The BIG Secret… Defend And Advocate

One of my biggest take-aways from this month’s inner circle meetings was this…

On today’s episode Russell talks about hearing Alex Charfen say something in passing at the latest Inner Circle meeting and why it was so important to make him stop and point out what he said to everybody in the meeting. Check out a few of the other things you will here in this episode:

  • Find out what Alex said that Russell had never noticed before, but that he’s been doing all along.
  • Hear why it’s so important to defend and advocate for your dream clients.
  • And Find out how Russell has used social media platforms to go from 10,000 clicks an email to 250,000 customer interactions per day.

So listen here to find out what Alex said that was so important, and how you can use it to connect with your audience on social media and in turn increase your customer interactions each day.