I Just Spoke At Tony Robbins Event!! (The UNUSUAL Insight I Wasn’t Expecting…)

Anne Frank house… Operation Underground Railroad… and what YOU can do NOW to help save children from slavery. This IS our problem, we can help.

On today’s episode Russell talks about going to a Tony Robbins event in Amsterdam and being able to speak there. He also speaks about the emotional reaction he had while visiting the Anne Frank house and how it relates to another project he is currently involved in. Here are some of the insightful things you will hear in this episode:

  • What Russell’s real motivation was when he said he would speak at Tony Robbins Business Mastery event.
  • Why visiting the Anne Frank house had such an emotional impact on Russell.
  • And how you can save someone in similar circumstances to Anne Frank in the present day.

So listen here to find out how sharing the message of Operation Underground Railroad, you can help save a life.