The Transition From All-Star To Coach

A private voxer message I sent to my partners, talking about the next phase for me personally inside of the company.

On this episode Russell shares a Voxer conversation he had with his partners and later his team on why he’s reached the next phase in his journey to become a coach instead of an all-star. Here are the awesome things you will get to hear on today’s episode:

  • Why Russell feels like his career has reached a point where he doesn’t know what his next goal should be.
  • How going to a retreat with self-help guru’s helped him figure out where his focus should be.
  • And why being a coach instead of an all-star could be the way to grow his company from 100 million dollars a year to a billion dollars a year.

So listen here to find out why Russell’s next step is coaching his team so they can take the championship.