getting the things like, they’re there and they keep growing and growing. Episode one of Funnel Hacker TV, my guess in the next year or two years that thing is going to have a million, a million and a half, two million views on it.

I’ve done videos on Facebook that have multiple millions of views. For me to get a million clicks on email, that’s going to take me an entire year to get a million clicks. So I started thinking, and then again, they’re all different. Every channel is different. You got email, Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, I’m learning all these platforms and trying to really understand them. What I’m seeing is if I use my email a little differently than I have been using it. I’ve been using my email in the past to sell. And I still think you should use it to sell, but differently. I’m not sure exactly, I can’t even give you some of my brainstorms off the top of my head, I don’t know how it’s going to all pan out.

But I feel like, in the past what we would do is have long email sessions pushing people through a funnel and all sorts of things, but I feel like I want to shorten that. And we were talking about here internally in the office calling it 48 hour funnels. Someone comes in and we have urgency and scarcity quick. There’s 48 hours from the time they opt in til the time that offer expires. We can use deadline funnels with Clickfunnels at the beginning and done. And then it’s over and from there you push them back into our, and if you read the Dotcom Secrets book, I have my soap opera sequences and my Seinfeld.

So my soap operas in the past were long sequences pushing them throughout a funnel, now I’m just going to compress that to a weekend marathon, a 48 hour marathon, instead of a soap opera sequence. Still kind of two or three emails really quick when they opt in, specific to that thing. Then we dump them back to my Sienfeld list, and my Seinfeld list, the goal of that in my mind right now, and I havne’t quite perfected this or figured it out, but what’s going on is the goal of email now for me, outside of the 48 hours to convert and cause urgency and scarcity and open and close an offer, is to promote content.

It’s interesting, If I post a video on YouTube, and I post there nothing, it kind of sits there. I can buy some ads, it’s slow. But if I start it, and I start it with a big momentum it’ll grow quickly. Like today when we did the three hour training, we were on Facebook and we were on YouTube, so I promoted it on Facebook messenger, I promoted people to the live Facebook. Email I promoted people to the Google version and we had over 3,000 people watching live for the entire 3 hours.

That was people that actually watched it the full time and there were all these people, up and down. But I would say, when all was said and from that we had 5 or 600 shares, thousands and thousands of clicks. And I’m looking, if I use my email as a tool to amplify video and when the video is done, when the video comes and there’s 3,000, 4,000 views and there’s 200 comments then Google or YouTube, or whoever is like, “holy crap, this video is awesome.” Or Facebook says, “This video is awesome.” And they’re going to rank it higher and then more views happen. And the thing, if I were to send an email, it would hit there and then it would disappear within 2 or 3 hours, it’s gone.

The clicks and stuff are gone from that email. But if I push it to content to boost it to my most hyper active people on my list, who love me, we push them there, and then they start watching, viewing and sharing and then it boosts everything else and I can get all this organic traffic. It changes that 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 clicks, max to hundreds of thousands to millions of views. And it’s like, now I’m looking at email as an amplification thing. It’s like amplifying these presale ads.

If you look at, I keep going back to the Dotcom Secrets book, if yu haven’t read it yet, go read it. But in the Dotcom Secrets book I talk all about the phases of the funnel. The pre-frame before they hit the funnel is the most important part. All these videos are a pre-frame. I’m taking the pre-frame and amplifying it, ramping it up and then its going viral, or semi-viral or we call it paid viral or forced viral, it makes it so we can pay for ads. We put ads behind it and it can grow that way.

But it’s taking that email that would have been 3 or 4,000 clicks and turning it into 300,000 clicks and it’s really fascinating. Same thing with Medichat, which is the new Facebook Messenger. When we first got it, I struggled with how do I use it and push people to different offers and it’s kind of confusing, and what I found out is working so good. It’s like I’m building this little stuff, I think we have 15 or 16,000 people on our Medichat list, it’s like an email list but it’s through Facebook Messenger, and what we’re doing is every time we do a Facebook Live we push it. And then that fast we get 500 – 1000 people to show up to every Facebook Live it’s insane.

I log into the box and say start Facebook Live, go, they all come and within, like I said, within minutes we have 500 or 1000 people who are live, and then people see a Facebook Live with 500 or 1000 people on it, they start watching and it starts growing and it snowballs into everything. So I’m looking at this whole thing differently now where it’s like email and messenger are tools to amplify the content where I’m going to take this asset, this pre-frame video that I’m creating and I’m putting out there and changing it from 3 or 400 views I would have gotten, or 3 or 4000 clicks I would have gotten, into 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more. And it’s getting me excited.

Again, I’m experimenting with this, but I think….it’s funny because this is the first time I think in my entire career now of 14+ years that I’ve had a directional shift. I view email different. And I think it’s better. It’s interesting. Anyway, I just encourage, I just wanted to open this thought process for you guys as well to think about. Because I’m thinking about it and I think we should all be thinking about it because I think there’s something interesting there that’s going to be big.

So watch what I’m doing, again, I always say this. Listen to what I’m saying because I’m never going to hold anything back from you guys, because I wouldn’t do that. But watch what I’m doing because I’m doing it consistently and I’m trying it and if I keep doing it, it means it’s working. If I stop it’s like I guess it didn’t work. But I think that’s the key.

So understand, start studying each of the different platforms and understanding it. Instagram is the same way, I’m looking at Instagram and I still haven’t quite figured it out. In fact, I got my account canceled yesterday and I got it back last night. So I’m a little paranoid about it. But at the same time, there’s a really cool thing on Instagram, you have the ability to build the relationship and build rapport with the attractive character. It’s kind of like Snapchat only easier to build. I can post videos and now they have this really cool thing coming out called Swipe Up, and I don’t have it yet in my account, but I’ve seen a lot of people having it and we’re trying to get it in our Instagram account.

What happens, I could be doing these things, I still call them snap chats, because I’ve been doing Snapchat for a year, but whatever they call them in Instagram where I can go and make these videos. In the videos I’m telling a story throughout the day. “Okay, I’m here, I’m doing this.” Kind of like a mini version of what we do on Funnel Hacker TV. I’m telling the story, and as I’m telling the story I’ll be like, “Hey I just recorded a podcast, if you want to hear it swipe up.” And they swipe up and it immediately takes them to whatever URL you want. That is magic.

So I think Instagram is similar in my mind to Facebook Messenger and email. And I don’t have a name for it yet, I haven’t figured out a system, but the goal of those platforms are to build rapport with the attractive character and amplify the content. The content are pre-frame bridges that push people into funnels. And if you start looking at it that way, I think there’s something new and exciting. So there you go guys.

We’re what, almost 17 minutes. They get longer now that I’m not in my car. Sorry about that, I hope you don’t mind. Hopefully it gets the wheels in your head spinning. Because that’s the direction I’m thinking and focusing on and I think it’s going to be where things are starting to transition to.

Hope that helps. Thanks so much you guys, for hanging out. If you’re not subscribed yet, go to and subscribe on iTunes and leave your feedback, I’d love to hear it. And if you are new to this and you want to catch up on the last 5 years of this podcast, it used to be called Marketing In Your Car. Go to and the first 250 episodes you can get on a free MP3 player, just to get you caught up on all the cool stuff we’ve been talking about behind your back. Now you’re part of this and I can let you in on the big secrets. With that said, thanks you guys, appreciate you and we’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye.

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