The Secret To Getting Anybody To Do Anything You Want

The real secret to winning this game is SO simple, most of you are missing it.

On this episode Russell talks about receiving a card in the mail asking to be on a podcast, and why that offer wasn’t irresistible enough. Here are some of the other things he talks about on today’s episode:

  • What was missing from the card asking Russell to be on a podcast, making him throw it away.
  • Why you should always look at what is in it for your customer, or date or whatever, in order to make what you’re proposing impossible to refuse.
  • And how you make something you create more valuable than someone’s time or money, so they will trade you for it.

So listen here to find out why a card sent in the mail wasn’t irresistible enough, and how that person could have made it impossible for Russell to turn down.